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Who am I What do I Life Developing MOBI #183 want in relationships How do I know what to believe How do I manage the stresses of livingThis is a guide to addressing life's challenges and competing demands It will help you to reflect on the problems and setbacks you encounter to discover your own voice uncover your authentic sense of values build your confidence and find meaning in your life This Authoring Your eBook #180 is however far than a self help book and it addresses multiple audiencesBecause everyone's circumstances differ and life is unpredictable this book does not offer simplistic solutions and steps to follow Instead Marcia Baxter Magolda immerses you i. In “Authoring Your Life – Developing Your Internal Voice to Navigate Life’s Challenges” the author Marcia Baxter Magolda a Distinguished Professor Emerita of Student Learning and Development puts forth the important message the progress in human development of individuals takes place only when they attain the abilities to listen to their internal voices or senses More specifically the notion of listening to internal voices is differentiated from what would occur commonly as purely or extensively relying on or responding to external stimuli at the expense of the internal ones The result of neglecting these internal voices is a disintegrated state of mind that involves a tug of war between internal and external stimuli On the other hand when one develops the abilities to listen to one’s internal voices heshe learns to control the matters that are within hisher capacities while accepting some others sometimes the harsh reality that are not within hisher control That is individuals with higher capacities of listening to internal voices become integrated personalities and resilient in the face of challenging circumstances Interestingly Professor Magolda has observed these results from her longitudinal research studies on self authorship conducted over twenty years with subjects selected from diverse social backgrounds Professor Magolda’s research studies have revealed some interesting features of human development that happen essentially through the process of self authorship highlighted in the book Self authorship as implied is a realisation the subject individual has to develop on hisher own However some life experiences especially the painful ones and support personnel referred to in the text as partners such as parents spouses friends supervisorsemployers teachers counsellors may assist or become catalysts in the process Self authorship begins usually during early adulthood when the subject individual experiences discrepancies between internal belief systems and external worlds especially when the individual is faced with situations of crossroads Individuals who depended heavily on external voicesauthority of parentsteacherselders etc begin to be independent at the onset of the adulthood and thereby listening to their internal voices It could be an intriguing research uestion pursue to get to know how some individuals possibly the ones who demonstrate the trait of mindfulness are prone to develop a high valuebelief system internally and encounter a conflicting imbalance between the internal and external worlds If an individual progresses in the process of self authorship heshe would develop the ability to listen and believe in hisher internal voices increasingly firmly while at the same time developing an understanding that though some external realities cannot be controlled the reactions to them by himher can be regulated mainly by getting to know of multiple perspectivescontexts Interestingly we can draw some parallels between the theory of self authorship defined by Professor Magolda and some other human development frameworks presented by other philosophersresearchers in the past For example Abraham Maslow’s theory of self actualisation highlights mainly externalenvironmental reuirements such as fulfilling basic needs food shelter clothes etc love and security and social acceptance etc for an individual in hisher progress in human development to higher levels Conseuently the two theories of self authorship and self actualisation complement each other giving two different perspectives of internal and external to the subject individual in the human developmental process In Kazimierz Dabrowski’s human development framework of Theory of Positive Disintegration TPD the disintegration process from a primary integration to a somewhat unstable state state of psychoneurosis as Dabrowski referred to towards a much stable state of secondary integration has some similarities with the theory of self authorship In progress towards self authorship the subject individual first becomes shaken by observing the differences between the internal valuesthinking and what is present externally in the real world especially when encountered with crossroad situations In order to overcome this turbulent state of mind the individual has to continue listening to internal voices firmly so that heshe comes to a realisation of what can or cannot be controlled andor what shouldshouldn’t be accepted as realities of life One important insight highlighted in the book is that turning inward towards identifying one’s internal voices while deemphasising on external stimuli or ordinary socialising does not mean that an individual in the process of self authorship fails to develop healthy interpersonal relationships In fact as the studies showed it was the opposite – through the development of a higher level of self awareness these individuals become capable of understanding others deeply thus enabling the enhancement of their interpersonal relationships In other words they may incline towards introversion on a scale of extroversion introversion while engaging and integrating with the self firmly along with a clearer understanding and acceptance of the differences between internal and external real worldsFor educators the single most important take away message from the book is the need to relate the content being introduced to a personal level so that learners can associate them to their individualised internal voices through a higher level of reflection In other words educators should

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Authoring Your Life Developing an Internal Voice to Navigate Lifes ChallengesNd uestions to help Your Life Developing an Internal eBook #180 you uncover your strengths and identify the barriers that may be inhibiting you from building Your Life Developing an Internal eBook #180 the internal psychological compass that will serve as the foundation for your journey Offering advice on how to be good company for those who have set out on their journey to self authorship the book is also addressed to partners family members friends teachers mentors and employers so they can offer support to those that face these challengesFinally for scholars of adult development this book offers the latest articulation of the developing theory of self authorship. This book was an interesting read through Baxter Magolda's longitudinal study of adulthood as she followed a group of graduating college students through the 20 years afterward It was fascinating to read the individual paths that all or less followed the same patterns of progress challenge reversion then on to progress I found the chapter on being a good partner to students at various stages to be interesting and helpful and I'm going to re read it again to develop some practical applications of those suggestionsI'm captivated by the concept of self authorship and I can see many different applications of the idea within higher education particularly as it relates to career and graduate school decision making I'm inspired to do research on this topic and further my reading this summer

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Free read Authoring Your Life Developing an Internal Voice to Navigate Lifes Challenges õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ë ➲ [Read] ➭ Authoring Your Life Developing an Internal Voice to Navigate Lifes Challenges By Marcia B. Baxter Magolda ➽ – JN the stories of thirty five adults whom she has followed and interviewed for over twenty years With her guidance and using the self authorship framework she has developed you will recognize Your Life Developing PDFEPUB #232 in yourself many patterns and parallels from the protagonists' stories of emotional and intellectual growth By reflecting on these life stories you will gain insights about your individual values and identity and strengthen your sense of self reliance to handle significant transitions and unexpected circumstances In addition to helping you identify the phases of your journey to self authorship Marcia Baxter Magolda offers reflective exercises a. Excellent book about the challenges of creating your own voice throughout your lifetime There were some limitations as far as her original choices for interviews but she than made up for that at the end of the book when she included experiences by a diverse group of people