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The Unfinished Angel'Peoples are strangeThe things they are doing and saying sometimes they make no sense Did their brains fall out of their heads'Angel not fond of people at the best of times and having an. This lovely children's novel tells a tale of an angel who lives in an old house in a small village in Switzerland For a long time the angel has been watching theneighbours an old lady Signora Divino and her grandson Vinny but not really doing that much The angel feels like it doesn't know what it should be doing or how to do angel like things While it is supposed to understand all languages it isn't really that good at them and the words it uses aren't always right It hasn't seen any other angels and isn't sure where to find them and what the extent of territory it is responsible for The angel likes animals and when feeling upset flishes yet that is what it calls it up to see the goats which always make it feel betterBut then the American man Mr Pomodoro and the girl Zola come to live in the house and things start to happen To start Zola can see the angel and knows it is an angel and expects it to do angel things Like when she finds the homeless children in the barn before the angel notices and want the angel to fix things Like when Vinny throws garbage and Zola wants the angel to fix things But though the angel helps when it can everyone discovers that sometimes it is the people that do most of the fixingI love the use of onomatopoeia in the words used by the angel A good example is Mr Pomodoro tappling at the keys for his dimputer The book plays with language in both the words the angel uses and Zola's playful utterings The whole book feels playful and fun and gives the reader a good feeling inside

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free read The Unfinished Angel í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ì ❮PDF❯ ✬ The Unfinished Angel ✪ Author Sharon Creech – 'Peoples are strangeThe things they are doing and saying sometimes they make no sense Did their brains fall out of their heads'Angel not fond of peopOf their bickering an unexpected friendship forms which benefits the entire village reminding us The Unfinished eBook #230 that magic can be found in even the most ordinary acts of kindnes. This YA book had potential to be good An angel living in a tower in a small town in southern Switzerland who can't figure people out Why does this angel in this Italian speaking town sound like Jar Jar Binks Why would the author do that I am starting to wonder if having characters who can't uite speak clearly is the trademark of a Sharon Creech book It was cute in Walk Two Moons and even in Ruby Holler but here

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Identity crisis is about to meet Zola a talkative young girl who makes herself at home in Angel's tower in a village high in the Swiss Alps 'This Zola is a lot bossy' Angel thinks But out. Sharon Creech is one of my favorite authors and I really wanted to love this book It is cute and told from the angel's point of view But is is confusing with mixed up words that would make it difficult for children to read and understand