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Download Doc Ý Mockingjay ☆ ´ Suzanne collins è ❮PDF❯ ✪ Mockingjay Author Suzanne Collins – The final book in the ground breaking HUNGER GAMES trilogy this new foiled edition of MOCKINGJAY is available for a limited period of time Against all odds Katniss EverLd pay for the unrest? Katniss And what's worse President Snow has made it clear that no one else is safe either Not Katniss's family not her friends not the people of District 1 This just in the movie adaptation Mockingjay Part 1 was absolutely outstanding I've seen both of the other movies for this series and while I enjoyed them greatly the third instalment was on another level entirely It's one of the best movies I've seen in a very very long time Good job movie people You made a meh book into a stellar piece of cinemaThose two stars are for the last ten pages which were absolutely outstanding Probably the best ten pages of the series The 380 pages before that however deserve nothing The first 380 pages can kiss my assThis book was a fucking slog I kid you not This book tried me to the point of breaking About halfway through I was ready to feed the damn thing to my dog I'm not the biggest Hunger Games fan Y'all know that However when I read Catching Fire after its predecessor disappointed me I was STOKED to read Mockingjay Catching Fire was just fantastic I really really and truly enjoyed it Mockingjay was a bloodbath If you're sensitive to pointless deaths and gratuitous violence then this is not the book for youActually I like that word Gratuitous It describes this book perfectly Everything in this book was gratuitous and over the top from the wangst to the ridiculous romantic interludes in the middle of battle scenes and from the candy gore violence to the stupid overly disgusting deaths of several characters who did not need to die There's also the writing which is so overwrought it's not even like the author took the sparseness of the first book and butchered it It's like she took the sparseness fed it to her dog fed the dog to a crocodile fed the crocodile to a Tyrannosaurus rex cut the Tyrannosaurus rex up into steaks sold the steaks in Soho to a cabaret dancer A bombed the cabaret dancer's house collected the ashes mixed them into fluorescent paint and then splattered the paint all over the White House in DC Because we as readers who have stuck by and read the entire series through need an entire page of Creative Writing Class explanation on what the Hanging Tree song means It's like in the first book when we were constantly being told exactly what the dandelions represent And in Catching Fire when the meaning being the clock was spelled out in an I AM SYMBOLISM manner Everything from Katniss's clothes which she's weirdly fixated with to her circular drier than Egyptian sand inner monologues were painstakingly pored over to the point of ridiculousness Yes Ridiculousness Shall I repeat that again? RidiculousnessOne time? No? Ridiculousness RidiculousnessContrary to the masses I love reading books where loads of lovable characters die in the final fight I love going through that grief feeling the torment of watching one of my beloved friends die a bloody death In fact in my own work I have a death list I kid you not I literally have a list of the most beloved characters and I've put stars in red pen against all those who dieThere are many red stars on that list But what I do not enjoy and what I found far too much of in Mockingjay are pointless deaths Deaths that don't ensure anyone else's survival are excessively undignified or never grieved for Finnick Mesalla Mitchell Boggs and Cinna all died ridiculous deaths that really did nothing to aid Katniss's bringing down the Capitol Essentially they were all just Mauve Shirts and they had been all along I mean fine If the author wanted to kill these characters go ahead and do it It's actually not the fact that the characters died that bothered me Yes I was absolutely distraught over the death of Finnick he just married Annie Annie was pregnant What the fuck kind of sadist kills that? but given the choice myself? I'd probably kill him too But the way in which Finnick dies is nonsensical YA is a tricky field in which to write dystopian True dystopian always deals with death It always deals with untimely death tragic lives and terrible situations in which people are abused and scarred in any and every way But YA is inspiring to young people YA is a window to different ideologies and isms held up by other people; for instance Mockingjay is a clear message against war But YA is also meant for a broad audience of a younger age and that comes with a responsibility to instill a message that yes will inspire but coax some kind of hope out of readers Some kind of desire to be a better person Some kind of knowledge that there are wonderful things in the world worth salvaging and weathering difficult patches in life will ultimately result in a brighter futureThis sounds idealistic I know But this series is shelved in Children's Kids as young as 12 are picking these books up and what are they finding? The world sucks People suck Give up and stop caring because nothing good will ever come of trying Perseverance will get you nowhere Suicide and alcoholism will make you feel better No Where is Katniss? Who's the drugged up shadow that's replaced her? In Mockingjay this fickle doom and gloom girl is not the battleaxe we met in The Hunger Games This Katniss is constantly waking up in hospital taking drugs and completely losing the will to fight for the people she loves Her voice is flat drab full of a whole lot of wangst surrounding the love triangle that during the latter half of the book became one of the very main concerns What? I hear a lot of guff about this not being a romance but it's uite clear that it is And the scene in Tigris's cellar when Katniss pretends to sleep but actually lies awake listening to Gale and Peeta talk about how they both love her unconditionally and are perfectly fine to let her choose who she'll pick like a carton of juice off the shelf in the supermarket and who she'll dump on his ass? Brought back some pretty pungent T word memories Gale and Peeta have absolutely no self respect and this scene was totally unrealistic People do not behave like that in real life Think about it you're sitting facing the person who you know has been fooling around with the person you wholeheartedly love and have done for years The person you one day see yourself marrying Are you really going to say Oh I know how heshe feels about you I know heshe has been making out with you behind my back just after making out with