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Fast cars glamorous socialites everyday components for the Kindle #211 of devastatingly handsome billionaire Orlando Winterton's thrilling decadent lifestyleWhen Rachel arrives at Orlando's remote. I really wish these characters were real So they could dieThe H is an RAF pilot and a business tycoon about to lose his eyesight to a degenerative disease The h is a concert pianist who has been manipulated and verbally abused by her mother and raped yes raped by the conductor her soon to be husband Now I had a controlling mother and I was a wuss and a wimp but not even me at my wussiest would have married a man like Carlos the rapist conductor In fact the h doesn't either She waits until the last minute literally and leaves in his car Nice touch thatShe ends up at the H's house where she becomes his housekeeper kind of The evil OW makes an appearance throwing venom around like snow in winter She shows up with a baby that may or not be the H's or possibly the H's dead brother's Who the hell caresTSTL yes I am referring to the heroine takes every word out of the evil OW as gospel and makes stupid choices as does the H They raise the whole concept of failure to communicate to a whole new levelI hate trashing someone's writing but I can't help it

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Mistress Hired for the Billionaire's PleasureCountry estate in desperate need Orlando cannot deny the pull of her fragile beauty and Mistress Hired eBook #194 takes her passionately Then a baby is found abandoned on Orlando's doorstep alleg. The title of this book is a bit deceiving You would really think that this story was about a power hungry man out to keep a woman for his own bidding The back blurb isn't accurate either as the child is not left on Orlando's doorstep but is brought to him by his former loverits a same that the two things don't really provide a better account of what the story is about because it may turn some readers away from a really good bookIn fact this story is much like a modern day fairy tale It's little bit Beauty And The Beast with a wicked mother and evil suitor thrown in for good measureRachel is a pianist running away from a marriage she doesn't want as well as from an abusive fianceeconductor and Orlando is losing his sight and is trying to hide from the world When the two come together they find a strange sort of happiness together especially when Orlando's ex shows up with a baby in tow claiming that its hisArabella exits trying to get away from her responsibilities as well as suffering from post natal depressing and that's where Rachel comes in The story really comes together well because Grey gives you characters you can truly feel for whether its anger sympathy or love and you'll feel these even the secondary players in this novel including Orlando's brother Felix who is deadThe imagery in the book is so superb the reader can easily visualize Orlando's home at the time of the ball when Rachel has taken over for Lucinda the decorator that's come down with the fluThis is a book that would easily transition to film particularly a Hallmark Channel Movie A fun emotional read that's definitely going to find its way to many keeper shelves

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Read & Download Mistress Hired for the Billionaire's Pleasure á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¼ [PDF] ✅ Mistress Hired for the Billionaire's Pleasure Author India Grey – Fast cars glamorous socialites everyday components of devastatingly handsome billionaire OrlandEdly his sonNow Orlando will hire Rachel to take care of the child and as long as she's under his roof he'll keep on Hired for the eBook #180 making love to heruntil he's got her out of his system. Midway through this book I wasn't sure I'd finish it The mistaken assumptions and refusals to communicate were just too frustrating I know I know and believe me I knew what I was getting into reading a Harleuin Presents I had liked the beginning the gothic y feel of the hero and heroine meeting in a cemetery the heroine running away from her own wedding during a rainstorm and finding herself drawn to the expansive estate of the brooding mysterious hero Their initial interactions were passionately heated and enjoyable to read and Grey's writing style was elegantly smooth But then the plot plodded along with contrived conflict poor communication and stock tropes The story did eventually take an upward turn rewarding the reader with memorably cinematic scenes and I finished the book believing these characters did indeed find a happy ending All in all the story was worth pushing through the tiresome parts