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Brooklyn Characters Ë 100 ´ ❴PDF❵ ✩ Brooklyn Author Colm Tóibín – In the uiet character of Eilis Lacey Colm Tóibín has created one of fiction's most memorable heroines and in Brooklyn a luminous novel of devastating power Tóibín demonstrates once again his aston In the uiet character of Eilis LacIn the uiet character of Eilis Lacey Colm Tóibín has created one of fiction's most memorable hero. Assuming we have a reliable narrator we can date this story by the newly released movie she views Singing in the Rain so it’s 1952A young Irish woman emigrates to Brooklyn Back in Ireland she has three brothers all working in England and an older sister who will now stay home to take care of their aging mother The older sister who happens to be attractive athletic and ambitious sacrifices her possibility of a normal married life for her younger sister Our heroine chooses the US over England because those who went to England missed Enniscorthy the Irish home town whereas those who went to the US did not The younger sister tells us her story including incredible seasickness and homesickness episodes She gets a job as a retail clerk in a department store and begins experiencing the contrast of life in a semi rural Irish town to that in a thriving American metropolis So much happens and she experiences so much newness that she feels she needs an extra day to go through the events and happenings scene by scene storing them away and getting it out of her system as she dreams each night She lives in a boarding house with several other Irish women but she’s a loner and makes no real friends among the other lodgers or landlady She dislikes the prejudice with which the other boarders treat Jews “colored women” other ethnics such as Italians and lower class folks such as one boarder who scrubs floors She has an episode with a female boss who is a lesbian and although she does not accept her advances she accepts her orientation and continues to treat her respectfully All this is fine although at times I started thinking that all her political correctness was a bit overdone and seemed like set pieces For example when she helps out at church sponsored Christmas banuet for homeless men I thought the story started taking on the tone of a YA novel And maybe it is – it certainly could be There are little realistic touches such as by letter her and her mother’s amazement that Americans leave the heat on all nightOur heroine falls in love with an Italian man But tragedy strikes and she has to return home She feels the pull of Ireland once again and she gets into a position where no matter what she does she will hurt someoneA line I liked “She struck Eilis as looking like a horse dealer’s wife in Enniscorthy on a fair day”A good story worth 4 stars rounded up although I don’t think it’s one of Toibin’s best Top photo from brooklynpixcomLower photo from

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Ines and in Brooklyn a luminous novel of devastating power Tóibín demonstrates once again his ast. Some books are worth sticking with To call this book a slow starter would be to evoke a drastic understatement After around a hundred or so pages I was beginning to wonder if this book was actually going anywhere There was a completer lack of plot as the mundane life of an ordinary girl unfolded in all its blandness However as the novel progressed it built up momentum ever so slowly until the point where it became a heart racing crescendo of uncertainty The true shame of this book and perhaps its reason for such a mixed reception here on goodreads is how many readers such initial storytelling would put off and even lose altogether So what’s good about this book Plot wise it sounds like a tiresome cliché so I’m not even going to attempt a summary Instead I’m going to consider what the novel actually captures Decisions are always important but every so often a decision so powerful will come along that either direction you take will completely alter your life hereafter We’ve all experienced that moment a moment where if you went down a certain path as Robert Frost would say “the road not taken” our life would be different today Some moments are just that strong; they don’t come along very often but when they do they linger for what feels like an eternity And this is what the book builds up to in its elouent simplicity For Eilis her decision is vast and unpredictable This becomes such a crucial part of the storytelling We can’t predict such moments No matter how bland and ordinary our lives may appear you can’t predict what may happen in your life Sometimes something or someone comes along that threatens to change the game completely Your life becomes something else and your reaction to it may come to define the rest of your days Eilis becomes torn between two lives one she has grown to love and one that is undoubtedly her comfort zone Her coming actions will stay with her forever as she ponders what could have been The novel also chronicles a huge part of modern cultural history As a historical novelist Toibin has captured many of the viewpoints of the 1950s along with various social transitions The world is becoming modern; thus there is a shift in attitudes towards race sex and marriage The older generation characters are conservative and remain resistant to this asserting sense of newness Some of the younger characters but not all are open and accepting We see a multitude of opinions and attitudes ultimately recognising which ones will become dominant So here is a book that has very little in the way of actual plot but I urge other readers to look beyond that The story is a mere vehicle a means for the author to capture these intense moments of confliction and uncertainty In this sense it chronicles a large part of what it is to be human

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BrooklynOnishing range and that he is a true master of nuanced prose emotional depth and narrative virtuosi. Brooklyn starts out as a nice little slice of life in Ireland in the early 50’s Then Eilis the younger of two sisters living at home with their mother has a whole new life arranged for her in New York It took rather a stiff upper lip for a young woman to cross the stormy seas and settle in a foreign land where the only person she knew was the priest who arranged the whole thing Sea sickness gave way to homesickness but her strength of character prevailed The story then settled into how she built her new life complete with a job at a clothing store night classes to learn bookkeeping relations with her catty fellow boarders and ultimately with Tony his brothers and the Dodgers It was a innocent era even in the big city At that point I was wondering if it was possible to be nostalgic for a time and place you’ve never experienced People were generally nicer; thoughtful Then again I wondered whether an era like that when polite behavior and higher standards were de rigueur would be likely to come down hard on subtle deviations Would social acceptance be too narrowly defined Seemed like something interesting to consider in light of the book’s focus on manners integrity and the social fabric of the day I was happy enough with the manufactured third order conflicts It helped that despite her passive nature Eilis was likable and observant I’d be curious to know if women who read this think Tóibín did a credible job getting inside the head of his young protagonist Then towards the end BAM you get genuine first order conflict I won’t spoil it for anyone but will mention that certain dilemmas were laid out well old life vs new family duty vs commitments to others the growing comfort of the here and now vs the fading memories of pleasures past and romantic prospects vs what There’s a pay off to reading through to the end Which way will the wind blow Will Eilis be blown with it It was a story simply told and all the forceful for itUpdate I’m happy to report that the movie adaptation was a good one It’s not a substitute for the book of course since there is plenty of interior life a film can’t hope to capture But the screenplay was clever Nick Hornby is apparently good at these things and the acting was first rate I hope Saoirse Ronan scores an Oscar nomination Four to four and a half stars plus one upturned thumb speak to a fine bookmovie double