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Download La pregunta de sus ojos Epub ´ 320 pages ¾ ❰BOOKS❯ ✸ La pregunta de sus ojos Author Eduardo Sacheri – Treinta años atrás cuando Benjamín Chaparro era prosecretario en un juzgado de instrucción llego a su oficina la causa de un homicidio ue no pudo olvidar Ahora ya An contra la impunidad la burocracia del sistema judicial y las miserias propias y ajenasUna historia protagonizada por hombres ue hicieron de la búsueda de la verdad un destino; de la memoria un camino imprescindible y de la lealtad un culto ue trasciende el tiempo las distancias y la muer This author employs some stylistic affectations ranging from the merely distracting to the downright annoying The worst of these uirks is the freuent interruptions from the main character narrator so he can tell you about his writing process These constant shifts made it impossible for me to follow the thread of the narrativeI was also put off by the excessive use of foul language I'm not bothered by it in small doses but this book is loaded with f bombs and the word asshole is used NINE times on page 31 Profanity is a crutch for crippled minds and for those who need to expand their vocabulary

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Ecreto ue lo mantiene acorralado entre la pasión y el silencio El autor de “Esperándolo a Tito” propone en esta su primera novela una trama policial ambientada en los años sesenta y setenta en una Argentina ue paulatinamente se sumerge en la violencia política y cuyos personajes luch This novel was so interesting and compelling that I finished than half of the book in one day I literally couldn't put the book down Having watched the film I thought that I wouldn't be as engaged with the book because I knew or less how the story was going to unravel I couldn't have been wrong Sacheri brought his character to life with his wonderful descriptions and dialogues filled with emotions and every day phrases I felt as if I could run into Chaparro or Sandoval or even the corrupt policemen any day of the week I really liked the changes between first person and third person narrator It was really intersting to see what went through Chaparro's mind while writing his novel I've always been fascinated by the act of writing and the different insights we got of writer Chaparro were very appealing to meI'm really surprised about how much I loved both the film and the book I'm one of the the books are so much better than the films type of person but in this particular case the book and the film managed to amazed me in or less the same degree in spite of the changesA very good and appealing story orchestred by an extremely talented author I liked Sacheri so much that I'm even considering reading his football related work

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La pregunta de sus ojosTreinta años atrás cuando Benjamín Chaparro era prosecretario en un juzgado de instrucción llego a su oficina la causa de un homicidio ue no pudo olvidar Ahora ya jubilado repasa buena parte de su vida las instancias de ese caso y sus insospechadas derivaciones y la historia de un amor s The brevity or prolonging the life of a human being depends primarily on the flow of pain that person is forced to endure Eduardo SacheriEduardo Sacheri an Argentinean author has penned a gripping novel The Secret in Their Eyes which has later been translated into English after this book's movie adaption won an Oscar for the Best Foreign Language Film in 2010 So they call it the novel that became an Oscar winning film which traces the story of a retired investigator trying to write a novel based on a decade old rape cum murder of a young married woman and in the process of going through the past old memories as well as romances cloud up his soul thus re opening the window to his much cherished past but it comes with a price and with some mind blowing revelations both personal as well as politicalSynopsis Benjamín Chaparro is a retired detective still obsessed by the brutal decades old rape and murder of a young married woman in her own bedroom While attempting to write a book about the case he revisits the details of the investigation As he reaches into the past Chaparro also recalls the beginning of his long unreuited love for Irene Hornos then just an intern now a respected judge Set in the Buenos Aires of the 1970s Sacheri’s tale reveals the underpinnings of Argentina’s Dirty War and takes on the uestion of justice—what it really means and in whose hands it belongs The original Argentinean title is called El secreto de sus ojos that later became the basis for an Oscar winning film called The Secret in Their Eyes in Argentina directed by Juan José CampanellaThe story opens with Benjamín Chaparro who is a bureaucrat working as a deputy clerk in the Palace of Justice or the Argentinian court of justice Now he is about to retire from his position and is planning to write a novel about a man named Ricardo Morales whose young pregnant wife was brutally raped as well as murdered in the very comfort of their marital home Soon Morales is ruled out of the list of suspects and further intervening reveals that the killer is lurking somewhere near them or someone who is close to the woman Thus when Chaparro shows few old snapshots of some men to Morales his facial expression changes and thus judging from a hunch as well as on Morales expression Chaparro risks his life to capture this killer and becomes successful four years later But due to inner as well as political corruption in the judiciary and the then periods of Argentinian Dirty War allows the killer to walk free who soon disappears into thin air This is the central story of the book that occurs in the time frame of late 60s whereas the present is tuned to the early 90s when the story opens with Chaparro and his idea of his manuscript The present story is where the author narrates about Chaparro's secret love interest which he harbored within himself for over 30 years although after two unsuccessful marriages he is still in love with his then colleague cum intern Irene Hornos who is now a judge of the courtThis novel is the perfect example of a complex plot that stitches the threads of complexities into the minds of its readers with it's intricate structure of the mystery Swaying between two timelines and in between two narrative styles while describing the present the author uses the third person POV of Chaparro and while describing the past he uses the first person POV of Chaparro the author never loses away from the exact emotion of the storyline suspense and anticipationThe prose is absolutely reminiscent thus knotting the brains of its readers with nostalgia layered with suspense and the urge of finding out what happens next never leaves the room The pacing is really good although at times Chaparro's difficulty as well as uncertainty in writing a story from his past with so many unfilled gaps proved to be a bit dull in the already intriguingly glowing plotThe mystery is wrapped under a corrupted judiciary as well as dirty politics in Argentina which proved to be a strong backdrop for this story thus making it engaging as well as thought provoking for its readers Dirty War is the period when political violence was at it's peak due a defect inside the ruling government of then time lasting from 1976 to 1983 This unstable as well as fractured Argentinian society is vividly described in Chaparro's past with lots of in depth details The author even lets his readers uestion a society so heavily corrupted as well as Chaparro's methods in solving the crimeThe complex characterization proved to be a boon for this plot from the murdered victim to the secret lover to the killer to the windowed man to the murdered best friend to the protagonist each and every one uestions the readers' minds and leave a long lasting fragrance of their complicated demeanorOverall this is a brilliant example of Sacheri's literary work And do read this book if you've watched the original Argentinian movie or is planning to watch the latest Hollywood version of this book that is directed by Billy Ray featuring a star cast actors like Julia Roberts Nichole Kidman Chiwetel Ejiofor Dean Norris Micheal Kelly etc that will release in the month of October 2015Verdict Always catch a book before it's movieadaption glitters up the silver screen and when it's movie adaption has secured an Academy Awards then you must read it