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Matt Ball and Bruce Friedrich Activists Handbook Kindle #214 take the plight of the world's animals seriously and have dedicated their lives to ending their suffering The Animal Activist's Handbook argues that meaning in life is to be found uite s. Do we want to add to the level of violence misery and bloodshed in the world or do we prefer to make compassionate merciful choices45 stars This little book contains a great deal of wisdom for newly minted animal advocates and long term veterans alike Older advocates will be wishing they had this handbook in their early days and the younger crowd could be spared years of being blown off course or even giving up on helping animals entirely Indeed bad activism can end up hurting far animals than doing nothing at all Animal advocates certainly have their work cut out for them There are hundreds of animal issues from the high profile to the obscure but one issue dwarfs them all factory farming The authors explain why for them focusing their efforts upon helping farmed animals makes the most sense the greatest amount of animals the greatest amount of suffering The number of animals raised and killed for food each year in the US alone vastly exceeds any and all other forms of exploitation Approximately 99 out of every 100 animals killed in the US each year are slaughtered for human consumption “Perhaps the most difficult aspect of advocating on behalf of these animals is trying to describe the indescribable” notes the book The sheer number of animals involved is incredible 10 billion animals slaughtered in the US alone every year That’s individual animals than there are humans on the entire planet Even for the most dedicated animal defender numbers like that are impossible to wrap one’s head around Yet each and every one of those animals is a somebody just as capable of experiencing pain and fear as our pets are If there were nothing we could do about these animals’ suffering—if it all happened in a distant land beyond our influence—then again our focus would be different Every day every single person makes decisions that affect the lives of these farmed animals Helping people change leads to fewer animals suffering on factory farms Simply put the meat industry is violence we can either support or help stop As truthful as it may be that’s still an optimistic passage Most people who have been animal advocates for even a short length of time know that most folks aren’t champing at the bit to make changes in their lives especially when food is involved People who would probably take up arms if someone looked at their dog cross eyed suddenly become very aloof and lackadaisical when it comes to the tremendous suffering on factory farms You and I know the hostile stare the patronizing laugh the endless rounds of Defensive Omnivore Bingo It’s frustrating it’s sad sure But what we can control is our response The text takes a realistic turn when it notes Most people are extremely defensive and capable of great rationalizations when it comes to personal culpability Human nature leads us to focus on problems caused by others and dealt with by others So To be effective advocates for animals we must honestly evaluate the world as it currently is and then do our very best to reduce as much suffering as possible Many activists want everyone to go vegan right this instant and think asking anything less is betraying the animals Well what they’re likely to get is a big fat no way and the person they’re speaking to will go on their merry way harming the same amount of animals as be

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The Animal Activists Handbook Maximizing Our Positive Impact in Today's WorldImply in turning away from the futile pursuit of and focusing instead on leaving the planet a better place than you found it The critical component of creating a better world for all is thoughtful deliberate and dedicated The Animal Kindle activ. I've spent dozens of hours reading books like Meat Market Dominion Animal Liberation The Pig Who Sang to the Moon Living Among Meat Eaters Vegan Freak etc and I love the way this book brought together so many of the important concepts in one small volume I greatly appreciate the authors' Big Picture approach to veganism which means making your choices as vegan as possible while not stressing over small amounts of animal ingredients that may wind up in your food especially when you are dining with meat eaters aka future vegetarians

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The Animal Activists Handbook: Maximizing Our Positive Impact in Today's World Characters Ò 2 » ➾ [Download] ➾ The Animal Activists Handbook: Maximizing Our Positive Impact in Today's World By Matt Ball ➳ – Matt Ball and Bruce FriedrichIsm that takes suffering seriously The authors build a ground up case for reasoned impassioned and joyous activism that makes the most difference possible and suggest a variety of ways to live a meaningful life through effective and efcient advoca. This was a short but very interesting read about animal rights activism The two authors wrote about their experiences and tried to share the rules they created from their long experiences as activists A lot of it was very interesting and opened a lot of possibilitiesI have to admit that I had issues with the book My biggest issue was that the authors said over and over how other issues were less important to them I get that they chose animal rights as their work as their fight but I personnaly can't accept to chose only one fight I believe you have to fight against injustice and suffering as a whole not only your little corner I really feel the intersectionality of it all was really missing for the book and felt at times that it was mostly written for straight cis white menAlso there were weird stances at time one against tattoos and other countercultural looks one saying vegan should date omnivores to convince them even when they belittle the vegan Both ideas were only said in passing but weirded me out for some very obvious reason The authors seemeds to always say being to radical would be counterproductive which is a point that can be okay and then they said people should basically use their love life to convert others That was really weird