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Dora Bruder review ☆ 103 ½ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Dora Bruder Author Patrick Modiano – Anos atrás o narrador o autor deparou se com um anúncio publicado no Paris Soir de 31 de Dezembro de 1941 Procura se uma rapariga de 15 anos Dora Bruder uem era Dora Bruder Desde esse dia o destino Anos atrás o narrador o autor deparouAnos atrás o narrador o autor deparou se com um anúncio publicado no Paris Soir de de Dezembro de Procura se uma rapariga de anos Dora Bruder uem era Dora Bruder Desde esse dia o destino da jovem judia enredada nas malhas da ocupaç. Ever since the Paris wherein I have tried to retrace her steps has remained as silent and deserted as it was on that day I walk through empty streets For me they are always empty even at dusk during the rush hour when the crowds are hurrying towards the mouths of the metro I think of her in spite of myself sensing an echo of her presence in this neighborhood or that The other evening it was near the Gare du Nordemory loss despair and hope human life wanders about these essential elements of man’s existence For his whole life is merry glum chronicle hopping on the fabric of time and space wherein he conjures up memories of loss from which surges up an air of despair however he still keeps on moving hoping to make peace with memories only to further plummet into the dark cervices of memory And the famous or rather infamous events of the human civilization have been effecting our memories than anything for the greatest horrors make deep impressions And those of us who were lucky enough to survive either type of cataclysmic events must have then begin the process of confronting and reconciling the memories of the catastrophe that befell them; and most of our poetry and art have taken birth as post memorial commemorations of these catastrophic events The memories associated with such events surge up out of our beings and perhaps get mingled with those of others but when our beings encounter such memories which exists on their own and are self conscious such rendezvous may impart an allusion of completeness to them The Search Warrant is journalistic documentation of the havoc created by the best manifestations of humanity in Europe in which the author uses memory and time digging into dark recesses of history to build up superbly moving narrative around travesty of human existence In writing this book I am sending out signals like a lighthouse beacon in whose power to illuminate the darkness I have alas no faith But I live in hopeModiano’s narrator inserts himself into this fictive investigation as he scours the records and streets for this missing Jewish girl His journey takes him to his father’s past his own “running away” and finally to Auschwitz In 1988 Patrick Modiano stumbled across an ad between the stock market report and a story of a school visit to Marechal Petain in the personal columns of Paris Soir from December 31 1941 We are looking for a young girl Dora Bruder 15 years old five feet tall round face gray brown eyes gray sportscoat burgundy pullover navy blue hat and skirt brown athletic shoes Send all information to Mr and Mrs Bruder 41 Boulevard Ornano ParisPlaced by the parents of a 15 year old Jewish girl who had run away from her convent school just before New Year's Eve this ad set Modiano on a uest to find out everything he could about Dora Bruder and why she ran away from the Catholic boarding school that had been hiding her He found only one other official mention of her name on a list of Jews deported from Paris to Auschwitz in September 1942 With no knowledge of Dora Bruder aside from these two records of disappearances Modiano continued to dig for fragments from Dora's past What little he found in official records or through remaining family members Modiano transforms into a meditation on the immense losses of the period lost people lost stories and lost history As he tries to find connections to Dora Modiano delivers a moving account of the ten year investigation that took him back to the sights and sounds of Paris under the Occupation and the paranoia of the Petain regime In his efforts to exhume her from the past Modiano realizes that he must come to terms with the specters of his own troubled adolescence The result is a montage of creative and historical material that unfolds as a moving rumination on loss The parents lose all trace of their daughter and on 19 March one of them disappears in their turn as if winter that year was cutting off from one another muddying and wiping out their tracks to the point where their existence is in doubt And there is no redress The very people whose job is to search for you are themselves compiling dossiers the better to ensure that once found you will disappear again this time for good The narrative of the book peels off layer by layer the facts and events as they might have been taken place to register absurdity of human existence wherein the human life itself has been reduced to insignias and numbers Jewish dossier as if they don’t have any say in the profound pirouette of time and space and their whole beings are plunged into well of nothingness However the beings of such unfortunate manifestations of humanity surge up from nothingness through the history of our dreadful pride but just as shadow of their former selves who are rising up from past to stare into our eyes and to put us in utter shame over our great acts of human injustice And what could be done now since it may not change the fate of those who born brunt of our inhumane achievements however it provides us great stuff to think about those ‘achievements’ for some lessons could be learnt from them and though those unfortunate people have been reduced to documents of horrific history but some of the greatest examples of literature at least restore some of them who were reduced to numbers and insignias on space time continuum through imaginative and journalistic endeavors of authors like Modiano In another part of Paris when I was twenty I remember having the same sensation of emptiness as I had had when confronted by the Tourelles wall and without really knowing the reason why Once again I had a sense of emptiness And I understood why After the war most buildings in the district had been pulled down methodically in accordance with a government plan You feel a sense of profound emptiness while reading this book which is written in a style that is like a journal wherein characters are not given much space to be evolved except for a few characters