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Read Awakening 107 ☆ ❮Ebook❯ ➣ Awakening Author Lara Morgan – In the lands of Saranthium the pact between human and serpent is failing Rogue serpents are attacking villages and in the city of Salmut rumours claim that the banished god Azoth has returned to resur In the lands of Saranthium the pact between human and seIng made an outcast his mother reveals the truth of his birth it is a secret that propels him away from all he has known and on to a journey to understand the unnatural power locked within him Drawn together Shaan and Tallis are ensnared in the resurrection of an ancient conflict But on whose side That of the serpents or the peop. I received a copy of this book from Escape Publishing thank you kindly Hence it is only natural to expect romance and plenty of it in this book For me Fantasy Romance is the top of my favourite reads There is nothing better than to escape to a completely different world with the promise of romanceFirst and foremost however this book is high fantasy Filled to the brim with serpents fantastical creatures and all things magical Lara Morgan has created such an amazing detailed and vivid world or rather worlds There were than one settlement civilization and each are so different in setting and culture but all wonderfully toldThe story is told from alternate perspectives Shaan’s and Tallis’ as they fought to understand who they really are and struggled with the powers within them I love Shaan’s feistiness though I was a little let down by her helplessness For someone who has survived living on the street as child how could she be so clueless and helpless this time Tallis on the other was a lot mature; he’s a fast learner and I gladly follow his pathThere wasn’t however that much of romance in this book if at all There were feelings or thoughts of feelings bits of tension and tiny bit of sparks but nothing spectacular I would actually say there is no romance whatsoever in this book Though it seems that we’re being set up for the next book so I may just have to pick up book 2 to find out ; Thank you Escape Publishing for copy of ebook

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In the lands of Saranthium the pact between human and serpent is failing Rogue serpents are attacking villages and in the city of Salmut rumours claim that the banished god Azoth has returned to resurrect his empire of slavery An orphan at five a thief and a survivor Shaan lives in a whorehouse and works in the serpent yards of S. This review first appeared on the now defunct website The SpecusphereAn excellent first novel Morgan's setting characters and story ideas uickly catch the reader's interest What if people had flying serpents to ride through the skies What a god returned to his world after thousands of years to seduce those serpents into fighting against the people who rely on them in order to bring the populace under the god's dominionThe trouble is with the proliferation of fantasy in recent years it's becoming harder and harder to come up with truly original twists on the old tropes We have several of them in Awakening Twins separated at birth – tick Dragons as mounts – tick Calling a dragon a serpent doesn't make it one if it has legs and feet and claws Poor orphan trying to fulfil her dream of becoming a Rider – tick In short we've seen most of Awakening's components before and will no doubt see them again That will not detract from the value of the book for many readers Let's face it the reason the tropes hang around is because they make good copy Readers will always want stories about disadvantaged youths dragons and wicked supernatural characters and it's an old saw but a true one that you've got to give the public what it wantsBut we can I think realistically hope for greater things from this obviously gifted writer She has promised us gods in book two and looks set to give us a clash worthy of the Titans themselves I hope she will also give us a tighter less predictable story with stronger build up of tension – like many first novels Awakening suffers from mid book drag

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AwakeningAlmut She dreams of joining the Riders the elite warriors who patrol the skies from the backs of the serpents But Shaan's dreams are haunted by visions of a burning city and a voice that whispers in an ancient tongue Meanwhile in the harsh desert of the Clans Tallis has grown up under the burden of his difference When he faces be. I read this book years ago and loved it and I felt like I waited and waited for the seual and then gave up waiting for it to come out