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DOWNLOAD Ø The Last Song ↠ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ The Last Song Author Nicholas Sparks – From the author of A Walk to Remember comes a moving tale of redemption and first love when a rebellious teenager decides to spend the summer with her estranged father in a North Carolina beach townSe From the author of A WIn the beach town immersed in creating a work of art that will become the centerpiece of a local church The tale that unfolds is an unforgettable story of love on many levels first love love between parents and children that demonstrates as only a Nicholas Sparks novel can the many ways that love can break our hearts and heal th. I have always enjoyed Sparks’ books but we all know that we can only read his books at certain times at least for me because we CRY I have heard about this one because I don’t live too terribly far from where it is filmed my great pal Kathryn lives super close and it was taunting me at Target last week I bought it on Thursday picked it up on Friday night to start reading it went to bed reading it picked it back up on Saturday and finished it This is probably my favorite out of all of his books I have read almost all of them and so far this one takes the cake Ronnie is such a relatable character to me on many levels and the whole first lovecoming of age story is something that we have all experienced I fell in love with the characters cried when they cried of course got mad when they did stupid things and was rooting for Ronnie the entire time Throughout the novel you see Ronnie’s complete transformation and realization as to who she is as defined by herself and not by those she surrounds herself with So often we tend to adapt to those around us and do our best to fit it at any cost emotionally physically etc and for the past few years that is what Ronnie has done It is not until she is forced to come see her dad that she finds out who she is and what is truly important in life This is Sparks’ longest novel and he couldn’t have done any better with it in my opinion I highly recommend it to teens and adults alike and will definitely be going to see the movie at the end of March


Moved from New York City to Wilmington North Carolina Three years later she remains angry and alienated from her parents especially her fatheruntil her mother decides it would be in everyone's best interest if she spent the summer in Wilmington with him Ronnie's father a former concert pianist and teacher is living a uiet life. When you look at modern Women's Fiction or Chick Lit as it is called for whatever reason Nicholas Sparks is one of the few names you cannot turn away from that easily He has written novels than many other authors most of them have become uite popular and if you take a look at his Goodreads page you might realize that thirteen of his novels have than 100000 ratings There was only one author who I discovered to have novels than Sparks with such an achievement on GoodreadsIt's easy to figure out why people like this novel and I understand and value all of the raving opinions The concept is pretty interesting too A teenage girl one step before entering adulthood trying to deal with life and the obstacles thrown at her her dysfunctional family trying to hold together what hasn't already been shattered and this gorgeous boy from neighborhood who is so sweet and courteous and attentive that it seems like Nicholas Sparks wants you as a reader to fall in love with him as well And that's already the problem I just don't buy it People can be as beautiful as possible but it's impossible to judge whether the soul behind that beauty is just as beautiful or maybe ugly However Sparks defined Will the protagonist's love interest as sweet and beautiful and successful and did I mention beautiful Throw in the facts that Will rescues endangered animal species has a lot of friends and experience and is one of the best atheletes in his town Let's summarize He is the perfect guyIt seems like Nicholas Sparks wants to handle every stereotype available out there He introduces the cruel mean antagonist who finds pleasure in making life difficult for others terrorizing them and treating women like shit Guess the purpose of this To make the perfect guy shine even brighter of course Nobody is as perfect as Will Blakelee but Sparks seems to want his reader to believe just that But allow me to uestion one thing If Will had had the same character but another appearance not the Liam Hemsworth kind but a not so attractive guy would the movie have been that successful thenI guess notDon't get me wrong I have nothing against romance novels I liked Ronnie the female protagonist and the story of her family I adored her little brother Jonah and the writing was not as bad as I initially feared But I do have something against novels defining love by how good looking people are

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The Last SongFrom the author of A Walk to Remember comes a moving tale of redemption and first love when a rebellious teenager decides to The Last eBook #217 spend the summer with her estranged father in a North Carolina beach townSeventeen year old Veronica Ronnie Miller's life was turned upside down when her parents divorced and her father. OMG Seriously this book was amazing I never thought I would love it the way I did I mean I knew I would like it but not that I would be this crazy about itMy problem with other Sparks novelsHis beginnings are always very slow so until now I never gave than 4 stars to any of his books But that was not the case at all with this oneI loved every page of it I never was dissatisfied at all actually I couldn't stop thinking about the book If you liked A Walk to Remember and The Notebook you will love this one because it has the same style while most Sparks' other books are of a different sort The charactersWere should I start Ronnie was a great characterTo watch her grow through the whole book was great I loved to see how she went from a confused and rebel teenager to a mature full grown young woman She managed to end up satisfied with her life and proud for what she accomplishedJonah her younger brother was the sweetest kid ever I couldn't get enough of him Every time he said 'awesooome' I just wanted to hug him foreverLOL And Will well he is the perfect Hero the kind and loving boyfriend perfect for the heroine in every way I completely adored him Every time he appeared and said something I melted My heart was lost from page oneAnd Steve Oh Steve I completely adored him since page 1 I couldn't have asked for a better father figure for the kids He was so patient and everything Ronnie needed I was so happy to see how he finally managed to get in good terms with his children again But the best thing about this book was the process to see how both of them started trusting and caring for their father once again The bookI just loved how everything developed Everything connected just right at the end And what an ending I love books with a HEA Although this one will make you burst into tears like a cry baby SO BE READY and have some tissues at hand Seriously I spent the last 100 pages crying and crying and CRYING I'm not kidding with the tissues you will really NEED them This book was so heartbreaking at times that I felt my heart breaking into a million pieces It touched me in ways I never thought a book could I just loved this read and would strongly recommend it