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FREE DOWNLOAD Ç Rage By Richard Bachman ñ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Rage ✩ Richard Bachman – A disturbed high school student with authority problems kills one of his teachers and takes the rest of his class hostage Over the course of one long tense and unbearable hot afternoon Charlie Decker A disturbed highNts while at the same time deconstructing the personalities of his classmates forcing each one to justify his or her existence. Lately I've been wondering about why violence seems to breed so freely in the United States I don't have an answer by the way Everywhere I seem to look there is something violent being portrayed books movies music art heck even CNN is going to do a new segment on Cold Cases that they have deemed so interesting that further exploration is needed Tupac and Biggie here's your chance to spin a few rhymesAnyway I was sitting in my basement perusing my collection of books wondering what to read next when The Bachman Books caught my eye I took it down from the shelf and flipped through the pages wafting to my nostrils old dust motes caught within the yellowed pages that have traveled with me from place to place over the years then I started to read the first story Rage The title alone was enough to get me hyped I mean c'mon it's not like I didn't know that this was going to be a story I would be affected by one way or another I kept reading Pretty soon my freshman year in college came back to me I had just finished a geology test before heading into the week of finals and was meandering my way across campus in that whimsical manner one does after spilling their brains out on some problem or essay when one of my friends intercepted me She was talking a mile a minute telling me that there was a shooting at a high school named Columbine I can honestly tell you I was little affected by her words I didn't have any family or friends in Colorado and I still didn't have any idea as to what all happened Back in my dorm before turning on the television the hallways to my room buzzed with the news Smalls groups of huddled conspirators whispered to each other as if talking aloud about what happened would doom their high school or worse our university When I finally sat and listened to the news report the information about the two killers washed over me as if I was in some weird dream Why did they do this How could they do this The answers were provided by Talking Heads and their belief that the youth of the day had checked out and given the finger to all and every authority including the one connected to the sanctity of life Time has passed School shootings still continue And I realize that those Talking Heads didn't understand one damn thing about being young confused or scared about making a mistake All they wanted to do was place the blame on Marilyn Manson and Stephen King and video games BULLSHIT Their remarks are too convenient nestled with too pretty of a bow I understand for the first time since walking across campus that fateful day that one can only choose what to do when exposed to violence This may not be physical violence; it might be emotional or mental or spiritual And that’s what King was saying in this short novella We have a choice with every act of violence committed against us Pardon my soapbox for a bit Take Christianity for instance—those of you who are not Christians please feel free to insert your choice of religion deity or belief—we are taught that to err is human but to forgive is divine We are expected to live by the New Testament not the Old one When lashed out against it is imperative to check one's emotions To answer with violence is just plain silly Okay I’m ramblingthe point is things can’t take the place of personal responsibility Art doesn’t make a suitable excuse Music doesn't hypnotize you to place a baby in an oven Video games can't make you go out and rob a 7 11 or kill hookers That is all FAKE What aren't fake are the emotions and insecurities of our youth If you are a parent hug your child kiss them and tell them you love them But most of all LISTEN TO THEM If you don’t have kids but know of young ones that need help HELP THEM This is a fucked up world we live in But it can also be a wonderful place I’m not saying we all need to hold hands and sing kumbaya that would be even a fucked up world but we can stop the precipitation of violence Think about it Maybe I made a point Maybe not Regardless this is for you Mr King I think it a shame that you took this novella out of print It’s not your job to be a parent to others’ kids Your job is to be a storyteller And that you have done wonderfully VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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The course of one long tense and unbearable hot afternoon Charlie Decker explains what led him to this drastic seuence of eve. Sad and FrighteningRAGE is the story of a disturbed childwho becomes a disturbed teenwho acts out on his frustrations by taking a hand gun to school his senior year taking the life of his algebra teacher and holding his class hostage for several hours no spoiler hereIn the midst of all the chaos keeping school officials and police at bay Charlie shares a few tales of his abusive home life his encounters with bullies a sex episode and strongly reuests his captives disclose embarrassing secrets about themselves too All are cooperativeexcept oneA good portion of this short read is dedicated to Charlie discussing his feelings and regrets but be prepared for a few shockers along the wayRAGE is one of Stephen King's earliest novels written under pen name Richard Bachman a work he has pulled from the market due to real time events 'somewhat' resembling the storyline He has also excluded RAGE from new editions of The Bachman Books Highly recommend reading GUNS as a follow up to RAGE as it fully details the reasoning behind his decision


