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characters ò eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Lorraine Heath London's most notorious rogue decadent Devil and eBook #9734 depraved forbiddenThe ladies of the ton won't stop whispering about deliciously wicked Jack Dodger once a thieving street urchin now the wealthy owner of London's most exclusive gentleman's club There's no pleasure Between the PDFEPUBhe hasn't enjoyed no debauchery the handsome sco. Jack is the bad boy of the scoundrels He owns a gaming hell and revels in sin and vice He has very few morals or scruples In fact he starts the book out as uite the unfeeling ass hole Olivia's husband has recently died and the resulting mess that he leaves her in is pretty wild She and Jack Dodger are thrown together along with her young son The best part about this story was watching the cynical loner man fall in love with both the proper Duchess and the precocious little boy Lorraine Heath did a great job at making Dodger's change of heart so gradual that I didn't even realize it was happening until he was head over heels already She's got subtlety down to perfection

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review Between the Devil and Desire Ò eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ ❰Epub❯ ❥ Between the Devil and Desire Author Lorraine Heath – London's most notorious rogue—decadent depraved forbiddenThe ladies of the ton won't stop whispering about deliciously wicked Jack Dodger—once D Now Olivia is forced to share her beloved home with this despicable man Caught between the devil and desireBut Olivia's icy disdain is no match for Jack's dangerous charm His touch awakens desire His kiss demands surrender She will struggle to bar Jack from her heartbut her body coveting divine release will not let her bar him from her bed. From the blurb London's most notorious rogue—decadent depraved forbidden Oh Jack Dodger I've had such high hopes for you That description above aloneBut then you had some big shoes to fill Why is it again that Lisa Kleypas' characters Derek Craven and Sebastian Lord St Vincent are so popular again Or think of Dain from Lord of Scoundrels Ah yeah there was enough naughtiness and wickedness in them that I as the reader knew that despite their redemption they'd always stay a little wicked a little naughtyNow you my poor Jack Dodger had everything going for you I was looking forward to your story; in fact I was hoping that you at least would show some true bad boy attitude with you being the owner of London's most notorious gaming hell and all Unfortunately you've been pressed into the same boring and predictable cookie cutter hero style that your creator seems to prefer Apart from a few swear words nothing heavy of course Bloody hell or Damn are indeed extremely offensive your love for whiskey and your threat that you 'wouldn't stop at a simple kiss' you're a pretty tame guy So tame in fact that I couldn't stop rolling my eyes whenever you were 'threatening' Olivia again On top of it you've been forced into constant self flegellation feeling unworthy of the angelic Olivia You know it's okay to have some self doubts but your author kept it up for almost 90% of the story To call it exhausting is a slight understatementI so wish you'd been given into the hands of a different author who knows how to write decadent depraved and forbidden heroes What can I say about Olivia Errr at the moment nothing comes to my mind Again any attempts of the author to make her a little daring are instantly smothered by endless repetitions of how sinful and shameful her feelings wereYet how they managed to lust after each other from the first moment on is a mystery to me These two should have joined a conventmonastery for all I care No seriously if I consider how much time is spent by the main characters about thoughts of lust I would have expected my Kindle to be on fire But I didn't feel it Zero Nada No sexual chemistry I think it's time to dust off my copy of Devil in Winter

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Between the Devil and DesireUndrel won't provide for the lords who flock to his house of carnal intrigue London's most virtuous lady honorable uncorrupted and all too human Olivia Duchess of Lovingdon would never the Devil and ePUB #180 associate with such a rogue So when Jack is named sole heir to the duke's personal possessions the beautiful well bred lady is outrage. 45 for this one It was as difficult to put down as In Bed with the Devil but I didn't love the heroine as much Olivia the Duchess of Lovingdon is recently widowed As the story opens she waits for the reading of her much older husband's will The only other person present is notorious scoundrel Jack Dodger who is there at Lovingdon's reuestAs her husband's solicitor reads the will we know that Olivia most strongly wants the house she's been living in for herself and her son Her son will be inheriting the entailed properties as the new five year old Duke But what happens is that not only has Jack Dodger inherited the house she's made a home he's inherited every single unentailed property the duke owned He's also been named the guardian of the heir WTFWell it seems like the explanation is obvious but as back story comes in it really isn't uite so much There are other possibilities By the time the 'reveal' happens however there's little doubt about what's going on so it's only a surprise to the characters Still it's a good setup and moving conclusionSo what was my problem I completely understood Olivia's shock and anger at what her husband did with his will She remained at the house with her son at Jack's pleasure She had no reason to trust him He was insolent and rude and I doubt I'd have been any nicer about it So that's not really the problem The problem was that the acrimony lasted a bit longer than I had hoped it would Which made her eventual turn around and it's a big one by the end feel sort of shallow and abrupt With In Bed with the Devil the heroine Catherine was already a woman who bucked society's expectations Olivia is the exact opposite and she ends up with an infamous scoundrel who doesn't even have a title Seems like there should be a longer period of transition needed to make a decision like thatAnother little problem I had was that Olivia was the sister of the villain of the last book But that was never used in any way None of the other characters even raised an eyebrow or stumbled over a word when he was brought up Granted she didn't know that her brother was an uber villain but several others did and the man was brought up a couple of times in their presence If it wasn't going to impact the story why bother It's a mild distraction but a distraction it isI really love this series It's got some very difficult subject matter and not all the threads are tied up nicely by the end There's a lingering bittersweetness to some of the story but that only serves to make the HEA that much moving Because the 'happily' is tempered with a dark reality that makes the 'ever after' appreciated in the extreme And this makes the conclusion feel joyous than it would if we were expected to forget the past and only look to the future Both of the stories I've read in this series have haunted me after I've finished reading them I'm definitely excited about this author