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Read eBook ç The Big Kahn Paperback ò Neil Kleid ↠ ❰Read❯ ➮ The Big Kahn Author Neil Kleid – Rabbi David Kahn has lived a forty year lie he is not nor has he ever been Jewish When at his funeral the “rabbi’s” grifter brother reveals the truth it forces the Kahn Pirals down in an affair with his rebellious sister Lea’s non Jewish roommate Lea rethinks the religion she’s run from strong enough to alter her father’s life while Eli the youngest Kahn   inherits his father’s long forgotten legacy Somehow with the help of the uncle he never knew and his slowly re awakening sister he attempts to return The book has a lot that people could love an intriguing set up great characters thought provoking themes But it just ends It is almost like reading the first half of a story where everything is set up and you can't put the book down But there is no ending that wraps up these threads The story just stops What happens to Rachel and Eli What does Avi say to the rabbi Is Lea genuine Bueller Bueller

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Rabbi David Kahn has lived a forty year lie he is not nor has he ever been Jewish The Big PDFEPUBWhen at his funeral the “rabbi’s” grifter brother reveals the truth it forces the Kahn family to struggle with grief and betrayal as their congregation examines their every move and uestion their very faith His son Rabbi Avi Kahn the heir apparent s The story begins at Rabbi David Kahn funeral His long lost brother shows up and announces to the congregation that their beloved rabbi was a con artist And so begins the intimate portrait of the Kahn family spiral through grief and crisis of faith Roy Dobbs his character was a catalyst that pulls the curtains apart to reveal a family that was splintering The wayward daughter that has sex at her father funeral service The rebellious younger son that gambles in school and gets into fights And Avi the older son the confused lost rabbi whose congregation abandons him All the drama is interesting mix as we each how character handles the news in their own wayThe characters are complex each grappling with their own crisis that Roy’s revelation brings into their world Losing someone you love and coping with loss is hard enough to endure but when you add betrayal of that magnitude on top of that its unbearable The one good thing that came from the Kahn’s crisis was strengthening of the family bond and Lea’s reawakening of her faithThe artwork is all drawn in black and white I think to symbolize right and wrong truth and lie in a idealistic black and white world To represent some high ideal that doesn’t truly exist Avi confronts this issue when an lapse in judgement leads him to a crisis of faith He uestions his worth if he’s good enough to be a man of god and so forth It’s interesting to see how the community turns their back on the Kahns the whispers the looks–when the congregation held him in such high esteem before his death Just goes to show human nature people can be so hypercritical I loved that all the emotions were from a real place and the characters were believable No sugar coating –the end isn’t wrapped up in a bow just like life it gives way for story to be told and the readers are left wondering did things work out for Avi in the endOne thing that annoyed me though was Roy He shows up unannounced at the funeral of all places and throws this bomb at Avi and his family in public no less Never apologizes for the destruction it caused I think he could have handled that better And did he really have do it in public the family could have self destructed in private I guess the story would be different then but I think it would have given it some contrast I gave The Big Kahn 4 out 5 I recommend the Big Kahn for the 18 and older crowd there are a few f bombs some alcohol abuse and sex not graphic but there are some compromising scenes 45

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The Big KahnFaith and order to his family and community and reinstate his father’s good name Neil Kleid Xeric Award winning author of Ninety Candles and NBM’s Brownsville and illustrator Nicolas Cinuegrani offer a drama about loss lies belief and renewal in this dramatic graphic exploration of a family secret so well hidden it uestions the very nature of fai At the funeral for Rabbi David Kahn a terrible secret comes out he was not actually Jewish but rather a Gentile grifter who infiltrated the Jewish community as part of a con until he fell in love and decided to devote himself to the Jewish faith This revelation impacts both the community in the synagogue who begin to uestion their former Rabbi's intentions and leadership and by extension those of his son Avi who hopes to take over as Rabbi and Kahn's wife and children who all feel both the loss and the deception in their own ways The Big Kahn is a complex story of faith grief and family written by Neil Kleid and told through beautifully simple comics by Nicolas Cinuegrani It offers a rich view of contemporary Jewish life and faith make sure you use the handy glossary in the back that makes the finely balanced stories of each member of the Kahn family feel all the real and moving The book is suggested for mature readers and contains some four letter words drinking including the onset of alcoholism in Rabbi Kahn's wife and a little bit of sex I don't think that there's any content here that a mature teen wouldn't be able to handle but the uiet conflict will probably resonate strongly with an adult audience