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The Sisterhood ePUB #180 Cheating on the Sisterhood Infidelity and Feminism is a feminist analysis of the imbroglio of sexual politics brute sociobiology and pop mediated passion that is conjured up when a married man cheats on his wife with a younger single womanDrawing frankly on the Sisterhood Infidelity and Kindle on her. I wish I had read this book when it was first gifted to me in 2009 It really helped me contextualize my own work Rosewarne discusses infidelity and feminism She argues that since feminists care about women’s agency sisterhood relationships compulsory heterosexuality and power they should care about infidelity Her arguments are sexy primarily because she is so transparent about her personal experience as a mistress I thought it very very brave of her to admit multiple times in the book that she would go back to him “in a heartbeat” Most academics write from that safe space of “why this project is so important to me is none of your business” or “this happened to me so long ago that researching it doesn’t affect me” but not Rosewarne She goes all in and really personalizes the mistress experience from the perspective of an avowed feminist If however you are looking for a book about mistressing that provides various perspectives this is not the book for you This one is about the single woman married man syndrome particularly a married man womanizer who has multiple single women and uite frankly comes across as an asshole she calls him an intimate terrorist The married woman married man scenario is not possible to theorize with the information here and neither is the married man who leaves his wife for the other woman We know little of the wife’s experience and certainly nothing of the other friends and family that contribute to affairs Not that this is a fault of the book It’s just not what the book is about Perhaps the best part of Cheating on the Sisterhood is the resources Who know there were so many books out there written about mistresses Rosewarne has read them all so if you’re curious about the topic just read her engaging often times tragicomically honest narrative of being a feminist other woman instead

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Cheating on the Sisterhood Infidelity and FeminismLe happen to be feminists each Cheating on PDF trotting out a different set of feminist arguments to justify vilify and rationalize his or her actions Is the other woman this book asks just a tool of the cheating man's assertion of gender dominance over both his mate and his mistress and a willy nilly a traitor to the sisterhoo. I don't think I'm going to finish this one While I'm interested in the topic of adulteryinfidelity and was curious to read about it from a feminist perspective I'm just not that inclined to finish it right now It seems like she's mainly going over and over her own relationship with a married man which is interesting but I just wanted to shake her and say break up with him Rosewarne seems like she's still hung up on the married man which is kind of a bummer I definitely had some disagreements with her arguments For instance she argued that the married man has all the choice in the relationship choice between two women and that she as the other woman didn't really have a choice But she did she could have broken it off with him I'm not being judgmental here or saying that a woman should never become involved with a married man it happens Sometimes the heart goes a bit insane Or as Rosewarne uotes the heart wants what it wants But the other woman's always got a choice in the matter Anyway I may pick it back up sometime Should probably check the bibliographyfootnotes before I return it at least

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review Cheating on the Sisterhood Infidelity and Feminism Ó eBook or Kindle ePUB ð [KINDLE] ❄ Cheating on the Sisterhood Infidelity and Feminism By Lauren Rosewarne – Cheating on the Sisterhood Infidelity and Feminism is a feminist analysis of the imbroglio of seOwn experience as the other woman Lauren Rosewarne scrutinizes the alternate readings of the politics of cheating in terms of feminism's program of gender euality Arguing that contemporary feminism does not automatically endorse or reject any particular choices she shows what happens when all three parties to the classic triang. I found Rosewarne’s treaty on feminism and infidelity and her choice to have an affair with a committed man interesting on many levels You can’t but be impressed by her scholarly approach This writer has done her homework and this work is superbly referenced How she weaves her understanding of feminism into her illicit relationship with a man who appears to be a misogynist dressed in feminist clothes is an exercise in professional artistry It’s rather strange though that after her odyssey across all the literature and she really does look at it from various perspectives she concludes that she would do it all again in a ‘heartbeat’ and that feminism allowed and enabled her to have the courage to do what she thought best for her in order to bring herself pleasure and empowerment After reading her account I cannot identify much pleasure in her relationship and certainly no empowerment However I do agree that feminism allowed her to critiue her actions For Rosewarne cheating on the sisterhood depends not upon any collective sense of right and wrong but a personal view of feminism which can be 'compartmentalised' and contradicted if the situation reuires it To be honest I think she's absolutely barking For a young woman with such an illustrious academic career to be so engulfed in a fantasy relationship with a man who clearly has no empathic feelings for her for any woman is breathtakingly bizarre The leitmotif in the book seems to be even now that she would run back go him in a 'heartbeat' if he were to reuest it Yet what did she have He was in a committed relationship that he was unhappy in no surprise here and they lived miles apart from each other so it was e mail and texts and telephone calls with the odd shag fest scheduled She constantly refers to her 'penultimate' time with him 10 days sleeping in his bed after his partner had moved out yet all her clothes and toiletries remained in which she spent internally weeping and anguishing for him whilst he acted obliviously to her wants or needs Apparently his partner knew about his deceit he was a serial betrayer with her and wanted him to choose her rather than Rosewarne Rosewarne believed that a ‘pick me’ game was in full swing I can’t think of anything worse But then maybe I am not looking for a steady supply of drama in a relationship Apparently according to psychologist W Keith Campbell some women see the ideal relationship as being exciting dramatic sophisticated and arousing If you just find a nice and decent guy and have a reasonably good relationship you feel something is missing There is no staying up late worried about things falling apart or fantasising about how things might turn out There are no endless conversations in your head trying to interpret his words and behaviourSister heal thyself I think the 10 day slot was the max she ever had with him I can't even recall the last time she had with him BUT after her 10 days he had sex with yet another woman and was flirting with another On her 10 day stay he took photograph albums out of him and his partner and went through them with her WTF Tell me is she not barking mad Why did she not end it right then He sounds like an unbelievable piece of shit but she defends his 'feminism' Nevertheless all this aside she does make so many insightful observations albeit only from her understanding of adultery ie a committed man and a single woman and that the betrayer ends up needing to make a choice I’m not sure that men who cheat necessarily consider that what they are doing is going to lead them into having to make a choice between women I reckon many just like to have their cake and eat it too Also I’m not sure that the betrayed partner always wants to play the 'pick me' game What resonates throughout this book is the lunacy of how she perceived her relationship with him Whilst charting what happened between them the reader can only be appalled by what she accepts she continuously considers it to be a love job for her that she just can’t resist For someone so remarkably intelligent it is disappointing that her analysis of the literature does not impact upon her emotional buy in of ‘romantic’ love For the man to continue to help make the single woman's fantasies come alive and seem possible to seem permanent he simultaneously makes her reality much harsher The problem with illusion particularly illusions inside affairs is that they thwart the single woman making steps toward adapting to her likely abandonment The longer the illusions are fostered and harboured the resentment she will feel when her hoped for outcome does not materialise Rosewarne says that she used to think that things were OK between her and her committed lover because they were having good sex But that was an illusion also The good sex did not have that same meaning for her lover Rosewarne's lover is now not with her or his partner Nothing new in this scenario as she so rightly knows As for feminism let me leave you with one of Rosewarne's uotes from Laura Tracy the author of The Secret Between Us Competition among Women The notion of feminist sisterhood often leaves us with an aching sense of distress It denies what women know that we can be spiteful mean and malicious When we think of each other as sisters we dwell in the dream of sisterhood sisterhood is not a dream at all Sisterhood is painful incomplete and occasionally humiliating It is marred by distrust disapproval rejection bitterness envy jealousy despair and hatred