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Read & Download ð Seaworthy á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ê ❮PDF❯ ⚦ Seaworthy ✐ Author Linda Greenlaw – The bestselling author's seuel to The Hungry Ocean a fast paced account of her return to swordfishing Linda Greenlaw hadn't been bluewater fishing for ten years nReatest challenge however comes when the boat's lines inadvertently drift into Canadian waters and Greenlaw is thrown in jail Capturing the moment by moment details of her journey Greenlaw tells a story about human nature and the nature around us about learning what can be controlled and when to let fate step in Seaworthy is a compelling narrative about a person setting her own terms and finding her true self between land and wat. Linda Greenlaw who was captaining a Grand Banks swordfishing vessel during 1991's Perfect Storm that saw the loss at sea of the Andrea Gale tells the story of her return to swordfishing after 10 years of lobstering and island life in MaineGreenlaw writes an introspective and personal account of overcoming adversity leadership in a field where she is one of very few women captains and of her thoughts on aging in a line of work that is intensely physically demandingAlong with the insights into her own thinking she does a tremendous job of recounting the cast of characters she has hired for her crew and their own ups and downs through a voyage plagued by failing euipment capricious luck of the catch and a run in with Canadian law enforcementThe writing makes you feel like you're on the boat with the crew sharing in their moments of triumph and misfortune and it's a fascinating look at a way of life that few experience

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Dfishing A decade older and with family responsibilities she's a different person heading out to sea but any reluctance is uickly tempered by the magnetic lure of adventure And the adventures begin almost immediately The ship turns out to be rusty and ancient and even with a crew of four Greenlaw is faced with technical challenges There are the expected complexities of longline fishing and the nuances of reading the weather Her g. Darkness waded in cautiously and headed west Hesitating waist deep then plunging into the murky chill the diving night splashed light onto the opposite horizon which swam like spawning salmon up the riverlike sky The sun hated as if it were a baby chick pecking from within the shell until fully risen yellow and warm and as unsure as I wasafter all the sun starts anew every day This could well be my last chanceand I would make the most of itLinda Greenlaw's latest book Seaworthy is the story of a female Swordboat captain I saw the title and thought a woman captaining a boat and swordfish How interesting could that be But her picture on the cover looks like a capable outgoing woman with an engaging smile and being a capable outgoing woman with an engaging smile myself I decided to check this outIt had been ten years since Linda's last swordfishing endeavor and she was eager to immerse herself in life at sea reliving good memories but also apprehensive that her body might not be up to the strenuous effort involved She picked her crew of four to whom the book is dedicated and found herself aboard a rusty bucket called the Seahawk Whenever anything broke down which occurred almost daily the crew called it the Shithawk behind her back How many times did I hear Tim say 'It's fixed I think we're okay now' His words soon became known as the kiss of death in the few moments that we relaxed we sat and waited for the next thing to break leak or malfunctionI didn't have the energy to fly off the handleFortunately when things are incredibly bad at sea humor reigns I was thankful and relieved to hear the men joking aroundit appeared I had a crew full of class clowns They kept working and laughingThis is an engrossing account of that trip which found her towed into Sambro Nova Scotia for engine work before they even reached the fishing area Soon after having set out her first thirty mile set of 800 hooks she was arrested handcuffed and then taken before a judge in St John Newfoundland for inadvertantly fishing Canadian watersIn retrospect Linda realizes that there is a difference in her thinkings as a young person and now as one who is older; there are things we can fight and change and other things we just have to suck up and endureI steered the Seahawk through the sheer faced cliffs that protect the portI stared down Newfoundland Not blinking was for me a small yet palpable victory in a sea of seeming random defeatsI enjoyed Linda's descriptions of the fishing; putting out beepers and lines and not pulling the thirty mile line toward them but rather moving the boat forward slowly to keep pace with the men hauling in the lines The reader is right there with her as she checks the weather the water temperature swordfish like it cold and the ocean currents that converge for the best fishing Reading this felt like I was on a vacation to a place I had never visited before Greenlaw's name may be familiar as she also wrote The Hungry Ocean and The Lobster Chronicles

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SeaworthyThe bestselling author's seuel to The Hungry Ocean a fast paced account of her return to swordfishing Linda Greenlaw hadn't been bluewater fishing for ten years not since the events chronicled in the books The Perfect Storm and The Hungry Ocean but when her lobster traps aren't paying off her truck is on its last gasp and the bills are piling up she decides to take a friend up on his offer and captain a boat for a season of swor. This time around Linda is recounting what she thought of as her last big chance to captain a swoardfishing boat from assembling the crew to defending her actions I found Seaworthy to be just as absorbing as Lobster Chronicles just as fascinating and perhaps even a touch depricating Greenlaw is a true renegade even though I cringe at using that word after the 2008 campaignsas well as an enthralling educator No doubt I know waaaaayyyyy about swordfish and how to fish for them commercially now than I ever thought I would And frankly I'm pretty sure only Linda Greenlaw could make that topic interesting to someone as chronically landlocked as I am And lest you think her head be too big for her Captain's hat Linda will be the first to admit mistakes; always being frank and candid regarding lapses in judgement even if they are few and far between A very entertaining fast read suggested for anyone whith and interest in swordfishing adventures at sea or women of incredible strength and virtue