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Paradise City A Novel of Suspense characters ë 4 æ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☀ Paradise City A Novel of Suspense Author Lorenzo Carcaterra – The most exciting achievement to date from the acclaimed author of Sleepers and Gangster Paradise City is a riveting thriller of two cops and two countrieE Naples police force homicide division the most dangerous beat in Europe He is the nemesis of all who export evil the man who stops it before it spreads overseas His efforts have not gone unnoticed “The strength of Naples reinforces the muscle of New York”–and now the two worlds are about to collideIn the highest towers of the most expensive streets of New York City Pete Rossi the son of Don Nicola has decided to City A Novel PDF #202 bring Gian back to America–permanently When Gian learns that his teenage niece Paula has gone missing in Manhattan he cancels a much needed vacation to Capri to paradise joking that “one island is just as good as the other”Gian’s hom. I love mobster books and this one which takes place in NYC makes compelling reading A detective from Naples whose father was murdered years earlier by members of a notorious mob called the Camorra and whose career he has spent avenging himself on this gang is lured back to NYC with the kidnapping of his niece and is confront He is thrown together with a female detective as a partnerMINOR SPOILER ALERTIn sum the action in this book is phenomenal Hard to put down especially the last 100 pages My only problem is with the female cop Jennifer Cliche clearly written by a man Why is it every single female detective has to have a cat and be defensive against all potential male partners And why can't in these books a male and female cop work together just as friendspartners and NOT fall into bed at some point

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The most exciting achievement to date A Novel Kindle #211 from the acclaimed author of Sleepers and Gangster Paradise City is a riveting thriller of two cops and two countries a stunning crime novel about the roots of revenge honor and evilAs a fifteen year old Giancarlo Lo Manto learned about injustice the hard way His father was gunned down by the Camorra the murderous clan run by Don Nicola Rossi When his mother moved him from New York back to his family’s ancestral home in Naples Gian found himself face to face with the source of the Paradise City PDF or mob’s strength the spring that spawned its deadly killersToday twenty three years later he is a dogged detective on th. enjoyed reading the crime drama my interest was maintained throughout the story would have given 5 stars but there was a spot or two in story that left me wondering about how the connected girl to Lo Manto in Grand Central and another uestionable point of informants otherwise truly enjoyed this read and would look to other books by this author

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Paradise City A Novel of SuspenseEcoming will be anything but smooth Someone must always watch his back and Detective Jennifer Fabini gets the job A gifted officer with her own personal demons Jennifer thinks she’ll be dealing with a peasant from the old country The handsome reserved unrelenting Gian is a revelation an irritant and a temptation–especially for a woman who has sworn off cops as lovers Together the two must solve a disappearance that appears to be a kidnapping but turns out to be a deadly trapAs they dash from the sun struck villages of Italy to the darkest drug dens of New York their journey links old world honor and modern day danger and ends in a dizzying explosion of the present and the pa. Incredibly stupid