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PDF × BOOK The Playboy Sheikhs Virgin Stable Girl The Royal House of Karedes #2 FREE ↠ JOHNSCYCLINGDIARY Ú [Read] ➲ The Playboy Sheikhs Virgin Stable Girl The Royal House of Karedes #2 Author Sharon Kendrick – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Polo playing sheiPolo playing sheikh Prince Kali Al'Farisi loves his women as much as his horses They're wild willing and he's their masterStable girl Eleni is a lo This was my first ever skinny Harleuin I read this book for two reasons 1 Because of the outrageously awesome ridiculous title and 2 To help reach my uota of books read in 2010The first half of the book is entertaining in a “so bad it’s good” kind of way My favorite line was “Kali dismounted with the same speed and grace as he would remove himself from the body of a woman he had just made love to” And what girl would not want to be called “little lizard”? The second half of the book was predictable boy seduces girl girl loves boy boy hurts girl girl tries to run away attacking guard dogs corner girl in front lawn boy loves girlWhen Eleni ran away in the last chapter I was really hoping the barking dogs would eat her That would have been a much better ending

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Cal Calistan Raised by her brutal father on the horse racing circuit she feels unlovable When her precious horses are given to Sheikh Kali she refu 1 12 starsLittle lizard? Seriously that was one of the bigger problems with this book What kind of endearment is lizard? Although it really isn't an endearment in this story for the most part Lizard is not a loving pet name Why not call her by her name? Eleni Very pretty There was one spot when he calls her something like my little green eyed beauty or something like that I couldn't find it again That one wasn't too badMy other big problem was that Kali was so arrogant If he was kind to Eleni we really weren't shown it When a guy thinks a woman should be greatful he slept with her because he's the sheik well too much for meIt was hard for me to see how Eleni could fall in love with Kali He had few if any redeeming moments Even the I love you declaration at the end felt like just a uick wrap up If you are OCD like me and have to read every book in a series well you can make it through There's always a light at the end of the tunnelthe last page I like Sharon Kendrick and have certainly read better books by her This one was a disappointment I just couldn't get past Kali'a arrogance and the gawd awful nickname

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The Playboy Sheikhs Virgin Stable Girl The Royal House of Karedes #2Ses to be parted from themThe playboy sheikh is determined to bed Eleni and when Kali realizes she's a virgin the challenge only becomes interestin In the country of Calista Eleni cares for her no good layabout of a father and the beautiful stallion she has raised since it was a baby horse It is the one joy in her downtrodden existence One day Kali arrives to gamble with her dad and Kali is a god amongst men A sexy giant dashing about on a horse outdistancing his minions laughing big drinking big everything big if you know what I mean There is a perfect moment in this book Eleni seeing Kali for the first time and gasping something about wolves If she had then covered her face with her apron and dashed into the scullery which she kind of does my happiness would have been complete I could read that scene in books a thousand times and never find it tiresomeThis book is over the top outrageously so It’s like sexy roleplaying as presented in a 1990s British sit com It’s like there is a couple called Fred and Norma and one day they decide to spice up their sex life and Fred puts on a bathrobe and becomes Sheikh Kali and chases Norma around the bedroom On other days Norma plays the bored rich housewife and Fred is Donny come to clean the pool or Norma is Yvette the sexy French parlour maid and Fred is the Duke of Fredonia It is all so very wrong and loveable and funAnyway Kali plays cards with Eleni’s dad and wins Eleni’s stallion and she begs him to take her along as well Oh I’ll take you too little lizard Kali does not uite say take you to my bed mwhahaha His pet name for her is lizard which even she thinks is a little weird but I thought was perfect I think Kali is the type of guy who could call you aardvark and you’d probably still melt just that tiny bit even while thinking he’s daft in the head My other intensely favourite thing is when after they have slept together for the first time Kali gives her this cruel look and tells her that she’ll have to use his title when they’re together in public Again this is all sexy roleplaying stuff – Fred telling Norma to call him ‘your grace’ while she pretends to dust something and he ogles at her derriere through his monocle This book is so perfect They don’t get it on in a tent in a pile of pillows but I was ok with that because everything else was so awesome Like – Calista Maybe the other Karedes books explain exactly where this country is and I’ll be disappointed but in this book I had no idea It’s an island with a desert in the middle and you can get on a plane and some unspecified time later you’re in England It could have been in the Mediterranean or the Gulf of Arabia or maybe off the coast of Marrakesh – it’s the most perfectly hidden Greece meets Arabian nights fantasy country I’ve ever encountered It could be Atlantis for all I know Indiana Jones could have turned up there one time and found a solid gold temple and an artefact that turned people into cats and it would have all made perfect sense The conflict here is that Kali is outrageously royal and Eleni is a poor girl who likes horses so they have no background in common He is so into her green eyes and she does get a bit sparky with him when needed so I thought they were both lovely This is a seriously funny book and I loved it