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Read & Download A Man In A Kilt Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¸ [PDF / Epub] ✅ A Man In A Kilt Author Sandy Blair – A LONELY LAIRDDuncan MacDougal the laird of Blackstone was cursed centuries ago to wander as a ghost within the echoing walls of his island castle and only one woman can free hiIn A PDFEPUB #192 A LONELY LAIRDDuncan MacDougal the laird of Blackstone was cursed centuries ago to wander as a ghost within the echoing walls of his island castle and only one woman can free him Can it be the new mistress of Blackstone just arrived from A Man Epubover the sea Duncan has heard that pretty Miss Elizabeth. Read this as part of The Perfect Ten collection ebook This was a combination of both a paranormal time travel and Scottish historical book It starts off in present day where Beth inherits a Scottish castle not knowing the history behind it When she gets there she finds its not uite up to 20th Century living and goes about trying to restore it She also know there is a sexy ghost haunting the castle and after its explained who he is she just accepts it Duncan MacDougal was cursed to live this life centuries ago The first couple of chapters before he presents himself to Beth are uite humorous with his trying to understand a modern woman and her ways Even though she is plain in looks and not his typical type of woman he realizes that she is the woman that can finally break the curse and while she is sleeping puts on his family ring which transports them back to 1409 Scotland Once they are in 1409 only Elizabeth remembers where she came from So from this point its really a historical book Of the two periods in the books I did prefer the current day ghost story over the Highland historical but love did conuer all in the end

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Pudding is no than a cook and she hails from a barbarous land called the Bronx But she must learn the ways of a lady all the same and she must stay at Blackstone Man In A PDFEPUB #188 for six long months to inherit 'Tis time enough to teach her and time enough to woo her AN ENCHANTING LADYBeth has seen the handsome spec. Thoroughly enjoyable light romance with time travel and ghosts

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A Man In A KiltTer from the day she crossed the threshold of Blackstone Duncan MacDougal is a tall translucent figure with black hair and piercing blue eyes Yet a mist separates him from the land of the living a mist as strong as cold steel It is said that only love can dissolve it and bring the man of her dreams to warm breathing life. Well I can't compare this to Outlander by Diana Gabaldonbecause I haven't read any in that series they look incredibly long which is ironic when I consider The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett to be one of my all time favorite books And perhaps that is the point of this reviewI read Follett when I had only one child Now I have four ages 18 9 so the luxury of such reading has not yet come back to methis book was uite exuisite for its purpose Light and enjoyable it was also surprisingly romantic and insightful And uick Now there is a drawback to uicksome readers will take issue with the ambivalence of the heroine Beth I expect to read negative comments on the romantic portrayal of not entirely consensual sex as degrading to women etc Perhaps I choose which seems unfortunately rarer and rarer these days to NOT be offended hurt protective indignant et alafter all this is fiction And historically speaking the laird is in fact ahead of his time Having spent a semester at the University of Edinburgh during graduate school I found this book touching my own memories of exploring the culture and people castles and lochs of Scotland I applaud the author for capturing the ambiance and feel of at least in my imagination the highlands of Scotland roughly 600 years ago The story was engaging It was unpredictable at times but true to the characters If you are looking for a thoroughly fun romantic storystart here