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Read & Download ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free µ Conrad Williams Nd of this molten road running along the spine of a burned battered country his son may be alive The sky crawls with venomous cloud and burning rain while the land is a scorched sprawl of r. This is a somewhat edited version of an e mail I sent a few friends after first reading it vThis one’s a postapocalyptic SFF novel about a deep sea diver in the North Sea present day who's fixing the leg of an oil rig feels a tremor and comes up to find the world all scorched and pretty much everything dead in grisly fashion He then sets off to make his way down the length of the UK hoping to find his son alive in London against all oddsThere are of course a lot of echoes of previous works here The list of postapocalyptic stuff is too long to mention What attracted me to this book is that we're right there when the cataclysm happens not starting in the aftermath as with say The Road or False Dawn or I Am Legend or Mad Max or Fallout and it jumps right into things rather than having a lot of setup like I dunno Alas Babylon I think it goes down on like page 3 in One From there it's mostly Williams's prose which is consistently above average for horrordark SFF fare He's just a really elegant writer who does an excellent job getting into the head of someone who feels like a sole survivor He's also brutally graphic in his descriptions but I don't think that was a big surprise Finally there are the monsters which I won't detail but which I thought were a pretty cool mix of previous ideasThe book is longer than it needs to be; it drags in places just feels a little slow and flabby And though his writing is good he trots out a purple simile every chapter or two overreaches There's a structural move he makes that might bother some people but didn't bother me at all And there's one glaring plot weakness that annoyed me like crazy for about the last 40% of the novel and still does now Oh also the cover art and jacket copy are pretty horrible; looks like a video game than a novel I don't judge books by their cover but oh wait yes I do that's a demeritAll in all though this was a good solid postapocalypse Nothing groundbreaking but just a really well done entry in a field I have a soft spot for I also may have been soft on it because it was so much about the dude looking for his son; ever since I multiplied I'm reduced to blubber by anything that's about fathers and sons I've broken down crying at episodes of One Tree Hill and Friday Night Lights just because they like showed a tender moment between father and son It's really embarrassing I probably would've drowned in tears if I'd had a kid when I read The Road Anyway yeah Williams was pretty good on fathers and sons in this one tooIf you’re in the mood for horror or dark SF or a pretty tight postapocalyptic novel give this one a try I'll probably check out of the guy's stuff down the line

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One Author Conrad Williams review ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ [PDF / Epub] ✓ One ★ Conrad Williams – This is no country he knows and no place he ever wants to see even in the shuttered madness of his worst dreams But Richard Jane survived He walks because he Ubble and corpses Rats have risen from the depths to gorge on the carrion and a glittering dust coats everything It hides a terrible secret as new horrors take root He walks on with one hop. This story is heartwarming in a weird way A father on his way to see his boy when almost all in the world is deadI realized that this post apocalyptic stories interests me Seeing how the people try to survive after the civilization got almost wiped outIt is the first of its kind that i have read and so i enjoyed it a lot I imagine this to be good if turned into a tv show Highly recommend but watch out for the gore

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One Author Conrad WilliaThis is no country he knows and no place he ever wants to see even in the shuttered madness of his worst dreams But Richard Jane survived He walks because he has no choice and at the e. The superb movie style cover of this book tells you all you need to know about the plot going in a man walks to London through a devastated Britain However it does mislead in one way despite the tagline This is you This is now And your number is up the book isn't written in the second person That was a reliefIn the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction Peter Nicholls noted in the entry Holocaust and After that Many of the authors cited have not been closely associated with Genre SF The post holocaust theme particularly in the UK has had a strong attraction for mainstream writers And in that vein although One bears a resemblance to the cosy catastrophes of science fiction writers it's best read as a horror novel by a horror author rather than as science fiction This isn't a novel concerned with investigating the problems and solving them answers are thin on the ground it's about the feelings they engender the relationships they rupture the horrors they produceThis book is written well with expressive touches of flair throughout but at times this feels rather like a literary author doing his level best to write the most commercial novel possible a widescreen horror novel but thwarted by his own sensibilities And so the novel is packed with interesting character touches thoughtful ruminations and striking images but frustratingly skips past much of the action We're never in any doubt as to exactly how Richard Jane feels but we're often left rather foggy about what's actually going onBut then this isn't really a book about the apocalypse it's a book about a father's love for his son And unfortunately that side of it gets a bit boring The author shows how difficult Jane's obsession is for other people to cope with but he may have underestimated how tiresome it would become for readers By the end of the book the reader comes to fear the mention of Stanley than any of the other horrors of this nightmarish world If he'd been mentioned once at the beginning we'd have filled in the rest ourselvesBut as usual I'm complaining about minor problems rather than focusing on what was good This was on the whole a thrilling book and one I found hard to put down I read the last 250 pages in or less a single go I was at times desperate to find out what would happen next The apocalyptic opening was nothing short of brilliant and if the subseuent long walk went on a bit things really picked up in the second half in ways I wouldn't want to reveal in a reviewIn another publishing era the two halves of the book Births Deaths and Marriages and Lazarus Taxon is humanity the Lazarus taxon in uestion or did the author just listen to Tortoise while writing would have been two short novels in themselves I would have rated the second of them much highly than the first Overall a fine novel but just a bit too ruminatory and elliptical to be the effective mainstream entertainment I was hoping for In post apocalyptic movie terms I'd place it just ahead of Neil Marshall's Doomsday but just behind 28 Days Later