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The Second Bride Read Ê 9 ç [KINDLE] ❅ The Second Bride Author Catherine George – The perfect solutionJo fell for Rufus Grierson the day he married her best friend But Jo kept her feelings to herself for Claire's sakeAfter Claire was so tragically taken from them it seemed that Ruf The perfect solutionJo fell for RuEemed that Rufus had no cause to see Jo again until the night of his wedding anniversary when he shared his grief with her and The Second PDFEPUB or neither could deny their mutual attra. The Deal Jo Fielding fell in love at first sight when she met Rufus Grieson on the day he married her best friends Claire Knowing what her feelings were Jo always kept her distances from him telling herself that they didn't have anything in common other than Claire and that there was no reason why they should ever spend much time together And then Claire died and it seemed to Jo like she would never see Rufus again Until one night when Rufus showed up at her apartment on the eve of his the first wedding anniversary since Claire's death looking for someone to talk One thing lead to another before Jo knew it she had had sex with Rufus and was carrying his baby Rufus always wanted children so he's not exactly unhappy with the situation and he readily asks Jo to marry him Jo knows that Rufus might never love her the way he loved Claire or can heMy Thoughts I don't remember who told me to read The Second Bride but I figured I would like it since I'm usually a sucker for the whole second spouse plot And I have to say that The Second Bride was an entertaining storyThere was this reveal toward the ending that made me roll my eyes a little but other than that it was a uick enjoyable read The book was very old fashioned though as far as I can tell the book was first published in 1996 but other than the occasional mention of computers the book could have been published in the eightiesFor example after Jo and Rufus first sleep together he's wants to know if she has been with other people recently but not because he's worried about an STD or anything but because he wants to be sure he's the dad in case she's pregnantThere were a few things like that that made me think the book was really old But it was enjoyable anyway

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CtionPassion led to pregnancy and Jo was surprised when Rufus asked her to marry him She said yes for one simple reason she loved him But to be a father was what Rufus wanted most of all. Book started out ok I really liked their relationship at the beginning Of course for the readers we could tell those two were already having a thing for each other that's why they were so hostile when Claire was alive so she wouldn't find out But it was nice to see them getting to know each other and getting closeI really hated the way the book became a big pile of misunderstanding after the sad thing happened after their honeymoon I feel Jo was a bit too dramatic and insecure the guy tried but she was always on edge and that ruined the story for me For someone supposedly so clever she was uite cluelessNot bad but not great either Just ok

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The Second BrideThe perfect solutionJo fell for Rufus Grierson the day he married her best friend But Jo kept her feelings to herself for Claire's sakeAfter Claire was so tragically taken from them it s. This book was just not for me I should have known better than to pick a romance with the title of second bride which immediately made me think of second best And that is what 99% of the story felt like to me like the heroine was second best to her husband who was so desperately in love and mourning for his first wife the heroine's best friendI honestly think I would have liked it if the author had conveyed how they fell in love with each other during the marriage of convenience finding a love for each other that was not less or better than H's first marriage but different and incomparableBut instead on the few last pages we get the bombshell that the hero had in fact fallen in love with heroine at first sight when she was the bridesmaid trailing after his wife to be at his first wedding Asking me to believe and root for a man who pretended or tried to love his wife and even making his best efforts to impregnate her even as he was secretly pining for his wife's best friend Guh rosssss That declaration may be considered romantic by some but unfortunately for me it was barftastic