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review Trace author Patricia Cornwell 103 ↠ ➽ Trace Download ➺ Author Patricia Cornwell – Dr Kay Scarpetta now freelancing from South Florida returns to the city that turned its back on her five years ago Richmond Virginia's recently appointed chief medical examiner claims that he needs Sc Dr Kay ScarpeEs of demolition the inept chief isn't the one who reuested her after all her old assistant chief has developed personal problems that he won't reveal and a glamorous FBI agent whom Scarpetta dislikes instantly meddles with the caseDeprived of assistance from colleagues Benton and Lucy who are embroiled in what appears to be an unrelated attempted r. First read March 2006Re Read July August 2017The plot Cornwell weaves two separate plots together in Trace The first is from the perspective of Kay Scarpetta as she is called back to her old office in Virginia to help out on a case that the current chief medical examiner doesn't want to deal with A fourteen year old girl named Gilly Paulsson is found dead in her bed with no obvious signs for the cause of deathThe second plot is from the perspective of Kay's niece Lucy who has called Benton to help with an attack that occurred at her home where her work colleaguelover Henri was assaulted by an intruderI really enjoyed re reading Trace The third personpresent tense style of writing was a little disconcerting at first but I uickly got used to it and began to enjoy the story I liked the way the plotlines tied together and I still really enjoy reading about the lives of Kay Scarpetta Benton Lucy and Marino and everything they go throughRating 45 stars

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Dr Kay Scarpetta now freelancing from South Florida returns to the city that turned its back on her five years ago Richmond Virginia's recently appointed chief medical examiner claims that he needs Scarpetta's help to solve a perplexing crime When she arrives however Scarpetta finds that nothing is as she expected Her former lab is in the final stag. Although I'm a big fan of Cornwell's Scarpetta series I had great trouble getting into this bookScarpetta goes back to Richmond after 5 years to help solve the case of a young girl found dead in her bed She is called by the new Medical Examiner who reveals himself to be a less than competent man with a few skeletons in his closet At the same time Benton is in Aspen trying to help a member of Lucy's team who was attacked in Lucy's house having had to cancel the vacation plans he had with ScarpettaI think my main problem with this book is one that I have been feeling in the last books I read in this series What I enjoyed the most was Kay's observations about life and people her private life details like cooking or choosing the right wine it gave the books a sort of an intimist feeling that I enjoyed very much unfortunately that is absent hereThen I never uite understood about the new medical Examiner Dr Joel Marcus what's his agenda what is he hiding There's some build up regarding his character in the beginning but then nothing And Lucy keeps getting into to trouble and trustingloving the wrong people I have some trouble believing someone as smart as her that has already been burned once by a sociopath lover would fall for that again And asking Benton to solve her problems for her I'm a bit annoyed with the Benton character he is supposedly in love with Kay but he has pretended to be dead for a number of years leaving her to mourn and now he cancels a vacation to spend his time trying to help someone less than worthy it seems everyone is important except for ScarpettaAnd the mystery about who was behind those deaths was a bit lost in the middle of all this I never did understand the murder's motivation and there were too many loose ends that seemed to be important and were never tied up at the end A C

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Trace author Patricia CornweApe by a stalker Scarpetta is faced with investigating the death of a fourteen year old girl working with the smallest pieces of evidence traces that only the most thorough hunters can identify She must follow the twisting leads and track the strange details in order to make the dead speak and to reveal the sad truth that may be than even she can be. I love the Scarpetta character which is based on a real medical examiner Generally Cornwell produces the Scarpetta books with taut and compelling writing But in this novel the characters have become caricatures of themselves Marino is unpleasant than usual As a former detective he is a useful foil and clearly in love with the lovely Kay Scarpetta but became unacceptably irascible and unlikable in this bookI know authors can't hit a home run with every book especially in a long running series with a character most readers probably think they actually know But this book wasn't even a dribbling in field singleIf this had been the first book I read by Cornwell it would also be the last