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FREE PDF ð BOOK Genghis Birth of an Empire Ð ➯ [Read] ➫ Genghis Birth of an Empire By Conn Iggulden ➻ – Conn Iggulden author of the best selling Emperor series of books about Julius Caesar returns with another series shifting his focus eastward this one based on the life of Temujin the Historical context fictionalizing the early years of Temujin the son of a khan brutally murdered by an invading army When his family is betrayed by a rival and abandoned by their clan young Temujin vows revenge and dreams of the day he will become the conueror rather than the conuered13 CDs Playing time 15 hours 16 min In UK this book is entitled Wolf of the PlainsA harsh childhood is hard to imagine Although this book gallops along at Conn Iggulden's usual pace I was continually tempted to leap ahead to find out what happened next That makes it much of a chapter turner than merely a page turner and the narrative left me uite breathless at timesTemujin is the son of the khan of one of the many Mongol tribes who are in continual violent conflict Without spoiling the story for you his circumstances force him to grow up very uickly rather than lose his life As the story unfolds Temujin faces death many times and learns from his terrifying experiences His list of those on whom he determines to wreak revenge grows as you read Eventually he becomes the respected feared and uncompromising leader of the great horde which dominated two continents during that ageHad his childhood been easy he would probably have settled down with a couple of wives and a few goats Historic record shows otherwise but that record hardly brings Ghengis Khan's tale to life in the way that Iggulden has managed in this bookI would recommend this book to anybody and would challenge them to resist being swept along by such a brilliantly told story I just can't wait to get my hands on the next episode Lords of the Bow in January 2008

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Conn Iggulden author of the best selling Emperor series of books about Julius Caesar returns with another series shifting his focus eastward this one based on the life of Temujin the young man who would one day become the legendary warrior Genghis Khan Iggulden convincingly portrays the harsh circumstances of Temujin's The author writes in third person with the center of the narrative being the main character The narrative's focus shifts to other characters' perspectives from time to time if their separate activities are significant in advancing the plot The language is simple English with some actual Mongolian words used for commonplace objects to provide the necessary historical effectI loved this book It is an extremely gripping narrative while providing the reader with an accurate picture of the historical events of the time thereby promoting learning while reading It is very well researched Wolf of the Plains is the first of the Conueror series devoted to the boyhood and youth of the future Genghis or Temujin as he is known throughout this book By the age of eleven Genghis’s father had been murdered and he was an outlaw on the Mongolian steppe The gang of teenagers who gathered around him soon became expert killers and the rest is history – or will be in the succeeding volumesThe story is vivid fast and brutal with a high body count I do not know how much firsthand experience the author has of the Mongolian steppe but it rings true Now that Genghis has united the Mongols we look forward to the conuest of the world

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Genghis Birth of an EmpireEarly life The account of how the canny observant and ferociously strong willed Temujin survived and eventually clawed his way to prominence is both a blood soaked tale of rags to riches and a rousing adventureRetelling the story of Genghis Khan just as he did for Julius Caesar Iggulden plants his subject firmly into Temujin the son of Yesugei khan of the Wolves goes to a neighboring tribe to find a wife While he's away his father is murdered by a gang of Tartars Worse still his father's friend usurps the role of khan and leaves Temujin and his family to die on the steppe Can Temujin and his family survive long enough to get revenge on the Tartars and regain control of the Wolves?The story of Temujin and his rise to uniting the tribes against the Tartars is a powerful one Temujin goes through a lot of hell from the age of twelve onward from being abandoned on the steppe during winter to being imprisoned in a pit and being urinated on to having his wife kidnapped and raped by Tartars Once he started uniting the tribes even I felt like riding with the young khan While he's not always likeable he's definitely a charismatic characterThe action scenes were by far the highlight of the book People get peppered with arrows or hacked to death by swords on a fairly regular basis While Iggulden plays fast and loose with history it's still a great story And since I'm already aware I'm reading fiction I don't really care about historical accuracy Iggulden's writing makes for an engaging read You will not easily be able to put this down