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FREE DOWNLOAD ´ My 60 Memorable Games å ➼ [Reading] ➾ My 60 Memorable Games By Bobby Fischer ➱ – In this book published by Simon and Schuster in 1969 Bobby Fischer analyzes his most important and representative games He shows the strategic considerations the tactics and sometimes the blunderIn this book published by Simon and Schuster in Bobby Fischer analyzes My 60 PDF his most important and representative games He shows the st. If you're a chess player and you haven't read this book I'm struggling to complete the sentence It's sort of like you claim to be a Christian but haven't read the Bible You'd better do something about itThe short list for greatest chess player of all time only has two names Fischer and Kasparov Kasparov had the unuestionable advantage of being sane so he lasted much longer But when Fischer was in the zone he was so ferociously unstoppable that no real comparison is available No one else has ever won a Candidates match World Championship uarter final and subseuent with a clean sweep Fischer did it twice My 60 Memorable Games is his only book He wasn't really a writer and apparently he had to get help from Larry Evans to do the parts that weren't just game annotations It matters about as much as the fact that Mozart didn't also write the libretto to The Magic Flute Before Fischer people only ever put wins in their game collections and entitled them So and So's Best Games Fischer knew he was the best so he prioritized interesting games even if there were a few he didn't win He includes his horribly painful loss to Spassky where Spassky surprised him by playing the King's Gambit at that time a completely unfashionable choice Fischer was so angry that he went off and a few months later published his famous article containing what he claimed to be a refutation of this opening He also has the eually unpleasant loss to Geller where they got into a complicated middle game position with competing attacks and Fischer missed a forced win Most people would just have tried to forget these games not wanted to tell the whole world about themOf course most of the games are wins It feels a bit silly to recommend specific examples; it's rather like telling people that Shakespeare's Sonnet XVIII is uite good and Hamlet isn't bad either But if I had to pick one out I guess the 1963 game against Robert Byrne Fischer plays an incredibly complex and well calculated sacrifice; according to legend I will be so disappointed if I discover this isn't in fact true the commentator was saying that Fischer had got it wrong and Byrne was winning when Byrne having seen deeply finally understood the point of Fischer's idea and resigned You don't see that kind of thing very often But then you don't see talent like Fischer's very often either In any field


Thinking as well Each game has in addition to Fischer's own annotations an analytical introduction by International Grandmaster Larry Evans. The great chess books are great less for their prose style than for their insight into the application of highly controlled violence My 60 Memorable Games was written while Bobby Fischer was still on his steep ascent to the world champion title and long before the slide into madness that ended with his death in January He recounts his eviscerations of some of the most brilliant minds of the mid 20th century But Fischer was never content with victory alone; he aimed to inflict agony on his opponents in his own words I like the moment when I break a man's ego Where did such ferocity come from Fischer who never knew his own father once explained that children who grow up without a parent become wolves

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My 60 Memorable GamesRategic considerations the tactics and sometimes the blunders that occur during the pressure of tournament play He assesses his opponents’. Probably the best chess book ever and a peak into the mind of a troubled man who is almost indisputably both the most dominant and one of the greatest chess players ever