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Trolling Nights Read Ù 108 ó ✿ [EPUB] ✷ Trolling Nights By Savannah J. Frierson ❥ – It only takes a second to fall in love foreverNavy SEAL Timothy Capshaw is only in Charleston SC for the summer He's not looking for a romance or even a hookup but when he sees Bevin on his first nigh It only takes a seIt only takes a second to fall in love foreverNavy SEAL Timothy Capshaw is only in Charleston SC for the summer He's not looking for a romance or even a hookup but when he sees Bevin on his first night out on the town he knows. Solid 35 StarsWhat I lovedThis book has enormous heart in it Filled with all of the good the bad the wonderfully unexpected things we call life Full of change of seasons concerning growth of emotions truthWhat irked meBesides the lead heroine's name her best friend Courtney I couldn't reconcile how this situation was touched onhandled The issues emotions involved with what occurred just weren't dealt with realistically IMO by Bevin once Courtney's true colors were seen numerous times vividly in plain sight Basically her butt would have been dropped Point Blank PeriodWhat I absolutely did not likeWhile I loved the passionate connection between Tim Bevinthey have this white hot connection of emotional intensity Still it took forever for them to close the deal And when it finally did happen in what should have been the most romantic way ever I felt let down I think it came way too late within the novel There were too many stops starts with them a lot of their stops could have been rectified ALOT sooner But because the beautiful side of their blessingsThem moving forward it all comes so late within the novel everything you've been waiting on feels rushed Even though you've gotten a novel full of story it still feels like it ended abruptlyOverall I do feel that this is a journey worth reading So I would recommend itThank you Lady D for my giftLoan of Mr Timothy Capshaw You're definitely gonna have to fight me for him LOL

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Yes with Tim she immediately knows he's the most dangerous choice of all especially for her heartHow will Tim convince Bevin he's the man she hasn't known she's been looking for and that the need for her Trolling Nights is over. I really enjoyed this book I would recommend it for a read

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Trolling NightsShe's the one for himCoffeehouse owner Bevin Moore is the friend who makes sure everyone makes safe decisions when they go out for their Trolling Nights the nights where her friends look for a weekend fling But when she meets e. I cannot see my self relating to these women trolling for men to sleep with and the heroine acting like their pimp The constant use of the words ck PuY and Fk was a big turn off it was not hot or romantic for the heroine to think she understood why these women had one night stands it was because they wanted romance was a joke if that's what they call romantic whoever thinks that have never been romancedThe hero lost points when he did not come to the heroine defense at the restaurant the statement he made while having her backed against something in her kitchen I know your Psy is wet for me just as my Dck is weeping for you was so romantic well not He claims to want her heart but I wonder when did our hearts relocate between our legs I mean really I didn't get that memoThis book seem to be all about humiliating the heroineGod I wish when I pick up a book that says romance I get romance not a sex book No sex doesn't mean love or romance to me same as those books that has a hero having his brothers or best friends helping him to show how much he loves that heroine by having them all have sex with her it just proves he cares for them than hera man who truly loves a woman and considers her his won't whore her out to his friends or family and proves she is just a slut and will sleep with anyoneAnyway I digress as for that uestion one of the girls who goes out and pick up men to have sex with on trolling nights asked do you think I am a slut Well I would have looked her right in the eyes smiled sweetly and reply hell yes you areI liked her dad but what's up with her mom it seemed like to was flirting with the hero and on one hand would insult her but in the guise of caring nah didn't like the mom at all When the mom and hero was laughing at her or when she called her lazy and other things I would of walked out and left him there with her I don't know it's the underlining feeling I got from the mom It made me wonder about her actions sometimes Yeah she loves her daugther I just get a strange feeling from herI might sound like a prude but hey my man knows different besides as this book says It does not make one a prude to have standardsSorry about the rant I just don't expect to find what I found here in a true romance to each his own we all have different tastes but with me seeing those words I mentioned especially when said in a sexual situation just pulls me out of the so called romance