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Her the chance to destroy her former masters and save the pack–and the man–she left behind Is Ren worth the price of her freedom And will Shay stand by her. Although I have read the first in the series a while back this one didn’t disappoint me at all We understand a lot about Kala’s feelings and Shays character as the plot grows It had its twists action scenes and details regarding the background35 stars

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WolfsbaneSide no matter what Now in control of her own destiny Calla must decide which battles are worth fighting and how many trials true love can endure and still survi. Well my fangirl moment came to an end I woke up reading the second book and I was thinking wtf did I see in the first one This is bullsht Yep Maybe I’m having a multiple personality disorder or aliens were controlling my brain and were forcing me to like Nightshade I guess that would be the logical explanation don’t you thinkIn the first book we saw the world from the Keepers and Guardians POV which now is considered the enemy line Now we get to see where the good guys stand If they really are the good guys I find it fascinating either way It’s a new universe new characters and a whole lot of pressure Good stuff so farThe story itself is not bad I mean some things were really cool like the Searchers a “flyingmovingteleporting” Academy lol – WTF some new characters and the villain which is still not evil enough for me to like him much But these things didn’t make up for the stupid teenage drama that was going on I’m close to turning 24 soooo I don’t have the patience needed to go through sht like thisConnor is my favorite character after him comes Silas these two fighting made my day and that’s it Or not I guess Adne was good also Shame on you Shay You betrayed my trust so I don’t like you any My fangirl hypnotic state is gone I’m alive again Get ready to be criticized evil laugh muahahahahahaaaauestion Do I really love Shay that muchAnswer view spoilerNaw I’m just kidding I actually hate his guts Calla’s too hide spoiler

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READ & DOWNLOAD Wolfsbane 109 ã ➽ [Reading] ➿ Wolfsbane By Andrea Cremer ➲ – Calla Tor wakes up in the lair of the Searchers her sworn enemy and she's certain her days are numbered But then the Searchers make her an offer–one that gives her the chance to destroy her former m Calla Tor wakes up in the lair oCalla Tor wakes up in the lair of the Searchers her sworn enemy and she's certain her days are numbered But then the Searchers make her an offer–one that gives. The second half of this review contains spoilers So if you haven't read this book read at your own risk OMG thank goodness it's over I think I give out 1 star reviews about the same amount as 5 stars I like to think of myself as a forgiving reader I am still able to enjoy a book that has an interesting premise even with a few flaws I also can usually find something I liked from a book that probably shouldn't have been published So how did I like Wolfsbane Geez Where to begin Well let me back track and tell you how excited I was to read this Ya that's right I was excited to read Wolfsbane I know some of my other Goodreads friends hated Nightshade but I actually really enjoyed it Now I’m not saying it changed my life or anything but I found it to be engaging and fresh However the same can not be said for WolfsbaneLet's start with the first big fail; because I'm so disappointed in this book I'm going into some serious detail Now I realize this was probably not Cremer's call but let's talk covers for a minute The original Nightshade cover was gorgeous Then the new one came out Then the Wolfsbane cover came out The first one I liked but the second one is completely over sexualized Why do here legs need to be open Yes yes I realized she is a wolf and in some sort of crouching tiger hidden dragon type pose but it’s a bit too much Just look at her She's giving us all her come hither poseBut even with my growing dislike for where the book was heading visually I remained enthusiastic And right from the start I was completely let down Wolfsbane is entirely an info dump about the Searchers and the Keepers If you are wondering yes it will answer all your burning uestions from Nightshade but it is horribly executed There is a lot of uestion and answer dialog going on that goes something like thisA searcher would make a statement and then Calla or Shay would say How do you know thatWhat's that meanI don't understandTell me what's going onHuhI'm not followingIt got on my freakin' nerves Don't they sound like 4 year olds asking mommy why the sky is blue I think this was just to clue the reader in on how the Searchers operated but it just came out half assed and made the main characters look incredibly stupid Add that to the fact that Calla knew nothing about the Searchers but she just agreed to work with them before they answered any of her uestions Let me tell you why that makes zero sense Calla had been locked up in chains for a week from these people and has grown up her whole life learning to kill them So essentially they unchained her and said Hey sorry about that wolfie SoooI know we've been enemies for a while and all but we are about to go on a mission Come with We'll explain everything later And you know what she said Believe me when I say Calla was extra dumb in this book With the introduction of the Searcher's world we get a bunch of new characters Silas a scribe who's lone purpose in the story is to educate the readers Calla and Shay about the history of the Searchers and Keepers AKA info dump extrodinare Then you have Conner Ethan Adne Monroe and some others that have little to no importance Now don't ask me to describe any of these characters because that's another big fail for this book not enough descriptions There are so many dialogs I barely knew what the academy looked like or the facial expressions of the characters or just what the hell was going on in the first place The scenes that were described were half assed as well I had to read several of them over because many times I wasn't sure what had just transpired or who said what There was way too much telling and not enough showing And I'm not the only one who thought it was just way too much info dumping and dialog going on My mind was reeling from the deluge of new information We'd been talking about a fight Was it ever going to happen Three guesses who that wasCalla Now when you main character starts complaining about it that should be a huge indication that things are going south for your book THERE BE SPOILERSBut let's move on to the plot COMPLETE FAIL This was the biggest upset for me It is not a good thing when I know the ending from the first few chapters Taken from my status update page 49 Well it's not exactly a surprise that Monroe would know of Ren is it Who knows it's prolly his son too Smh Did I call it or did I call it There were soooo many hints dropped I'm not sure this can even be considered a spoiler Monroe kept asking about Ren and was always showing concern Calla even noted there was something about it But you know what Calla didn't get it even after Emile told Ren You are a foolJust like your father Yes folks This chick was still in the dark It wasn't until near the end when Conner came out and actually told her that she got it And he only mentioned it to her because he thought she understood what Emile said Oh but it gets better Her I was at a steady decline in this book When Ansel shows up no one seems to uestion why the Keepers would just dump Ansel off downtown with everything that he knows about the rest of the pack's whereabouts I mean did they all just swallow a STUPID pill They let him go and don't even uestion it WTF I think Calla might even have had a little inner dialog about her missing something Gee ya think but she just shrugs it off like usual And by the time Ansel's true intentions are ousted at the end everyone is in shock She literally had a gasp shock moment in both of these cases And ya know I was having a moment of my own too I'm not sure why Cremer's editor just let this slide but this plot should have went straight back to the drawing board When I can see straight through the plot and predict the outcome thus killing the shock value you've got a problem Things were just painfully obvious and even when Calla uestioned it Cremer had her conveniently look the other way so her already gaping plot hole didn't completely fall apart But it did And this is where I blame the editor Seriously Cremer fire that person because they did you a HUGE disservice for this book view spoiler hide spoiler