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Snow White A Survival StoryAnna J is back with A Survival MOBI #245 a riveting novel depicting the devastation caused by cocaine use in a Southwest Philadelphia communityYou have to use what you got to get what you want For Journey Clayton this statement rings than true as she struggles under the weight of her mother's cocaine addiction Sh. This survival story is of nine year old Journey Clayton Not only is her mother bedridden with AIDS but is also addicted to what the streets call Snow White In constant fear of her mother dying and ultimately being placed in the foster care system small Journey does whatever she has to do to prolong their survival Her father's brother Uncle Vince is the only other family that Journey has He keeps food in the house clothes on her back and stops by every few days with her mother's twice daily fix He drills in her head that nothing comes for free so in return for what he provides he demands Journey perform sexual favors among other things There is a light at the end of the tunnel for Journey in the form of her classmate and neighbor Khalid They grow close share secrets about their mothers and fall in love More in love than any two nine years old could possibly be Unfortunately this part of the story line falls short because of it's intensity These children are unrealistically and significantly mature than their peers and have the mentality of adults It is definitely sensible to expect Journey to be grown up than others her age due to what she has endured but her frame of mind surpasses anything practical This dark and twisty tale isn't only about poor Journey We voyeuristically weave in and out of the lives of her uncle while he attempts to flood the streets with Snow White and Khalid's parents Joey Street and Shanyce Khalid's parents are only together because of him and when Joey finally acknowledges that his woman is allowing half the town to visit their bedroom things hit the fan They clearly have their issues but Mr Joey just wants what is best for his son All in all it was definitely interesting to follow the lives of these deceitful people in hopes of seeing what becomes of the entire cast of characters

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Snow White A Survival Story Read & Download Õ 9 · [Download] ✤ Snow White A Survival Story ➸ Anna J. – Anna J is back with a riveting novel depicting the devastation caused by cocaine use in a Southwest Philadelphia communityYou have to use what you got to get what you want For Journey ClE learns from a very young age that family doesn't offer as much help as she hoped they would It's not until she befriends Khalid the son of a neighborhood drug dealer who is trying to stay above the struggle himself that Snow White PDFEPUB or she starts to believe there might just be hope even for little girls i. Ok I am going to start off by saying I like Anna J's books she's a great author but not so into this book as I thought I thought it was going to be great with a A plus plus to it but it was a somewhat ok Wont knock to story line at all I like that it was mostly done in a childs point of view of things starting at 9 Journey was doing things I wouldn't ever thought of a child ever doing at her ageHer mom was a crackhead dying for AIDS so she was mainly been taken care of by her crazy uncle Vince that I totally didn't like he was a nasty man that had a thang for little kids OMG Now Vince is a drug dealer that mainly has his crew but one man Streets he mainly having sex with Street's childs mom and then getting her hooked on the Snow White in the processNow there is Bunz he is a big time killer that just dont care who he kills he just don't want not witnessThere is Khalid him and Journey ends up growing up together and being a little couple They fall for each other and Journey decides to tell him a secret about herself and she thought things was going to change between them but it didn't they end up growing up together but still Vince was still doing his thang with Journey and yet Journey haven't said a word to KhalidOverall it was alright but wishing it was But I am still going to be a Anna J fan

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N the ghettoSnow White is a story of survival betrayal strength and courage It will pull you in from the very beginning and won't let you go until the last page As seen through the eyes of a young girl coming of age observe how Journey struggles to survive amidst the deception violence and murder that surround he. This story Snow White by Anna J took a look into the disturbing life of Journey a young girl who was growing up in a totally dysfunctional household In addition to going to school Journey was faced with the task of caring for her physically ill bedridden mother as well as her demented minded uncle Vince There were times I wondered how Journey was even able to concentrate on school There were a couple of positive people in Journey's life It enlightened me to see Khalid her classmate she had a crush on enter into her life Khalid was able to offer Journey a bit of happiness in her otherwise depressing life Overall to me this was a touching story that gave insight on some of the effects of the drug know as snow white from people who used it dealt it had to deal with it