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PDF Ú BOOK Pedagogia do Oprimido FREE ↠ PAULO FREIRE á ❰Reading❯ ➸ Pedagogia do Oprimido Author Paulo Freire – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk First published in Portuguese in 1968 Pedagogy of the Oppressed was translated and published in English in 1970 The methodology of the late Paulo FreireAnd the Pedagogia do PDF remarkable impact of this book by writer and Freire confidant and authority Donaldo Macedo this anniversary edition of Pedagogy of the Oppressed will inspire a new generation of educators students and general readers for years to com Paradigm shifting topics with challenging delivery I’ll have to re revisit this one Given its stellar reputation I immediately gave this book a second read to make sure something wasn’t lost in translation figuratively and literally first reading the 30th anniversary and then the 50th anniversary edition The core messages are indeed paradigm shifting but if we exclude Freire’s life work and influence and just consider the book’s contents and delivery style then the target audience seems decidedly narrow leftists comfortable with academic writing and possessing activist experience This happens to be several of the reviewers I follow here and they seem to have drawn ample inspiration from this book to apply to their activism Promising beginnings The book starts off with a clear profound framework in addressing the purpose of education the banking model teacher depositing info into student vs problem posing model dialogue between teacher students and student teachers A particular challenge this applies to is how activists can avoid cultural invasion More promising beginnings include framing of humans as incomplete seeking to become human the dehumanization of both the oppressed and the oppressor and the image of the oppressor within the oppressed Then I get lost The middle section of the book drifts apart Given Freire’s on the ground experiences I was hoping for plenty of clear examples and counter arguments to bring life to his ideas and separate this book from the mountain of ivory tower philosophical musings of academia Was this in Morse code along the margins in your copy In particular in the technical steps he provides observation codification decoding dialogue investigation etc the few occasions where an example is provided were like rungs on a ladder Thus I did not climb very far The principles of being a witness is another topic that would benefit from illustrative examples For the last part on revolutionary theory there is so much material to draw from; one liners of CheCastroMao do not provide enough weight to anchor anything besides my confirmation bias I’ll have to revisit the theories after I explore examples; this looks promising Fanshen A Documentary of Revolution in a Chinese Village

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First published in Portuguese in Pedagogy of the Oppressed was translated and published in English in The methodology of the late Paulo Freire has helped to empower countless impoverished and illiterate people throughout the world Freire's work has taken on e If you're into really sincere hippie guys read this on the subway They will swarmWarning they'll swarm even if you're not into them so keep an Atlas Shrugged jacket handyActually this book contains one of my guiding light passagesAny situation in which some individuals prevent others from engaging in the process of inuiry is one of violence The means used are not important; to alienate human beings from their own decision making is to change them into objects 85In my fascist state that passage is tattooed in the original Portuguese on every single social worker right before they head off into the field Actually why just the social workers let's tattoo it on everyone why not It's a great lineI also like the stuff about the oppressors being very damaged by their oppressing It's a very helpful concept that explains a lot The education stuff Weeelllll I grew up in Berkeley where I never learned any actual math and I have a strong suspicion someone's ideas for the experimental math curriculum were influenced by Freire sooooo I'm biased If I'd had a little banking education as a youth I might not need to take off my shoes now to balance my checkbookIt's hard to evaluate this book It's kind of like the Beatles I'm not really that into it but where would we be today without its influence It's impossible to know That said it's a little perplexing that a book about popular education should seem so willfully obtuse and difficult This book is hard to get through I didn't read all of it Still it's a good idea

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Pedagogia do OprimidoSpecial urgency in the United States and Western Europe where the creation of a permanent underclass among the underprivileged and minorities in cities and urban centers is increasingly accepted as the norm With a substantive new introduction on Freire's life Such an important book for educators In the United States we waste so much time on standardized testing and coaching kids to value education only for an end goal eg college admissions job security We forget to use learning as a tool for improving the world and uplifting marginalized voices Just look at the upcoming presidential election If of us followed Paulo Freire's method of careful action and thought I doubt we would see the vitriol and ignorance and hate so common in contemporary political discourseFreire argues that instead of just pouring facts into students' minds and thus forcing them to view the world as everyone else does we should form dialogue between teachers and students to facilitate critical thinking Students should have a say in their education and they should understand the processes at work when it comes to creating their own education alongside their teachers We should strive to make learning tangible and applicable so students can see the merit of their efforts and how the knowledge they gain can change the worldSometimes Freire makes the relationship between oppressor and oppressed too dichotomous; I would argue that most of us inhabit both roles at any given time and must work to unlearn our oppressive tendencies And I get that Freire's methods come across as idealistic and difficult to apply However we need his idealism to fuel some sort of change or at least the beginnings of change As someone who scored a perfect score on his AP Calculus exam in high school without knowing the real meaning or importance of an asymptote or a derivative or a secant I can say with some confidence that a lot of schools emphasize grades and memorization over process and understanding Yes we do have many amazing teachers and classes that do encourage critical thinking But the overall system fails to facilitate the type of education Freire advocates for in Pedagogy of the Oppressed one that views students as humans who deserve compassion and empowerment and loveAs a potential future professor I hope to apply some of this book's principles and I hope that others will too A final uote about love and how it relates to forming dialogues between educators and students the oppressors and the oppressedDialogue cannot exist however in the absence of a profound love for the world and for people The naming of the world which is an act of creation and re creation is not possible if it is not infused with love Love is at the same time the foundation of dialogue and dialogue itself because love is an act of courage not of fear love is commitment to others No matter where the oppressed are found the act of love is commitment to their cause the cause of liberation And this commitment because it is loving is dialogical As an act of bravery love cannot be sentimental; as an act of freedom it must not serve as a pretext for manipulation It must generate other acts of freedom; otherwise it is not love Only by abolishing the situation of oppression is it possible to restore the love which that situation made impossible If I do not love the world if I do not love life if I do not love other people I cannot enter into dialogue