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Gaging story about identity loyalty and what it really means to be a family Guji Guji makes. Once there was an egg that rolled and rolled until it landed in a ducks nest However this egg was not a duck egg When the eggs hatched each duck was named after a certain attribute about their feathers The first duckling was name crayon after his blue spots The second duckling was named zebra after his green strips The third duckling was named moonlight after his yellow feathers The four duckling a very different duckling was named Guji Guji after his first words Guji Guji and his siblings learned from mother duckling and Guji Guji was stronger by learning faster than the others However no one body batted an eye that Guji Guji was different from the rest mother duckling loved them all eually However when three crocodiles come prowling out for some food and spot Guji Guji they let him know that he really is not a duck but a big bad crocodile They then give him a proposition Will Guji Guji save his duckling family or give into his crocodile instincts To find out what happens in this duckling saga go on this journey with Guji Guji and his self identityThis tale although not modern fantasy is definitely science fiction Yes it is unlikely for a mother goose to raise a baby crocodile especially because they are a predator It shows the evolution of animal instincts and the fact that these crocodiles wanted to eat the ducklings and even showed their teeth in which are used to chew up fat ducks as they said However this could happen in different worlds or possibly our world many one day within our future This had realistic ualities aside from the personification of animals in they talked as if they were humans who had human ualities The setting and illustrations matched with the text as the egg looked different in the beginning Guji Guji visible looks different than the rest and the crocodiles look realistic with sharp teeth with different shades of green blue or gray The plot was lighthearted and theme seemed relevant that no matter what acceptance and love is the key in a wonderful family Mother duckling although not stated in the book mostly likely knew Guji Guji was not her duckling but still loved and raised him as her own and that is a very valuable moral statement for children’s literature today This lighthearted and courageous tale shows that family is everything whether one is a duck crocodile or even a horse for that matter Guji Guij is a great role model for children out there to do the right thing for their family and friends no matter what

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Guji GujiSome pretty big decisions about who he is what he is and what it all means anyway Agesand. In this book Guji Guji is a crocodile that's egg rolls into the nest of ducks He gets raised by ducks until the evil crocodiles try to turn him against his duck family They tell him to take the ducks to the bridge and practice diving so they can have something to eat They end up going and bringing huge rocks to drop them on their faces Even though Guji Guji and the ducks aren't blood family they are there for each other and protect each other like their own This is a fantasy book because for one ducks and crocodiles can't speak The author is giving them magical characteristics to better enhance the story It creates a new world that the children can believe in and think how cool it would be if animals could really talk and interact with one another like that It has cartoon characteristic in the illustrations and really does a good job of capturing the magical tone of the story

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Guji Guji Free download × PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ [EPUB] ✸ Guji Guji By Chih-Yuan Chen – Guji Guji is just your ordinary everyday run of the mill duckum crocodileum duck In this engaging story about identity loyalty and what it really means to be a family Guji Guji makes some pGuji Guji is just your ordinary everyday run of the mill duckum crocodileum duck In this en. A crocodile is born to a family of ducks Later he meets crocodiles who want him to help them eat the ducks Since my son is not adopted we could read it as a fun story But as an adoption story it is not a very good one I would not want an adopted child to take from this that her or his birth family or culture is low down and meanI think if my child were adopted I would give it one star