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Book ½ Bakunin The Creative Passion Ç 320 pages ☆ Mark leier ☆ [Download] ➶ Bakunin The Creative Passion By Mark Leier – Unfailingly informative and freuently exciting Leier's biography reintroduces a fascinating revolutionary knowledge of whose ideas helps Unfailingly informative and freuently exciting Leier's biography reintroduces a fascinating revolutionary knowledge of whose ideas helps one place such recent phenomena as the World Trade Organization protests in meaningful historical context BooklistThe life of Bakunin 1814–1876 the Russian architect of the anarchist movement provides a surprisingly enjoyable introduction to the tumult of 19th century radicalism Leier brings A really tremendous read Anarchist histories tend not to be well written and certainly tend not to fall into that category of historical works characterized as 'judicious' But without sacrificing an ounce of passion Leier makes Bakunin jump off the page He doesn't spare him and there are areas in which Bakunin does not deserve to be spared but nor does he simply roll over and accept the multitude of silly arguments and demonizations that have been launched against the man for well nigh over a centuryLeier does an especially good job of destroying to psycho social readings of Bakunin's life and politics that have hitherto dominated treatments and produces a fantastic chapter which runs from the thought of Ficthe through Hegel without once being boring and that my friends is worth the price of admission on its own

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Welcome consideration to the real merits of the movement Publishers WeeklyThe spellbinding story of both the man and the theory Bakunin chronicles one of the most notorious radicals in history as well as the founding of anarchism here revealed as a practical moral philosophy based on a critiue of wealth and powerMark Leier corrects many of the popular misconceptions about Bakunin and his ideas offering a fresh interpretation o Bakunin the Creative Passion is one of the most through biographies of Bakunin I have ever read although one must consider the fact that I have not read any other biographies of Bakunin other then Mark Leiers The book takes an approach that is heavy in modern day pop culture and deep in 18th century theoretical philosophy which makes parts of the book uick to read and at times a little hard to slog though While I realize it is important to understand the philosophy of Hegel to understand the development of Bakunin's thoughts I think at time Leier focuses too much on theory and not enough on the anecdotes of living Bakunins life Still for someone who is wanting to understand the theoretical basis of the development of anarchist thought as well as learn about the life and times of the father of modern anarchism this book is the beginning

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Bakunin The Creative PassionF his life and thoughts Bakunin is an insightful read for all those who wish to better understand the fundamental basis of modern radical movementsMark Leier received his PhD from Memorial University of Newfoundland in 1992 Currently he is the chair of Simon Fraser University's History Department and lives in North Vancouver He has written three books on Canadian labor history and is the director of SFU's Centre for Labour Studi Bakunin and his theories and anarchist theory in general have been misunderstood deliberately by his contemporary foes and proponents of different political and economic theorists since the end of the 19th century Leier breaks down the world Bakunin lived in his theories and the feud wMarx Leier corrects misconceptions about anarchism for example propaganda of the deed does not eual violence or terrorism wexcerpts of Bakunin's writing and explanations from Bakunin's life I finished this book impressed that Bakunin was so ahead of his time especially regarding the need for a social revolution to accompany any economic revolution atheism and his views on euality between the sexes starting with his sisters The parallels between then and now are many this book is good for anyone interested in history political theory or as a tool for understanding our current situation