SUMMARY Â Sins of the Father


The last thing he needs is disgrace heaped upon the family name should he lose the Sanada princelingHis plan to disguise themselves as naked lovers is a rousing success in ways than one It sparks a bond that shakes them to the core and the Shinano Province to its foundation. The storyline has not a normal development and the reader is plunged in the lives of two shinobi in the Japanese warlord era Sora Sanada is 19 years old and just named captain and Kaname Takeda is appointed his sempai; what apparently seems a dislike due to the fact that the captain is 10 years younger than his man slowly becomes clear as a different dislike there is bad blood between the two clans of Sanada and Takeda but even that it’s not fully explained What it’s clear is that Sora starts to see Kaname with different eyes and even if he is the leader and higher in social status he becomes a little teaser trying to coax Kaname out of his self imposed isolation While continuing in their role of “killer” for the warlord and never losing their ruthlessness between Sora and Kaname blossoms a sexual relationship that is erotic but never explicit The author has the men having sex in romantic places like under a waterfall or a light rain they explore each other bodies in every possible way but never once she uses explicit words for example bodily fluids become “his sempai’s secrets” There is no need to explain Sora and Kaname’s past better the past of their parents that still conditions the life of their sons; there is no need since this is the story of Sora and Kaname their love allows them to find the courage to escape their legacy and it’s a love so strong that it’s not even necessary to acknowledge it Kaname will allow everything to Sora not since Sora is his captain but since Sora even if younger even if inexperienced his nevertheless the only lord Kaname will worship the lord of his heart I really love the interaction between Sora and Kaname Sora so unwillingly a teaser all pout and temptation and Kaname so unwillingly weak to the other man’s desires Kaname can’t refuse anything to Sora and Sora doesn’t even realize it it’s enough for the younger man to look with eager eyes to Kaname and Kaname is lost in that love Sins of the Father is a story out of time it’s clear the love of the author for the era she chooses to set the novella but the two characters seem to live in an “eternal” era time changes but love is always the samehttpwwwdpB002VFPSB8

SUMMARY Sins of the Father

Sins of the FatherThe weight of the past could tear them apartIn his first mission as a shinobi Sora Sanada has than its success riding on his shoulders Every move he makes is a reflection on his clan s honor So when an unexpected scuffle leaves him injured and the mission in jeopardy he d r. 35 starsI picked “Sins of the Father” on a whim and it was such a pleasant surprise that I read it twice in a row but the fact remains that it can also be a bit disconcerting In its form at leastIt is a short story rather than a novella and it ends abruptly at 77% which is irritating and is a disservice to the story but I’m rating the author’s work not the publisher’sIt is timeless and could happen in a period expanding from the Middle Age to the end of the feudal system in Japan in the 19th century Nevertheless it is clear that the characters are shinobis – ninjas – living in a feudal society organized in clans ruled by daimyos – feudal lords – and my wild guess is that what is important here is the societal system not the exact time in history Although I think that there are clues here and there for someone who’s in the know of Japanese culture and history I didn’t need to carbon date the story to grasp what happened and enjoy itThe only thing I frowned at in this regard are the dialogs that often sounded oddly modern there is a balance between accessibility and authenticity that is not completely successful hereThe narrative’s structure is not visually marked and gives the impression of jumping erratically from one place to another from one event to another Jumping it does but erratic it isn’t I can assure you that I saw a very neat guiding line and that not only wasn’t I bothered by the structure but I did enjoy the changeForewarned is forearmed let’s get to the story now“Sins of the Father” opens in the middle of an action on what looks like a mission ending badly Two men are running through a forest at sunset followed by the sounds of barking dogs and while shinobis are not brothers and should think of the mission first Kaname is not one to follow orders blindly and refuses to leave his injured partner behindFrom then on Kaname’s and Sora’s story is told in snapshots that are moments of connection and growing intimacy between the two men as if stolen from the bigger story of their lives and their clans They’re living pictures portraying touch by touch a society based on a concept of family as a line without actual past present and future absorbing the individuals in a timeless group that prevails on themWe learn that 19 years old captain Sora is suffocating under the weight of it and struggling with the renunciation of wanting for himself trying to master impassiveness but still so young flushed and wanting; that older Kaname was already crushed by the weight of it masters stern indifference and deadpan mockery yet is so obviously lacking willpower as far as Sora is concernedWe learn the story of Kaname’s disgrace and how the two clans are intertwined and irreparably estranged at the same time but the guiding story line is their connections as desiring individuals and as such it is a sweet sexy and sometimes funny romance that comes to full circle despite its open endingThe less than 50 pages don’t give much place for character development and deep introspection the strokes in portraying the characters are sometimes a little exaggerated Sora is a little too childish here Kaname a little too mysterious there but I really liked their encounters and their storyI am far from being an expert in Japanese culture and history and the unusual – for me – setting was a great part of my enjoyment I found that the author wrote an easy read without falling into cheap exoticism and I loved the evocative touch in her writingI always feel awkward recommending a book because I can’t promise that you will love it too What I say however is stay away from this book if you’re comfortable with a ‘traditional’ story telling and hate being left guessing; otherwise be curious and see by yourself you might have a pleasant surprise too My only regret is that I’d love to read a novel by the same author and there is frustratingly none

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SUMMARY Â Sins of the Father ¾ ❴Reading❵ ➷ Sins of the Father Author Anna ONeill – The weight of the past could tear them apartIn his first mission as a shinobi Sora Sanada has than its success riding on his shoulders Every move he makes is a reflection on his clan s honor So when a The weight of theAther be left behind but his partner the mysterious masked Kaname has other ideasKaname breathes a silent sigh of relief when the younger less experienced Sora agrees to a plan to throw their Sins of eBook #180 enemies off their trail As a member of the deposed Takeda clan. 25 starsIt's pretty nice if you feel like reading something a tad deeper than the normal MM romance with some angst that doesn't sound stupid I had 3 main problems with it though1 it kept skipping from one scene to another different time and place without any warning which was annoying if not confusing2 I was a bit confused about when the action is placed because some details made me think of a pretty modern society but it was clearly set before any serious European influence in Japan I'm not that good at history so maybe that's why I'm so confused but I'm thinking a book should be clear about the timespace coordinates3 the plot was too big for the lenght of the story In other words the author developed a very complex situation and lots of characters and didn't really give the reader a chance to understand everything properly And what was up with that friend Yuki Who was he exactly and just how friendly had he been with the main character