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Free download Rush to Judgment ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook × [EPUB] ✺ Rush to Judgment ✽ Mark Lane – Mark Lane 39 esztendős New York i ügyvéd életének utóbbi három évét a Kennedy gyilkosság rejtélyének felderítésére szentelte Mint mondja „Meggyőződésem hogy nem OsIetett ítélet mint világvisszhangjából kitűnik alaposan megrendítette az emberek hitét a közel oldalas jelentésben amelyet egymillió dolláros költséggel minden idők legszélesebb körű nyomozásával tanú kihallgatása után publikált a Rush to Epubközéleti kitűnőségekből alakult Warren bizottság A Kennedy ügy szálai Mark Lane könyvének megírása óta csak még jobban összekuszálódtak Meghalt Jack Ruby eltettek láb alól jó néhány tanút vihar kerekedett a Manchester kö. As we are re reading several of our own books from our personal library during this pandemic I came across this which I originally read in the 60's It was just as jarring today as it was then As many of you may remember Mark Lane investigated the assassination of JF Kennedy and Officer Tippit and critiued the Warren Commissions findings of what transpired that fateful day in Dallas Those of us who were around during that time will always remember what we were doing when Walter Cronkite came across on the news during the day to announce the fatal shooting of our President I was pregnant with my second child and feeding lunch to my firstborn It was shocking and heart breaking Mark Lane was a lawyer a legislator and a writer He died in 2016 at the age of 89 His attention to detail in this effort is mind boggling It should be reuired reading in high school history classes It certainly gives the opportunity for debatable theories This work became a number one best seller and spent 29 weeks on the NY Times best seller list at that time It was later adapted into a documentary film in 1966 It remains in our personal library as a piece of history itself

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Nyv körül New Orleans ban új nyomozás indult – és az ügy legfontosabb dokumentumait az Egyesült Államok Nemzeti Levéltárában szeptemberéig hétpecsétes titokként őrzik Az ügy tovább bonyolódik – de hogy a hivatalaos megnyugtató verdikt holtpontjáról kimozdult abban nagy szerep van a nyughatatlan igazságkereső Mark Lane nek S hogy ő meddig folytatja még a harcot „Amíg az amerikai nép meg nem tudja – feleli Lane – hogyan miért és ki ölte meg elnökünket november én”. One of the very FIRST books on the assassination of President Kennedy on that fateful day in Dallas He shot out against the Warren Report giving lectures all over the country trying to show the Warren Report for the worthless piece of crap that it was This is the definition of an American Patriot I wish people had courage like Mark Lane

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Rush to JudgmentMark Lane esztendős New York i ügyvéd életének utóbbi három évét a Kennedy gyilkosság rejtélyének felderítésére szentelte Mint mondja „Meggyőződésem hogy nem Oswald húzta meg annak a puskának a ravaszát amely megölte Kennedy elnököt” Ezt a meggyőződését fejtegeti – és indokolja hatalmas dokumentációs apparátussal – ban megjelent és azóta világhírűvé vált könyvében az Elsietett ítélet ben Lane a Warren jelentés bírálatának nevezi könyvét – és az Els. The Rosetta Stone of the JFK assassination conspiracy I believe this is the seventh or eighth book I have read on the assassination some for the lone gunman some for conspiracy and this one the very first critiue of the Warren Commission settles the uestion entirely Tom Hanks in adopting the lone gunman theory for his HBO show Parkland is doing a discredit to history and himself There is this kneejerk reaction in our culture to the very concept of conspiracy marginalized as nothing than fringe ideas by fringe characters I have to think this impression is one sustained by a lack of curiosity a lack of understanding of the human condition and a lack of research Power corrupts power finds a way of usurping the means of control to its own favor and in collusion throughout time immemorial people in power conspire for their own interests It is the height of naivete to think that people are fundamentally benevolent and selfless especially politicians In this book Mark Lane pulverizes the official record of what happened on November 22nd 1963 in Dealey Plaza Does he rely on some clever rhetorical flourish or like Bugilosi a penchant for ad hominem attacks or grind the examination to a halt with inconseuential minutiae No he lays out the deluge of evidence of a cover up within the Warren Commission by looking at the actual testimony given and comparing it to that which was reported over and over and with such drastic revision of facts that it ceases to be a uestion of sloppy paperwork The fact of conspiracy is inescapable Read the testimonies of key witnesses firsthand observe the vital witnesses accounted for that the Commission chose not to interview note the key uestions that were never even asked and at times observe a combatant nature to the uestioning at times bullying the witness towards one particular perspective Look at the charade of the rifle tests conducted by the Warren Commission the statistically improbable mass destruction of evidence in the days after the assassination Not to mention Mark Lane's book was written a couple years after the assassination and positions he made so early in the investigation are substantiated long after with the declassification of some but not nearly all of the JFK government documents If that is not enough listen to debate between Mark Lane and Joseph Ball of the Warren Commission and observe who relies on facts and who relies on name calling The minutiae of what the conspiracy consists of that is debatable; that there was a conspiracy and it was not just a lone nut with a gun is not