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Tainted author Brooke Morgan review Û 9 Â ❰BOOKS❯ ✯ Tainted Author Brooke Morgan – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk It begins like a flat footed love story Young single mother Holly Barrett is swept away by a Superman handsome Brit she meets on a bus A whirlwind romance ensues and even Barrett's 5 year old daughter It begHarmed Mom recklessly allows the enigmatic dreamboat stranger Jack Dane to move into her coastal New England house But when love goes bad and you just know it will this sneak up on you page turner packs. Suspense thrills racing hearts and heartbreak are just a few words that I would use to summarize Tainted by Brooke Morgan From beginning to end I was utterly engrossed within the story turning page after page to see what would happen next Never was there a spot within the story that was lacking nor anywhere were my attention was diverted from the story and its charactersTainted is one of those books that I can honestly and truly say that I loved the story and plot line but felt very borderline with the main character I have to admit to feeling incredibly frustrated with Holly the main character She seemed to be very submissive and willing to push aside many odd occurrences and very strange behavior by Jack The old saying Love is Blind definitely applies though not in a good way In retrospect Ms Morgan does a wonderful job portraying a psychologically disturbed man through Jack My favorite characters are Henry Holly's Grandfather and Billy the father of Holly's daughter who skipped town when he found out that she was pregnant Henry is such a delightfully spunky character with a wonderful soul and Billy caught my appeal with his perseverance and desire to right the wrongs that he made in the pastIn addition to excellent characterization Brooke Morgan does a marvelous job of bringing the scenery of Cape Cod to life The reader feels as though they are there as each and every scene plays out One rather uniue aspect I thought was the fact that throughout Tainted the author would take the reader into the minds of a character This does not occur very often but it was a very interesting twist and the transitions flowed rather smoothly when they did occurHere are a couple of excerpts that stood out to mepg 67 She heard the soft slap of a small series of waves hitting the beach a subtle undertow from a passing ship Even noise was uiet on nights like this she thought The crickets didn't chirp as shrilly the hum of boat motors took on a lower tone Everything was dampened down by the moisture and darkness Someone once told me that you can't move forward if you're looking over your shoulder at the past It sounds trite I know Jack took her hand in his But trite works sometimespg 143 Jack Please Stop it Those are my parents They're what I have left of my parents Tears were now cascading down her face This couldn't be happening Not to them They were happy They were in love Everything was going right But the man who would hug her to him at night and tease her and excite her was starting at her with an impenetrable unfeeling expression She didn't know what to do could only stand watching helplessly as he tied up the ends of the garbage bag and hauled it outside Holly could hear him take the top off the trash can she could hear the sound of the bag full of pictures being thrown in And the lid crashing back downTainted is an excellent book for any reader looking for a suspenseful read and one that will keep them hooked from the beginning until the very end This is Ms Morgan's debut novel and I anxiously await from her

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It begins like a flat footed love story Young single mother Holly Barrett is swept away by a Superman handsome Brit she meets on a bus A whirlwind romance ensues and even Barrett's year old daughter is c. I always seem to love Brooke Morgan's books If any reader has not read one of Brooke Morgan's books I highly recommend them all

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Tainted author Brooke MorgA suspensful wallop that will chill your soul Morgan a Bostonian now living in London smartly roots her debut in a disturbing crime that begs the uestion How well do we ever know a lover's secrets Haunti. Started this a few years ago and uit Gave it a second chance but ended up skimming most of the middle The climax was kind of decent and the author should've stopped there but then followed up with two fairly far fetched scenes that sealed the rating for me