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My Secret Admirer Point Horror #4Lonely road Does she know too much about the 'accident' on the cliffs and is there anyone My Secret PDFEPUB or she can trustJenny has no one to turn toExcept her secret admirerBut who is he. One of the first Point Horrors I read and still one of the bestJenny's just moved to an unspecified town in an unspecified state somewhere out west where big red cliffs called rimrocks surround the town She's scared of the rimrocks but when she gets invited to a school organised scavenger hunt and gets partnered with handsome dark eyed David he talks her into climbing them to look for a bird's nest A storm comes up and they get separated in the dark and while Jenny's alone she thinks she hears someone cry out although she can't make out any wordsThe next day the group find out that beautiful bitchy Diana had a fall from the rimrocks that night and is in a coma Jenny immediately mentions the scream she thinks she heard but no consensus is reached as to whether she was just hearing the windJenny's parents go away for a few days leaving her alone with the dog She starts receiving gifts from a secret admirer sweet thoughtful presents like flowers and wind chimes But someone is also trying to scare her leaving a dead snake wrapped like a present in her mailbox closing the windows and shutting her dog in a hot car and trapping her in a phone box while he a sinister leather clad figure on a black motorbike with a full face helmet repeatedly rides towards the booth threatening to run her down if she tries to leaveJenny can't trust anyone in town but her secret admirer but who is he And who is threatening herAs I mentioned I think this is a great book It's simple and cleanly written enough for kids to follow with enough action to stop them getting bored yet it has a lasting appeal for me; at 28 I still enjoyed it Jenny's an odd one; her personality is not particularly well developed yet what you do see of her has its own certain charm that makes me want to root for a happy ending for her The scary scenes are uite chilling and uniue enough to be memorable particularly the phone booth scene I remember drawing cartoon strips of this book when I was 8 or 9 and having my dad draw the motorbike for me I didn't do that with many books but these were particularly powerful images that stay in the mind after readingI enjoyed the setting a lot too It's never specified exactly where the book is set but I have in mind Utah or Arizona I've always felt particularly comfortable in those places so I may be attaching my own emotions when I say that the setting despite its starkness is very comforting and provides a really nice contrasting background for the scariesA great book really nicely writtenVerdict A shining example of early suspenseful Point Horror


Y happened the day of Diana Benson's accident Then the phonecalls startJenny has a secret admirer who courts her with sweet messages and flowers But she also has an enemy who chases her on a. Decent addition to the Point Horror collection I'm trying really hard not to be too judgemental when rereading these books They haven't dated particularly well and uite frankly there a lot of plot holes This one is no exception Given the apparent age of the protagonist which I gather is somewhere between 15 17 she is incredibly stupid and immature Also far too trusting If she were a real person she would probably have been awarded a Darwin Award by nowThe lack of adult supervision or even adults in general seems to be a running trope with these books I know teenagers don't need to be watched 247 but running off to different cities at short notice and leaving your stupid children home alone is just asking for trouble This wasn't the best in the Point Horror collection but very readable I just need to get used to stupid characters and their stupid decisions

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FREE DOWNLOAD Ò My Secret Admirer Point Horror #4 Ã [PDF / Epub] ✅ My Secret Admirer Point Horror #4 By Carol Ellis – Jenny is new in town Her parents go away leaving her all alone in an isolated house The mountains surrounding the town loom ominously guarding the secret of what really happenedJenny is new in town Admirer Point PDF #203 Her parents go away leaving her all alone in an isolated house The mountains surrounding the town loom ominously guarding the secret of what reall. Jenny Fowler just moved with her family into a new house in a town called Rimrock She makes some new friends Her parents have to go away on business leaving her alone for a few days in the new isolated house Jenny doesn't like the rimrocks that are outside surrounding the house They give her the creeps Soon Jenny starts receiving phone calls from a secret admirer At first she is happy about this Her admirer leaves her presentsflowers wind chimes and leaves sweet messages on the answering machine for her But eventually she starts receiving gifts that are gruesome like a dead snake Her dog Peaches is almost killed another girl falls off the rimrocks and is now in a coma Who could be doing all of thisThis was an interesting read for young adults I liked the rimrocks setting I didn't care for Jenny's parents they were uite careless leaving her all alone in an unfamiliar isolated house without even putting the curtains up yet The story had some mild suspense I was curious to find out who the admirer was An entertaining read