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No More Christian Nice Girl doc Ø Paperback read ß johnscyclingdiary ↠ [Reading] ➿ No More Christian Nice Girl By Paul Coughlin – When passivity and false niceness don't bring the abundant life Jesus promised some Christian women try even harder to hide behind aWhen passivity and false niceness don't bring the Christian Nice MOBI #183 abundant life Jesus promised some Christian women try even harder to hide behind a fragile faCade of pleasant perfection Paul Coughlin and Jennifer Degler give women the empowering mes Many young women who have grown up in the church culture are under the impression that they must constantly be nice to everyone Here are some lies CNGs believe It's the 'Christian' thing to do to stick my neck out there for someone else Jesus would want me to be uiet and submissive It's impolite for a woman to take the reigns of leadership and suash a guy Since God naturally wired women's brains to be relationally bent and because women have been brought up in a culture that conditions them not to be too loud or outspoken how do women navigate Biblical injunctions to let the man be the head of the household without sacrificing their own needs and desires In this comprehensive book Paul Coughlin and Jennifer Degler unpack how a woman can move beyond nice and into good in her marriage her family amongst her friends and in her job The book teaches us how pleasing God is guaranteed to offend some people but ultimately how we need to entrust ourselves to our own uniue calling It reminds us to choose honesty over niceness to be firm but gentle and to walk with confidence and poise rather than with insecurity and fear I recommend this book to any woman because almost every woman struggles with these same things

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Sage that they have options far beyond simply acting nice or being mean if they will emulate the real Jesus Christ and face their fears of conflict rejection and criticism Brimming with enlightening information thought provoking uestionnaires real life No Mor I really loved this book I still have my copy of it

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No More Christian Nice GirlE PDFEPUBstories and biblically based teaching from both the male author of the pioneering No More Christian Nice Guy and a female clinical psychologist this book will motivate women to allow God to transform them into authentic powerful women of loving faith Why Can’t I get this right I just feel stuck and stupid And All I’m doing is trying to be nice This book touches on a lot of subjects that I think we “Christian Nice Girls” struggle with And as they state “no we don’t have camera’s in your house” but it sure seems like it as I read the book LOL From friendship to marriage and family Paul Coughlin and Jennifer Degler discuss how being “too” nice can actually harm you and drain the life out of youNow don’t get it wrong they aren’t saying we should be mean but they really show the other sides of Christ and that he wasn’t all “happy and fluffy” the way we sometimes perceive Him to be or overdo the WWJD and the assumption that he would sweep the incident under the carpet cough cough This book is a way to improve your faith and become authentic in Christ instead of living in an un achievable persona that often gets thrown on usI really found the chapter about our childhood particulary interesting chapter 3 and how that affects our responses in our life Other topics covered are Nice vs good friendship and family dating marriage sex work social and cultural pressuresI like that they give check lists in this book to go through You can ask yourself the uestions and see if you fall into the catagories or if you have issues with certain things It breaks it down in to a variety of areas so it’s not just all clumped together The uestions at the end of the chapter were also good – they can help us dig into the real issues behind our problems of being “too nice” and how to handle the situations I also appreciate the appendix at the back where they call it the “Not so Nice” Jesus in the gospels – where Jesus was assertive and firm I think it’s important for us to acknowledge those parts as I think sometimes we are taught that Jesus was always “turning the other cheek”I think they sum it up nicely in the end with “learning how to be God’s Good Woman is far important It’s challenging to look at what’s really behind the plastic passive niceness that passes for Christianity in many women’s lives and than to boldly choose to be authentic instead” I’ll say a big AMEN to that It’s getting harder and harder and I need all the help I can getThis book is easy to read; you won’t get caught up on technical phchological mumbo jumbo — instead you’ll be able to work on yourself and perhaps strengthen your relationship with Christ and become like the woman he created you to bereview copy provided