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With The Banuet Bug her first novel written originally in English her previous novels have been translated Geling Yan captivates once This is the fantastical tale of Dan Dong an unemployed factory worker whose life takes a series of unexpected twists after. Gelin Yan’s 2006 novel “The Banuet Bug” is a uirky fable of an everyman Dan Dong who stumbles into the extravagant milieu of banuets and thus the seedy and corrupt world of the rich and powerful in modern China The title refers to those who try to pass themselves off as journalists in order to attend lavish banuets offered by entrepreneurs who hope to bribe positive media coverage by providing grotesuely indulgent events including exotic foods and monetary “gifts” Dan an impoverished and unemployed husband living on the fringes of Beijing knows a good deal when he sees one uickly deciding to milk this gravy train for all it’s worth he creates a phony identity in order to attend of these lush indulgent affairs Soon enough Dan begins to worry about getting caught and the story unfolds from thereIt’s not the plausibility of the plot that highlights this story however but rather the manner in which Yan paints a vivid portrait of the vast disparity between the very rich and the very poor and the collusion of the police and government to keep the status uo Enticing sensuous descriptions of orgies of exotic foods and the corresponding decadence juxtapose gritty and gut turning passages of the abject poverty of those outside the swanky hotels and banuet halls Dan soon becomes the unwitting savior for the desperate and the downtrodden; those who must drink sewage water and sell their blood to survive Like her creation Dan Dong Yan plays the role of exposé journalist in order to shine a light on the ugliness beneath China’s rapid growth Corruption ineuality conscience capitalism explosive growth and the battle for one’s soul are all subjects she forces the reader to choke down There are times when the language seemed a bit clumsy and I wasn’t sure if I was fully comprehending references or getting the jokes Additionally the narrative jumps from one event to another with very little to establish Dan and his pure and wholesome wife Little Plum as genuine characters thus making this feel overtly allegorical Then again this is satire and it’s powerfully delivered at that

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The Banuet BugReal identity become harder and harder The Banuet Epubto separate When he becomes privy to a scandal that runs from the depths of society to its highest rungs Dan must find a way to uncover the corruption without revealing the dangerous truth about himself. I really struggled with this book I think I attempted to read it a while ago and gave up so this time I was determined to complete it The problem I had is that I could not relate or sympathise with any of the characters Dan the star seems to be uite intelligent but he has no resilience or confidence so he is washed along the story without having any real input into the direction the story or his life flows He seems to accept absolutely everything people tell him and he always seems to be a step away from disaster Little Plum is a doormat who is happy because she knows no better Happy is an aggressive extrovert who bosses Dan around even though Dan can't stand her For goodness sake Dan stop talking to her The story line builds up to a promise but never delivers on that promise; the ending is odd taken to a talk show the day after he is arrested and the mood is flat

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Free download The Banuet Bug æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ñ [EPUB] ✼ The Banuet Bug Author Geling Yan – With The Banuet Bug her first novel written originally in English her previous novels have been translated Geling Yan captivates once This is the fantastical tale of Dan DongHe discovers that by posing as a journalist he can eat insanely gourmet meals for free at corporate and state sponsored banuets But the secrets he overhears at these events eventually lead Dan down a twisted intrigue laden path and his subterfuge and his. This book is a knockout The plot is almost surreal it reminded me a little of Camus or Beckett We are never uite sure if something is not real or simply absurd Underpinning this is a deeply political and compassionate voice that documents the hard lives of the country bumpkins in Beijing the excesses of the new hyper rich and the endemic corruption at the heart of modern China This would make a fantastic indie movie but I doubt the Chinese government would let ever let this story be told over there let alone filmed