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Millionaire Mistress 3 kindle ¿ Mass Market Paperback ✓ [PDF] ✑ Millionaire Mistress 3 Author Tiphani Montgomery – A bad bitch never dies Chloe is back and in full force Ride with author Tiphani as she tells a riveting tale about money lust and revenge Between sexin' any man who can heWith new ammo a new mission and her old mischievous ways You won't believe what she's got up her sleeve Stay tunedthe third installment to this drama filled seri Waiting on book four Chloe needs what is coming to her

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Who can help her achieve her over the top goals and on a crazed path of revenge Chloe shocks us all with her newfound tricks of the trade She's come full circle This book was an ok read but by this point I'm tired of all the seuels After reading this I now dislike Oshyn She got on my nerves so much with her stupidity and naivety Chloe will always be Chloe no matter what and although she was not my fav charater in the preuels and still isn't Oshyn was so annoying that I can't even judge Chloe any

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Millionaire Mistress 3A bad bitch never dies Chloe is back and in full force Ride with author Tiphani as she tells a riveting tale about money lust and revenge Between sexin' any man Oh Well What can I say? I finished this over a week ago and am just now reviewing it I was going to review it my usual way detailed and I kept waiting for the right time But there is no right time I want to forget about this as soon as I possibly canThis book and the previous book in the series to a lesser degree is a prime example of why an author should stick to single books Unless an author has PROVED themselves capable stay away Being on some no name best sellers list does not prove you capable Even some authors who have proven themselves to their audience don't have what it takes Why would you? This is awful Worse than awful My copy is riddled with check marks because I didn't want to forget something when writing The biggest shame of all is that the first book The Millionaire Mistress? It's good It's actually good So if Montgomery's goal here was to write a decent book hook some readers make some uick cash from the rest of the series and then be done? Congrats You did it Well not here because I wouldn't have paid for these if a gun was against my head but others did I'm sureOh hell I have this atrocious mess right here so I'll include some of what pissed me off Let me start with where I left off in my last review 'Mye Storie' is a name used for a character Yeah I'm dead serious I suppose it's meant to be clever Ha The whole crazy scene with Oshyn in the beginning around pg 37 could have been a lot better Montgomery did a better job than Antoinette in The Prada Plan but this still left much to be desired It was flat it was a lot like playing an imaginary game with a toddler you know what'll happen before the toddler Doesn't make for a great read to say the least Okay well the will to review this just flew out the window I'll say this I just counted 27 check marks I check the page when there is a bigger mistake or something stupid Meaning that the smaller mistakes smaller stupid things are let go Otherwise the entire book would be one big bent check So there are at least at least 27 fairly big mistakesfairly huge stupid things in this book I kind of wish I felt like telling them because some of them were downright hilarious But I don't want to spend my evening with this book enough time was wastedLike urban fiction? Read the first skip the next two and do the same with every other 2 book series out there until the author has proved themselves to you It's the only way to goI also wish to note that I'd give this a half of a star if I could it doesn't deserve the 1 I have to give it