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read The Amber Spyglass reader ↠ Paperback í philip pullman ´ ❰Reading❯ ➼ The Amber Spyglass Author Philip Pullman – Will is the bearer of the knife Now accompanied by angels his task is to deliver that powerful dangerous weapon to Lord Asriel by the commaMany worlds are lining up for war and Will must find Lyra for together they are on their way to battle an inevitable journey that will even take them to the world of the dea If you haven’t read the ENTIRE three books please don’t read any further I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you because the ending is so endearing andlasting that I would HATE to take it away from you I absolutely fell in love with Lyra Didn’t you She was the sister I wish I would have had growing up She was myself as I played with all of my brothers in the mudfields she was the daughter I’m sure every woman would yearn to have In my opinion Philip Pullman was brilliant in his creation of this little girl Her flaws were her strength just as much as her strengths were her salvation And when you take her inuisitive innocence and throw in Will’s brave maturitytogether the two of them are almost too much to bear I was heady with adoration for the two of them combined I’m sure some would say they were too perfect together too sappy too trite But my cynicism runs deep and my heart was still touched Maybe it’s because I’m a girl or because my heart still remembers the depth of that first love The absoluteness of it My heart remembers “Going to China” haa haa and it longs to visit again Will was the boy every girl wants to fall in love with Loyal strong clever honest sweet and faithful I hated him for agreeing to close every single window except one but loved him for his dedication to do what’s “right” I wanted to shake him and tell him that when he gets older he will realize that one window wouldn’t have mattered – that what he was at Lyra’s side was worth one silly little window in the fabric of the worlds But of course he wouldn’t listen to me because he is young and doesn’t know how rare True Love is So I sighed and cried and watched them felt them split forever And I agonized over whether they would ever figure out how to Astral Project into eachother's lives And if the one would wait for the other when they died so that they could walk out the window they created hand in hand I could literally picture them sitting there on that bench for an hour each year aching for eachother once again SighI liked how Mrs Coulter was deep enough to be both intrinsically evil and love Lyra with a blindly maternal love in the end I liked how the Master at Jordon and John Faa were father figures in their own ways I liked little Roger’s complete faith and how Iorek’s devotion was tempered with a knowledge that was higher than either of the children’s I did find Mary Malone unbearably boring and found myself wishing away any chapter having to deal with her and her mulefa Get back to the real story of Lyra and Will I could have done without her entire story lineAnd of course there was Pantalaimon How much do we all wish we had a dæmon that we could see touch talk to rely on How much fun would it be to have a morphing little partner in everything we do Ahhh was a fun concept to explore and probably the very secret to HDM’s success Pullman’s descriptions of the different dæmon’s throughout each book were descriptive imaginative and comical All in all an excellent book I wish I would have read it slower so that I could have enjoyed Lyra and Will's company a little longer

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Will is the bearer of the knife Now accompanied by angels his task is to deliver that powerful dangerous weapon to Lord The Amber PDF or Asriel by the command of his dying fa Okayfirstmake no mistake this review contains spoilers Now having read the first book 5 stars and the second book 3 stars I had some hope for this book But this book was an excruciating head hammering look at an author making all the wrong moves 1 Lyra's sublimation to Will becomes utterly complete Hell women are supposed to bend to men aren't they Lyra uit taking a step without fearing it would cause Will to raise his eyebrow 2 Lyra's mother who had been SUCH a wonderfully evil character and father both find ultimate redemption in their love for Lyra Whoopee In fact EVERYBODY finds redemption in this novel Everybody The evilest creatures in existence the harpies in the lands of the dead are transformed by Lyra's music in about 3 pages and become her stalwart and forever allies Cripes 3 Lyra and Will gettin' it on Yeah hello We knew from point one that Lyra and Will would eventually get busydid it have to be Sex That Saves the Universe Cosmic Humping That Restores the Fabric of All Reality Wait was I supposed to be taking LSD when I read that part Damn dude you should have packaged a tab with the book4 More damn characters More damn MAIN characters Suddenly we've got Important People on Bugs Pullman continues to pull in so many disparate characters and plot threads that EVERYTHING is diluted into a big stinky morass 5 Theology aspect One of the reasons I was attracted to this series was because of