who are given an air of importance but the very nature of the narrative create an atmosphere around loss and memory only to underline the inability of fiction to conjure up anything which may convey our appalling deeds lost in history The use of time and memory in the book is second to none repetition is also used deftly here perhaps since the book is written in the manner of a journal so to create a connect with the reader who at times may found him herself detached from the narrative In a sense it is not like a traditional novel perhaps an anti novel in which Dora’s life is conveyed to the reader directly through journalistic details The direct style of Modiano creates harrowing experience wherein the horrific details of holocaust are straightforward bombarded into your consciousness which plunges in the spell of grave emptiness which is felt inside your heart too and leaves you with a bitter taste Of all the books I’ve read based of holocaust The Emigrants by WGSebald comes to mind after reading this book only to find that while Sebald’s book is vivid and picturesue Modiano’s novel is like detective journal in which the author infused his imagination to conjure up this beautiful but unsettling narrative 45 Recommended

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Rtentosa dos caminhos redentores da memória contra tudo auilo ue nos macula e destrói Com ele Modiano escreveu uma das obras mais notáveis da moderna literatura francesa e confirmou se como um dos grandes escritores contemporâneos. While reading Suspended Sentences Three Novellas I was so strongly reminded of the films of Alain Resnais that I went back and watched a few of them I drew out the resonances in yesterday's column for 3 uarks Daily Here I will simply say that Modiano's fiction addresses the same gaps in memory as Resnais's film Muriel or the time of return locating these lacunae in an actual place in much the same way that the bombed out city of Boulogne was employed by the director to suggest impermanence Poet Jean Cayrol the screenwriter of Muriel he also wrote the narration for Night and Fog said that he situated the story in Boulogne despite Resnais’s doubts because Boulogne is also a town after a drama There are two towns the old one spared by the war and the reconstructed town the topography of which the old inhabitants cannot recognize As the town plasters over the effects of the war so do the inhabitantsIn all of his works Modiano keeps returning to the Parisian neighborhoods from which Jews were deported in the war or vaguely remembered buildings he visited or resided in as a child Walking these streets some years later the narrator of Dora Bruder finds nothing but a wasteland itself surrounded by half demolished walls On these walls open to the sky he continues you could still make out the patterned paper of what was once a bedroom Modiano's lacunae arise from a different source than Resnais's Too young to remember the Occupation but aware of the taint it has left on French history and on his family history Modiano's father dealt in the Black Market and may well have had dealings with the Gestapo he attempts to fill in the gaps through repeated acts of the imagination And yet he will not allow these imaginative recreations to endure In an earlier novel Voyage des noces Modiano provided an insight into his motivations for telling stories that dissolve the moment they are held up to the light One feels the need to transmit not one’s experience but simply some of those disparate details connected by an invisible thread which is threatening to break and which we call the course of a life Here Modiano maps Dora's brief life onto his own just for a moment until the thread breaks

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Dora Bruderão alemã nunca mais o largou obcecado como estava em reconstruir a sua história até aos momentos finais no campo de AuschwitzEste livro como aliás toda a obra de Modiano é assim um combate contra o esuecimento uma afirmação po. Patrick Modiano is the winner of Nobel Prize for Literature this year 2014 And the Nobel Prize committee cited the following as the specialty of Modiano's writing for the art of memory with which he has evoked the most ungraspable human destinies and uncovered the life world of the occupationHaving read this book I can say that the Nobel Committee's statement about Modiano's writing is very true Personally speaking the memory and the difficult past have been my favourite themes in the novels This book deals with both of themThe author begins a search for a 15 year old girl who went missing in Paris in December 1941 Let me now ualify some of the nouns I used in the previous sentence The 15 year old girl went missing was a Jewish girl The Paris in 1941 was under the German Occupation The author came across the notice of the missing girl much later while going through the old News Papers Then he begins to reconstruct the life of that missing girl by doing an extensive investigation on the girl What he encounters is the EMPTINESS When he looks for the past the past with an unpleasant memory he realises that the past had been systematically erased to be free of guilty consciences Of course he does not say it very directly and openly But the reader will inevitable get that feeling There are however some remaining vestiges of historypast which escaped the destructive eye And these evidences than helping us construct the past increase the feeling of loss and emptiness for they do not give much They reveal a little and the little is just a flash in the darkness We are happy for a second and then we fall into the darkness again Added to these vestiges are the memories of the author himself not of the girl but of the Occupied Paris which he had received from his Jewish father who managed to escape the Holocaust unscathed The author himself had lived in these places in the later years So his memories fill in certain gaps or rather act as some short living match sticks that help us to navigate for few seconds the darkness of the pastIn this sense the writing is very claustrophobic Reading this book I felt myself walking through the streets of Occupied Paris as a Jew The life would have been really difficult The writing in many places reminded me of W G Sebald this book specifically reminded me a little of Sebald's The Emigrants Modiano can not eual Sebald But then the Nobel Committee by giving to Modiano the prize might be seeking the consolation for not giving it to W G sebald before he died unexpectedlyNote I am in the hunt for his some other books