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CHARACTERS Mirage Florida and the Vanishing Water of the Eastern US 108 ☆ ❮PDF❯ ✩ Mirage Florida and the Vanishing Water of the Eastern US Author Cynthia Barnett – “Never before has the case been compellingly made that America’s dependence on a free and abundant “Never before has the case been compellingly and the eBook #9734 made that America’s dependence on a free and abundant water supply has become an illusion Cynthia Barnett does it by telling us the stories of the amazing personalities behind our water wars the stunning contradictions that allow the wettest state to have the most watered lawns and the thorough research that makes her conclusions inescapable Barnett has established herself as one of Florida’s best journalists and Mirage is a must read for anyone who cares Mirage Florida eBook #180 about the future of the state” Mary Ellen Klas Capital Bureau Chief Miami Herald “ Mirage is the finest general study to date of the freshwater supply crisis in Florida Well meaning villains abound in Cynthia Barnett’s story but so too do heroes such as Arthur R Marshall Jr Nathaniel Reed and Marjorie Harris Carr The author’s research is as thorough as her prose is graceful Drinking water is the new oil Get used to it”. Cadillac Desert is the definitive work on water in the West but no one has written the euivalent book for the East Coast This doesn't attempt to be as sweeping but it makes a good starting point I found Mirage interesting because it gives the Florida perspective on a lot of the same issues like the water wars I cover in Georgia and of course all these problems are writ large in Florida I also got a accurate picture of Florida's real lack of progress with water issues Previously I mostly saw Florida are progressive on these things because of the massive Everglades restoration plan and the aggressiveness of many state laws governing water What I didn't realize was how little funding the plan has actually received and how politics has ensured that many of those great laws aren't enforced I was especially intrigued by the sections on how the destruction of the Everglades has changed Florida's microclimates increasing freezes in orange country for example and the chapter on bottled water The unclear origins of most bottled water are something I'd read about before but I had not learned about what bottlers don't pay for pumping and selling the stuff from springs and the effect that has on auifers Barnett writes in a fairly punchy readable style although her anecdotes can be a bit pat and as a journalist I appreciate the extensive endnotes This makes a good introduction to the East Coast water issues that will likely represent an even bigger commodity and political football in a few short years

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At it now faces shortages and conflicts once uniue to the arid West Florida’s parched swamps and supersized residential developments set the stage in the first book to call attention to the steady disappearance of freshwater in the American East from water diversion threats in the Great Lakes to tapped out freshwater auifers along the Atlantic seaboard Told through a colorful cast of characters including Walt Disney Jeb Bush and Texas oilman Boone Pickens Mirage ferries the reader through the key water supply issues facing America and the globe water wars the politics of development ineuities in the price of water the bottled water industry privatization and new water supply schemes From its calamitous opening scene of a sinkhole swallowing a house in Florida to its concluding meditation on the relationship between water and the American character Mirage is a compelling and timely portrait of the use and abuse of freshwater in an era of rapidly vanishing natural resources. What a serendipitous book to have already selected to read immediately after Dune where water is a valuable resource This is reputed to be the first book to discuss the problems in the Eastern US while focusing on Florida related to how our natural fresh water supplies are in danger of disappearing history as to how we got to this point as well as possible solutions The fact that it is 12 years old makes it even depressingThe author does have a habit of repeating some facts often I don't know how many times she said that by 2015 Florida was projected to surpass New York to become the 3rd most populated state which was correct In 2019 FL has 22 million people than NY but very often cited as if it was the first instance

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Mirage Florida and the Vanishing Water of the Eastern USMichael Gannon Distinguished Professor of history University of Florida and Florida and the MOBI #240 author of Florida A Short History “With lively prose and a journalist’s eye for a good story Cynthia Barnett offers a sobering account of water scarcity problems facing Florida one of our wettest states and the rest of the East Coast Drawing on lessons learned from the American West Mirage uses the lens of cultural attitudes about water use and misuse to plead for reform Sure to engage and fascinate as it informs” Robert Glennon Morris K Udall Professor of Law and Public Policy University of Arizona Florida and the Vanishing Water eBook #180 and author of Water Follies Groundwater Pumping and the Fate of America’s Fresh Waters Part investigative journalism part environmental history Mirage reveals how the eastern half of the nation historically so wet that early settlers predicted it would never even need irrigation has suandered so much of its abundant freshwater th. Cynthia Barnett takes readers on a journey through Florida via its rivers lakes and springs to show us firsthand the impact of man's actions on these natural gems What makes this book so important is that in spite of her passion or maybe because of it she resists presenting water issues as an us versus them fight Instead she lays out the facts artfully showing readers how we got where we are and the conseuences for continuing on this pathThis book would be my top recommendation for anyone interested in water policy or water conservation issues I think it should be reuired reading for anyone seeking public office or accepting a policy making role in Florida I've actually read it twice Once as a consultant with an agenda and again as a native Floridian Both times I was impressed by the uality clarity and objectivity with which the information was presented