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Her eyes when she opens her front door to handsome Luca Di Rossi the man whom the newspapers call the world's most notorious playboyJude knows that in any ot 45 starsBeing left as guardian of your three young nephew and nieces having no time to grieve your loss and having zero experience and and even less help I'm looking at you heroine's mom would drive anyone nuts sooner or later and our heroine Jude is loosing itOur hero Luca has a very bad reputation just because he doesn't like to defend himself he just doesn't care what people say BUT now that his daughter's grandparents are asking for her custody he's in need of a new reputation even though he would win a court case The thing is he doesn't want to expose his daughter to the media circus so he'll do anything to be granted the custody before the trial so now he needs a wife With kidsOf course Luca appears in Jude's worst moment so he thinks she's incompetent Of course she hates him because he's perfect and she's a disaster Of course everything happens to her to make her look stupid and him like a God Of course she's falling hard for him and he doesn't do loveI'm a sucker for thisNow there were details I didn't agree with but I was really content with the overallJust saying that big surprise almost in the end I saw it coming since about the first uarter of the book Maybe I've read too many HPs

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The Italian Playboy's PropositionHer circumstances wealthy powerful Luca wouldn't look twice at her But he needs a wife pronto Now the ruthless billionaire's demanding a marriage of convenien Playboy billionaire Luca Di Rossi is in need of a wife one with a ready made family would do nicely as a solution to his current problem Although he had a plan in place for a marriage of convience he had not expected to stumble upon Jude Jude who most recently became the guardian of her deceased brothers little children Luca believes in fate but he also believes in letting Jude figure out that they were meant to be on her terms Proposing freuently and inserting himself into are just the little nudges she needs to get her to realize he is the one for herI liked the idea of this the synopsis on the book really is misleading though There were a few things that made no sense to me though in the story like Jude an author on parenting and yet she has 0 experience and struggling with her new role as guardian She seemed clueless and it didn't match with the persona she had in the story Fun read though to see how it all unfolds

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PDF · BOOK The Italian Playboy's Proposition FREE ☆ KIM LAWRENCE è [Read] ➶ The Italian Playboy's Proposition ➳ Kim Lawrence – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Plain poor and inexperienced Jude struggles to hold down a full time job as well as being guardian to her brother's three little chPlain poor and inexperienced Jude struggles to hold down a full time job as well as being guardian to her brother's three little children So she can't believe Man the blurb is a bit misleading They make Jude seem like a wallflower She really isn't She's got a PhD ladies who are looking for HP heroines with a higher education and a good career read this one she's got a nice place to live and I would consider her successful She sounds pretty attractive to me Not drop dead gorgeous but an attractive woman She just feels like she's not attractive at times because of her mother's overbearing ways So I wouldn't exactly call her a Plain Jane although I would add this under that theme in my bookshelf because that's how Jude sees herself It was a good book a uick read I've read better by Lawrence but it was enjoyable It had some angst but not too much One thing I didn't like was you really didn't get to know Luca's daughter Valentina that well You got glimpses of Jude's nieces and nephews than you get of Valentina I think if you're going to plot a book around a child he or she should make than a token appearance Otherwise the child is merely a plot pointLuca started off being a bossy alpha who was on the judgemental side But he didn't stay that way long enough to be annoying a freuent occurence in the world of Harleuin Presents Another staple of the HP land is the enormously tall so hot he can melt off your panties Italian hero This book is no different Jude can't seem to keep her hands off his body and blurting out things about how gorgeous he is She even propositions him Of course he accepts but his plan is marriage all along that's refreshing isn't it? She just wants an affair The reasons weren't clear except I think she felt he couldn't possibly want a girl like her Yes I think that's what it was I was really tired when I was trying to finish this book so forgive me Anyway I personally would be rather embarrassed to proposition my neighbor like that But heroines can get away with things that us real life girls don't dream of doing There was some good steam and I wanted Jude and Luca to be together The ending was nice but nothing to write home about I think I would have enjoyed this book if I wasn't half dead from exhaustion from working a six day week last week and twelve hour days and getting up at 4 am every stinking morning six days in a row with one day off If you like Kim Lawrence read it If you want a couple hours of light entertainment I think you'd also enjoy it If you are a fan of HP books it would be a worthwhile read But I don't think it would knock your socks off If I could I'd give it 35 stars instead of 3 stars