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READ & DOWNLOAD ☆ Orca By Arthur Herzog III È ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Orca By Arthur Herzog III ⚣ – Orca the killer whale is one of the most intelligent creatures in the universe He hunts in packs like a wolf Incredibly he is the only animal other than man who kills for revenge He has one mateCredibly he is the only animal other than man who kills for revenge He has one mate and if she is harmed by man. Loved it So much better than the movie unlike JAWS which I thought the movie was better than the book

Orca By Arthur Herzog ICredibly he is the only animal other than man who kills for revenge He has one mate and if she is harmed by man. Loved it So much better than the movie unlike JAWS which I thought the movie was better than the book


Orca By Arthur Herzog III ↠ Orca the killer whale is one of the most intelligent creatures in the universe He hunts in packs like a wolf In. Do you remember the movie that this novel was based on Richard Harris plays the modern day Ahab going madder and madder as the movie progresses Okay if you don't know about this movie I can understand thatbut you are wondering who Richard Harris is right Let me clue you in about something he was the original Dumbledore None of this has anything to do with this bookI just like this tidbit Anyway to the story A wreck of a man is down on his luck in Florida The fishing venture beueathed to him by his father is floundering; his drinking doesn't much help this Enter his sister She has the prefect plan to restore her brother's good name while also lining their pockets It seems that the Japanese are willing to pay good money for a great white shark if caught and kept alive in captivity until they can come and get the fish themselves A ludicrous plan no doubt But when your back is against the wall anything sounds good So the brother Campbell and the sister Annie along with their father's Navy buddy Novak and Annie's fiance Alan decide to form a crew and go and hunt a great white off the shores of Canada near Newfoundland Just as they are about to catch a great white they inadvertently danger a scientist's life who just so happens to be studying orcas The orca saves the scientist's life by snapping the shark in half with its teeth Good for the scientists; bad for Campbell His payday has been ruined So he decides to capture an orca Okay I admit this is so unbelievable that it is knocking on the doorstep of the absurd But as I said when you have nothing to lose because you have already lost everything this plan comes across as almost sound Anyway the attempted capture is botched The orca gets caught in the netting struggles and ultimately drowns But not before delivering a stillborn calf The mate and father of these now dead whales sees all this and becomes enraged Thus we have the beginning to a wildly constructed man versus beast reading experience For the most part this is a great match up power v cunning; profit v revenge; savagery v well savagery At first Campbell is all about going out and capturing this male He wants to have his payday; plus the villagers are in awe of his brazen stupidity They lavish him with a hunter's respect That is until the whale seeks revenge on the village It has driven the fish away there goes the economy Tourists have no intention of spending time in a seaside ghost town salt to an already wounded economy And it mocks them; yes I said mocks It almost reminds me of the mocking scene in Monty Python's movie The Search for the Holy Grailyou know what scene I speak ofand if you don't go rent the movie Anyways the villagers turn on Campbell; he has blighted an already stricken community He needs to either kill the whale or be killed by the whale to free this village Now as outcasts the little party decides to hunt a bit aggressively This is a stupid plan People die In fact the whale even attacks moored boats makes a fuel depot explode and causes a house to fall into the ocean This makes Campbell put on his Ahab face for real No Mister Nice Floridian Waitwe have to pause During this time Campbell is trying to bed one of the scientists that was trying to study the orcas His approach to wooing her is less than stellar I don't know any woman that likes to be called an icy bitch once let alone numerous times But the man apparently has skills; she falls in love with him Only in a late 70s book people So people have died; Campbell is bedding a scientist who has proven anyone with enough determination can get a PhD; the villagers are hating these American opportunists; and one really pissed off whale patrols the shorelineSo far so good A fun and fast reading experience Then the book just turns stupidCampbell along with his new love and a chief from an obscure tribe track the whale to the North Pole There Campbell and the whale have this really booooring standoff I won't spoil the end I know there are dozens of you out there right now getting ready to go out and seek this book If you are looking for a book with an alcoholic misogynist who will stop at nothing in his search to destroy himself look no further RECOMMENDED with reservations READ & DOWNLOAD ✓ JOHNS-CYCLING-DIARY.CO.UK á Arthur Herzog III

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Arthur Herzog III á 1 READ & DOWNLOAD He will hunt down that person with a relentless terrible vengeance across seas across time across all obstacle. What a wild and wacky yarn this is A novelization based on a terrible from all I hear since I've yet to watch it 70s movie written by the guy who also penned The Swarm a pulpy book about killer bees attacking and often borrowing or blatantly ripping off predecessors from The Odyssey to Moby Dick to Jaws there's no reason it should be as entertaining as it isThe plot is pretty straightforward Down on his luck Jack Campbell inheritor of a Miami marina catering to tourists is watching his business fail not that he cares He's far concerned with his bottle of gin and the revolving door of local women who freuent his sheets He's a man lost bent on self destruction and the marina might as well go down tooHis sister Annie co owner of Golden Sands Marina is willing to fight for her father's legacy Her shiftless pothead boyfriend Paul has heard that the Japs his words not mine are willing to pay 150000 for anyone who can deliver a live great white shark at least 25 feet long Since Campbell loves the adventure of anything new made overt by his sexual conuests he decides to take a loan out on the business and head North Along with their father's old friend and surrogate dad Novak the crew makes for the North Atlantic CoastThey wind up in a small fishing village in Newfoundland where they nearly succeed in snagging a massive great white However an even larger grampus snatches the prize fish which leads Jack to speculate it too might fetch a nice price overseas In an attempt to catch one while calving they inadvertently kill her and her offspring is stillbornEnter the husbanddaddy orca hellbent on revenge From there it's an old story Ahab vs Moby Dick only this time the whale is arguably AhabJack's character is well fleshed out However other's characterizations are uneven It's difficult to follow some of the choices that love interest Rachel or the Indian as he's called in true 70s fashion Umilak make The love affair between Jack and Rachel comes after chapters of bickering as if there were any suspense to the will theywon't they vibe Suffice to say Herzog has trouble with female characters With the exception of one top heavy widow in her 60s who is motherly they serve as little than eye candy No joke just a few paragraphs in we are told Jack occasionally wondered not for long what his sister was like in bedPacing is spectacular I devoured the book in just a few short hours Granted much of that is due to lack of depth Nonetheless one often finds entertainment value when wading in shallow waterAward winner it ain't It's highly unlikely to appear on a literature syllabus though if I ever get a chance to teach a studies in the novel course themed around humans vs nautical predators Again were it not for my when animals attack research I would have never picked this book up Still that side of me in love with schlocky pulpy non intentionally humorous tales was glad I did