Pullman's strongly anti religious takethe man wrote a blurb for Dawkins' God Delusion for freak's sake So umm why was this book sooooo religious The dust Well the dust is all knowing even of the future And there is indeed a land of the dead So we have afterlife and pre ordainment in an anti religious book Sweet how does that work Well it doesn't Angels are flying around and they're the good guys No wait they're the bad guys Well no matter I mean there IS a god but he didn't make all creation That was apparently maybe the dust Seems to me that if you're praying to dust rather than God it doesn't make any difference Religion is religion and this was a religious book 6 Easy ending OkayI saw most aspects of the ending coming from about 700 pages to go Couldn't Pullman throw me some surprises beyond How Damn Long He Took to Get Around To It7 Easy ending take 2 Let's see Will and Lyra fight against God and All the Angels against the pull of their own daemons against not only all creation but all of creation on multiple universes they lose friends to bullets explosions souls ripped out and a myriad other ways as legions of people die to either protect them personally or what they stand for the two of them travel to the freakin' Lands of the Dead in order to remain together and they eventually get it on in all sorts of transcendant garden of eden ways restoring the entire multi verse with the Glory of Their Hot Sweaty Action and thenand thenand then an angel says Oh you guys can't stay together cuz a some bad stuff would happen thenAnd in ONE PAGE they say Jeepers that's too bad Any way around itAngel says NopeAnd they don't even try It's just ta ta been good knowing you That's it Well trilogy it actually hasn't been so good knowing you

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The Amber SpyglassTherBut how can he go looking for Lord Asriel when Lyra is gone Only with her help can he fathom the myriad plots and and intrigues that beset him The two great powers of the I would not have read this book were it not for my friend Pat E who told me several years ago that it was one of the best books she had ever read and also said it was the first children’s book to have won England’s prestigious Whitbread Prize for Literature So I read the whole series over the next couple years and in this process discovered that one of my English department’s medievalists said it was one of his favorite series Did I know he asked that Pullman was actually in conversation with John Milton’s Paradise Lost as he wrote the series which came to be called His Dark Materials the title from Milton particularly in The Amber Spyglass Nope I said I had had no idea so I paid some attention to that aspect of the book as I read it A little attention I say because I am no Milton scholar and how many are who would be reading it Nor had I read than the sections of Paradise Lost I had read in the survey Brit lit course I had taken decades agoNow many years later I and my family have invested some 37 hours listening to the audio version CDs of His Dark Materials narrated by Pullman himself Last summer the first book The Golden Compass last fall the second in the series The Subtle Knife and now the third The Amber Spyglass Which I loved and then I find that one of the Goodreads reviewers I much respect hated this series and a little Goodreads argument through his highly critical review ensued So I at one point read his review and the subseuent hubbub mostly pushback on him from Pullman fans I went back and looked at his review to see if I might on reflection change my mind I did review the book and disagree with him as will happen here obviously I learned from that review but I still think it’s a great book And reread this review in November 2017 as I wait for my family copy of Pullman's fall 2017 release The Book of Dust that is part of this worldOne place to start in thinking of this book is that Pullman unlike CS Lewis another prominent fantasy writer is as he refers to himself “an atheist or agnostic atheist” Lewis a Christian once an outspoken atheist recounts his sudden epiphany of faith in Surprised by Joy This review is being written by an agnostic once raised in the Calvinist Dutch Christian Reformed Church I not only know that tradition but actually taught in Christian schools even taught classes on the Bible in them for a couple years I say that not to establish credibility on theologicalreligious issues Pullman explores here but because sometimes you read a book through your life “subjectively” than you might read other books I am pretty familiar with some of the territory Pullman treads Theological issues in a children’s book Well this children’s book thing that’s marketing according to Pullman He intended to have adults—all ages—read this trilogy too And we should and we do Since in many ways he is commenting on Christianspiritual traditions as they are evident in literature Pullman wants to be in conversation with people who have read John Milton’s Paradise Lost andor C S Lewis’s Narnia Chronicles two of the best known epics in the history of English literature His Dark Materials is also an epic novel series but it is like much literature talking in various ways to the authors whose lit