me I'm cool with that I get it No biggie Don't even lie I know that if I were Peeta or Gale I'd be absolutely furious with Katniss I'd demand to know why I was being toyed with used even and frankly? I'd walk away I'd pick up my dignity and get out of there because being treated like a piece of chewy candy in a pack of two that she can't decide whether or not to eat is an insult and unspeakably degrading I kind of wanted Katniss to end up alone Yes once I'd forced myself to come to terms with the fact that that wasn't going to happen I did enjoy the last ten pages greatly Greatly They were uite beautiful actually as long as I pushed myself to suck up everything I hated about the miserable and hopeless tone of this book What I didn't enjoy was Gale's end What happened to him? Oh he's in District 2 And what's he doing in Distict 2? Dunno How did he get there? Dunno Why did he go there? Dunno How does he feel about Katniss being with Peeta out of default not either one's choice? Dunno What's he going to do with his life now? Where is he going to live? What's going to happen to this character that we've been forced upon for almost three whole books and 1200 pages and who's played a huge part in the story of Katniss's life?UhI dunnoI also couldn't believe Katniss's trial just happened without us What the heck? Katniss is moping and plotting her suicide gratuitously in her room in the Capitol and then one day Haymitch wanders in and says Your trial's over You're free as a birdYes Katniss is free as a bird She goes home and lives out the rest of her days as she pleases and her mother just buggers off too like Gale did Where's your mom Katniss? Oh somewhere This whole thing felt like a sputtering fizzle out of what really should have been a fantastic series Part way through Catching Fire I was considering that this series may even be literary but Mockingjay spat on that This is commercial YA through and through Yeah the strong message about war and the hopelessness of Katniss tries to cover it up but it has everything silly love triangle cackling villain and the fate of the world resting on a teenager's shoulders What's that? Oh yeah This is silly Silly Katniss's Mockingjay role was eually silly One minute Katniss is insisting I'M THE MOCKINGJAY BITCH and then the next she says that she just does

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Urvived the Hunger Games twice But now that she's made it out of the bloody arena alive she's still not safe The Capitol is angry The Capitol wants revenge Who do they think shou B 78% | Good Notes Rather than tell an interesting story it's meant above all to repulse us into reflection on the cruelty and horror of war

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MockingjayThe final book in the ground breaking HUNGER GAMES trilogy this new foiled edition of MOCKINGJAY is available for a limited period of time Against all odds Katniss Everdeen has s I keep switching the rating of this book from 5 to 4 to 5 again changing my opinion with each reread On the one hand it has so many wise things to say about war propaganda grief trauma and healing It touches and breaks my heart every time like very few books do But on the other hand there is a large chunk of this novel in part 3 mainly that objectively makes almost no logical sense I wish Collins took time to work it to perfection like she did with the first twoGoing back to 5 again For that epilogue And catPS This reread just makes me even skeptical about what a story about Snow has to offer in comparison to this oneUpdate 112814 So of course I had to read it again after getting only half of the story from the Mockingjay movie Unsurprisingly cried and cried again My feelings basically remain the same about this installment Structurally the novel is uite messy There is such a big game going on and Katniss' motivations and actions don't always make sense to me But the ending is brilliant especially the final chapters I need something to cheer me up ASAPLet's face it a series is only as good as its last book Is a kitchen towel drenched in my tears a good indicator of the uality of Mockingjay? I think it is considering that I am not a crying over books type I think this book is a FANTASTIC ending of a FANTASTIC seriesThe book is lying next to me now so deceitful in appearance with its innocent bright cheerful cover Who knew there would be so much darkness hidden between its pages so much heartache? Mockingjay is indeed a DARK DARK book full of deaths sacrifices torture betrayal and despair a book which takes you to a very disturbing but very real placeI have no doubt the novel will have thousands of readers livid especially the crowd of readers who mistakenly think The Hunger Games trilogy is mostly dedicated to Team GaleTeam Peeta dilemma with some revolt thrown in as a picturesue backdrop These books are about love indeed but they are also about survival freedom and peace I find it amazing that people are disappointed that Katniss doesn't take a Katniss becomes a superwoman and takes over the world while deciding on which boy to pick route How realistic is it to expect a child damaged by hunger oppression and violence she had to witness and take a part in and thrown into the midst of all kinds of political intrigue to achieve that? How many soldiers do you know who came out of a war unscathed or empowered by the atrocities they have witnessed? How many children? This is why this book has such a great effect on me It takes a very difficult but honest route portraying the infinitely damaging conseuences of war regardless of the righteousness of its cause and Katniss's journey to stay true to herself and do the best she can And the love triangle resolution Truly it couldn't have ended any other wayIs Mockingjay a perfectly written book? Absolutely not it's not nearly as perfectly constructed or clear as The Hunger Games but just like another imperfectly perfect successful series finale Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows it brings its message across in the most honest and powerful way possibleSuzanne Collins is a genius she is fearless and I have a great respect for the gutsiness of hers that didn't allow her to settle for an ending all wrapped up in pink paper with a perfect little bow I am sure she knew that the faint of heart would be enraged But she stuck to her guns and stayed true to her message and to her charactersThe uestion now is how will I recover from PTSD of my own caused by Mockingjay? It will probably take me months and a score of Georgia Nicolson diaries to get over it But I love this book anyway in spite and because of all the pain it has caused me Real