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kindle ½ Dairy ueen Ò é ❮KINDLE❯ ✽ Dairy ueen Author Catherine Gilbert Murdock – When you don’t talk there’s a lot of stuff that ends up not getting saidHarsh words indeed from Brian Nelson of all people But D J can’t help admitting maybe he’s right When you don’t talk there’s a loAll people But D J can’t help admitting maybe he’s rig Back in the good old days when Net Galley was a bountiful god instead of the clutch fisted miser it is becoming I used to go wild reuesting every galley I could find One of the books I reuested was a novel about a girl who plays baseball on a boy's team I never did read than fifty pages of that one it was pretty dry but it did make me a little apprehensive about reading sports related stories Which is weird because I LOVE sports related movies I couldn't tell you the rules of American football if you held a gun to my head but something about the intensity and excitement with which a bunch of men toss a ball around just gets me all happy So it's pretty amazing that Catherine Gilbert Murdock managed to induce the same excitement in me without visual aids and eye candyThere are just so many reasons to love Dairy ueen I could go on and on all night and still not capture the magic of DJ Schwenk But I'm sure as hell gonna try The Schwenks are not what you'd call a talkative family They're hardworking and athletically gifted but verbosity is not one of their talents There's a lot of currents flowing under the still water but it's not until Brian Nelson swaggers into DJ's life that she really begins to think about where her life is going That summary might give you the impression that luuurve changes our heroine like a butterfly from a chrysalis or whatever but that's not how it goes What really really works for Dairy ueen is how unbelievably real it is DJ has a very distinctive voice She's a hick through and through and it comes through very clearly in her words and her attitudes But she's smart and interestingly she's introspective I love introspective heroines I don't mean the ones who angst endlessly without ever growing up but the ones who use the incidents in their life to grow and develop as a person Nobody does this better than DJ Schwenk She handles her hard life and it is HARD believe me with grace and panache Every character in this book could be someone you meet on the street Who says Everyman can't be interesting Murdock takes the concept of perfectly ordinary people leading perfectly ordinary lives and makes you beg for And if that's not talent I don't know what is The characters in this story are flawed amazing and interesting simply for being so relatable There's Brian he could have turned out to be a cardboard cutout handsome jock but there's to him than that There's the nasty snobby spoiled side with the whining and the unwillingness to take responsibility And there's the admirable friendly side with the willingness to apologize and the slowly developing friendship with a girl from a rival school who's not the most attractive amazing girl on earth The same applies to DJ's father the cause of so much turmoil in her life her almost mute brother her ultra busy mother the brothers who abandoned her her mixed up best friend With a few anecdotes here and there Murdock manages to make these people come alive in all their flawlessly flawed glory And at the heart of it all is DJ Schwenk Big and bold and beautiful even when she barely realizes it so very ordinary and yet extraordinary in her sweetness and her thoughtfulness and her ability and desire to change and think outside the box DJ is a heroine that I might henceforth measure all heroines by take that you nasty size zero princesses As DJ says herself although the book might be about football football is just a metaphor for all the things that change over the course of one summer And yet I can't deny that I thoroughly in a very pop movie way enjoyed the thrashing Red Bend gives Hawley under DJ's direction The scenes are tightly paced and excitingly written and I felt like I was SO ready to go out there and wear a foam finger and cheer my heart out for this little high school football team I've already made my way through the second book in the series and I gotta tell you it only gets better This is coming of age like no coming of age before romance like no romance before family drama like no family drama before If you haven't read this book I would wholeheartedly recommend that you go get it right this minute because every second you waste thinking about it is a precious second you could be spending getting to know the one the only DJ Schwenk

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P not getting saidHarsh words indeed from Brian Nelson of When I finally found a spare two minutes to sit down and start reading this book I suddenly ended up drawn in for a couple of hours discovering that Dairy ueen is just as ridiculously funny silly and heartwarming as everyone had told me it was And strangely inspirational too I love anyone who dares to break the mold especially young females who challenge gender stereotypes and go their own way I will admit that I am not the biggest fan of chick lit novels so I should warn you that this would probably never have got five stars from me and the fact that it got four stars should not be taken lightly when I'm dishing it out in this genre This book has all the elements you could want from a light hearted teen read a funny likeable and slightly snarky protagonist cute boys some family troubles nothing too heavy romance friendships insecurities and overcoming them this stands out for me amongst others of its kind and I will give it the best compliment I can by saying that if you're a fan of Louise Rennison E Lockhart andor Stephanie Perkins I can see no reason why you wouldn't love thisDJ Shwenk is a great character You know why I think she is such a great character Because she does sport and farming two things that interest me about as much as Kim Kardashian's novel and yet she still manages to keep my attention from the very first chapter It takes A LOT to literally make someone laugh out loud while reading as in to actually pause and giggle stupidly to oneself and think if Big Brother was watching right now I would be arrested and locked away forever am I paranoid are these weird thoughts Anyway this novel does this repeatedly and I'm glad I didn't read it in publicI put this book off for two reasons 1 I never thought I would enjoy a book about either sport or farming never mind both And 2 I've been busy reading the dark disturbing depressing supernatural and fantasy books which is all very well but sometimes we need a little bright happiness from our novels This delivers trust me this delivers

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Dairy ueenWhen you don’t talk there’s a lot of stuff that ends u A very cute story about a 15 turning 16 year old girl named DJ who has only ever known life in her dad’s farm She’s responsible does what everyone expects of her obedient and hardworking Not much different from the cows she milks every day “And that’s what put me to sleep Thinking about cows or elephant poops” LMAOOne day she decides she doesn’t want to be a cow any and I mean this in a completely metaphorically way so chill^^ and that’s where the plot becomes really interesting Written in a very candid and genuine manner in the POV of DJ herself as a journal for her English reuirement to redeem her flunked grade the story I think is very genuine and the voice of the narrative truly sounded as if it’s written by a young farm girl and this is probably what made the entire story simply adorable It's also heartwarming and inspiring As Uncle Walt Whitman once said “Simplicity is the glory of expression”