Rage By Richard BachmA disturbed high school student with authority problems kills one of his teachers and takes the rest of his class hostage Over. RAGEwe’ve all experienced it whether bumper to bumper on the roads interacting with ass stains at work or railing against the evils of beachfront development Here Stephen King explores the darkest aspect of this emotion and strikes a chord that can be felt by anyone who remembers the awkwardness the insecurity the anger inducing turbulence of being a teenager King taps a mighty strong vein in this one Originally entitled Getting It On this early effort of the master while less polished and containing technical flaws than his later work is one of his most visceral and striking psychological stories This is Catcher in the Rye meets American Psycho and it is made all the eerie by the echoes and reflections of real life high school shootings that this story is sure to conjure in the mind of the reader PLOT SUMMARYA deeply troubled high school senior Charlie Decker shoots and kills two teachers and takes his Algebra class hostage This all happens faster than you can say “Holy Shit Stephen King wrote this gripping evocative story while he was in High SchoolHigh Schoolthat over abundantly talented bastard” This just sets the stage for the real drama to come While the police surround the building and make unsuccessful attempts to negotiate with Charlie the classroom becomes a tense angry crucible in which dark secrets and memories of betrayals and painful persecutions are shared by Charlie and his hostages See Charlie believes that everyone has bad secrets that build up and gnaw at you until you eventually decide to “get it on” And all that weirdness isn’t just going on outside It’s in you too right now growing in the dark like magic mushrooms Call it the Thing in the Cellar Call it the Blow Lunch Factor Call it the Loony Tunes File I think of it as my private dinosaur huge slimy and mindless stumbling around in the stinking swamp of my subconscious never finding a tarpit big enough to hold it Initially the confessions of Charlie’s classmates are only partially voluntary However as the day goes on the atmosphere thickens and morphs until a form of group mind takes hold Suddenly the classroom is a like a dark “after hours” episode of Dr Phil and the confession begin to come fast and furiousand the rage builds For his part Charlie through a series of flashback tells the reader and his classmates about the events that led to him standing before them a violent rage filled double murderer All of this leads up to an exceptional ending that will stick with you THOUGHTSThis is tough stuff full of raw unfiltered anger and descriptions of the kinds of casual ruthlessness that teenagers are subjected to from their parents their peers and even themselves Charlie is a “hold nothing back” narrator and his descriptions of events are unvarnished and somewhat bizarre since he is explaining events as he saw them not necessarily as the actually occurred This is a portrait of a troubled child exploding against the injustices both real and imagined to which he feels he’s been subjected It is also like all of King’s novels addictively readable Despite being one of his first works King’s natural effortless storytelling ability is on full display It’s amazing to me that a high school student could so easily engage readers and keep them turning the pages in need of knowing what happens next The man is gifted like few others in that department Finally the ending If I had one gripe about some of King’s novels it’s that his endings are letdowns from the slow creeping horror of the set up There’s a sense of letdown and even disappointment Not so here The ending of this story is sublime and I would argue its best feature The last 20 pages are positively haunting and reminded me of a cross between Lord of the Flies and The Wicker Man I’m going to leave you with a uote that I think expresses the tone of the story very well and also provides insight into Charlie’s character The school psychiatrist who Charlie hates is coming to try and “talk him down” and Charlie gives you his thoughts on the man's profession A man with a headful of sharp prying instruments A mind fucker a head stud That’s what a shrink is for my friends and neighbors; their job is to fuck the mentally disturbed and make them pregnant with sanity It’s a bull’s job and they go to school to learn how and all their courses are variations on a theme Slipping It to the Psychos for Fun and Profit Mostly Profit And if you find yourself someday lying on that great analyst’s couch where so many have lain before you I’d ask you to remember one thing When you get sanity by stud the child always looks like the father And they have a very high suicide rate But they get you lonely and ready to cry they get you ready to toss it all over if they will just promise to go away for a while What do we have What do we really have Minds like terrified fat men begging the eyes that look up in the bus terminal or the restaurant and threaten to meet ours to look back down uninterested We lie awake and picture ourselves in white hats of varying shapes There’s no maidenhead too tough to withstand the seasoned dork of modern psychiatry But maybe that’s okay Maybe now they would play my game all those shysters and whores 40 stars HIGHLY RECOMMENDED