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CHARACTERS ï The Fontana Book of Great Ghost Stories á [Epub] ❤ The Fontana Book of Great Ghost Stories By Robert Aickman – 7 • Introduction The Fontana Book of Great Ghost Stories • 1964 • essay by Robert Aickman 11 • The Travelling Grave • 1929 • novelette by L P Hartley 31 Tory by D H Lawrence • The Wendigo • • novella by Algernon Blackwood • The Crown Derby Plate • • shortstory by Marjorie Bowen • The Trains • • novelette by Robert Aickman • The Old Nurse's Story • • novelette by Mrs Gaskell • Seaton's Aunt • • novelette by Walter de la Ma. This anthology series spanning 1972 to 1984 is comprised of twenty books each containing ten to fourteen stories so Robert Aickman the editor of the first eight volumes wasn’t doing it much of a service when he began his introduction to this initial collection with the following sentence “There are only about thirty or forty first class ghost stories in the whole of western literature” Nice one Bob You’re fired And if the eleven tales selected for this initial volume are taken from that list of thirty or forty then it further demonstrates Aickman’s lack of judgement because these are all dusty old relics from the likes of William Hope Hodgson Algernon Blackwood Walter de la Mare and Mrs Gaskell gathered here at the expense of any contemporary material circa '72 So all in all a very bad start for a series that had to compete with the overwhelmingly superior PAN BOOK OF HORROR STORIES Incidentally there’s no great improvement until the ninth collection onwards after Aickman’s departure

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Uire Toby's Will • • novelette by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu as by J Sheridan Le Fanu • The Voice in Fontana Book of Great Ghost ePUB #9734 the Night • • shortstory by William Hope Hodgson • Three Miles Up • • shortstory by Elizabeth Jane Howard • The Rocking Horse Winner • • shorts. The book has the following short storiesThe Travelling Grave LP HartleyThe Ghost Ship R MiddletonSuire Toby's Will J Sheridan le FanuThe Voice in the Night William Hope HodgsonThree Miles Up Elizabeth Jane HowardThe Rocking Horse Winner DH LawrenceThe Wendigo Algernon BlackwoodThe Crown Derby Plate Marjorie BowenThe Trains Robert AickmanThe Old Nurse's Story Mrs GaskellSeaton's Aunt Walter de la MareThe stories varied in their complexity but all were uniue I really liked The Ghost Ship and it was a story that stayed with me for a couple of days I will have to go back and re read 'The Trains' as while I got the gist of the tale I really think I missed the subtlety that the author was trying to imply It was for me a great read as I brought me back to those younger days when I used to read vast amounts of Poe and others of his ilk who were my first inspiration for wanting to write

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The Fontana Book of Great Ghost Stories• Introduction The Fontana Book Book of MOBI #242 of Great Ghost Stories • • essay by Robert Aickman • The Travelling Grave • The Fontana eBook #180• novelette by L P Hartley • The Ghost Ship • • shortstory by Richard Middleton aka The Ghost Ship Fontana Book of PDFEPUB #10003 • S. You just never know what you're going to find when you start cleaning off your horror shelves I'd totally forgotten I even owned this book so imagine my great delight when I looked through the table of contents and saw these titles and these authorsThe Travelling Grave by LP HartleyThe Ghost Ship by Richard MiddletonSuire Toby's Will by J Sheridan Le FanuThe Voice in the Night by William Hope HodgsonThree Miles Up by Elizabeth Jane HowardThe Rocking horse Winner by DH LawrenceThe Wendigo by Algernon BlackwoodThe Crown Derby Plate by Marjorie BowenThe Trains by Robert AickmanThe Old Nurse's Story by Mrs GaskellSeaton's Aunt by Walter de la MareModern readers of horror may find these stories somewhat dated or perhaps not even scary but these stories are true classics in every sense of the word I'm hard pressed to pick a favorite but Aickman's The Trains and Three Miles Up by Elizabeth Jane Howard totally rattled me I've read The Trains a number of times it's a favorite and I'm still scratching my head over that one Howard's work new to me wins my choice for creepiest story in this collection about some friends who decide to take a boat ride through England's canals Crikey here's another story where the ending left some pretty mind shattering and beyond disturbing implications in my head It was one of the creepiest tales in the entire collection Memo to self I MUST find of Howard's ghost stories Also new to me are The Voice in the Night The Old Nurse's Story and The Crown Derby Plate I don't know that I'd classify Hodgson's piece as a ghost story per se but it's an incredibly disturbing little tale Seaton's Aunt The Rocking horse Winner Suire Toby's Will and The Wendigo are old true blue favorites; although they are rereads they still have an incredible amount of creep factor that produces the familiar and greatly desired raising o' the hackles and hair on my neck Less personally appealing but still good although neither totally wowed me were The Travelling Grave and The Ghost Ship I have to confess that I'd never heard of Richard Middleton before picking up this book and even though I wasn't overcome with delight while reading his piece it did make me want to find out about him and his other work So I bought a copy of his The Ghost Ship and Others; apparently he's also uite well known for a story called On the Brighton Road so I'm sure I'll be posting about that collection in the near future Aickman notes in the introduction that There are only thirty or forty first class ghost stories in the whole of western literature without saying which ones but if the Fontana Book of Great Ghost Stories is any judge of what he considers first class I'm eager to move on through all eight of this series of books he edited before Ronald Chetwynd Hayes took over As someone who loves a great ghost story especially the classics I'd say that this book is definitely a must have for anyone who is even remotely interested Enjoy the shivers up your spine