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Download Mobi Û The Promise of Jenny Jones 384 pages µ Johnscyclingdiary Ò [Reading] ➹ The Promise of Jenny Jones Author Maggie Osborne – A desperate mother takes Jenny Jones' place in front of a firing suad in exchange for Jenny's promise to see her daughterA desperate mother takes of Jenny PDF #198 Jenny Jones' place in front of a firing suad in exchange for Jenny's promise to see her daughter safely to Calif I'm not a big fan of historical westerns but this book might turn me into one Yup it was that goodAs the story opens Jenny Jones is in jail accused of killing a man It was self defense but no one believed a Mexican soldier no matter how drunk he was would try to force himself on a woman like her rough and used to taking all kinds of unsavory jobs to earn a living As Jenny is contemplating her impending death Marguarita Barrancas a wealthy Mexican woman who's clearly dying from consuption enters her cell and offers her a deal she will take Jenny's place in front of the firing suad tomorrow As Jenny has reuested to be wearing a hood when her time comes the Mexican guards won't notice the exchange until the deed is done and Jenny is long gone Naturally Marguarita wants something in return from Jenny Jenny's promise to take Marguarita's daughter Graciela safely to her Graciela's American father in California The catch is Graciela will become the sole heir to a large fortune when Marguarita dies and her cousins won't think twice to kill her in order to get their hands on the fortune Jenny is a loner and hates kids but Marguarita convinces her to accept the bargain After all the Mexican woman is dying anyway and even though Jenny thinks her Jenny's life isn't much to talk about dying so soon isn't appealing So the next day Jenny finds herself saddled down with Graciela a prissy spoiled and snotty kid who hates her and blames her for the death of her motherUnbeknownst to Jenny Graciela's estranged and wimpy father Robert Sanders has finally decided to fetch his wife and child Not that he's grown cojones and stood up to his father after years of submission No no The old man has just died and now Robert is free to acknowledge his Mexican wife and daughter Obviously he still isn't man enough to go get them himself so he asks him brother Ty to do it Humph Can you tell how much I disliked Robert As expected Jenny and Ty end up running into each other and boy that was fun They are slightly attracted to each other but mutual distrust keeps them apart Only when Graciela's murderous cousins catch up with them and snatch the girl Jenny and Ty decide to join forces to get her back Not an easy task considering they have to fight Graciela's belief that they are wrong and her cousins mean her no harm Will Jenny be able to fulfill her promise to Marguarita and take Graciela safely to Robert Will she get over her hankering for Ty Or will she be heartbroken when all is said and doneThis book Jenny made me laugh and cry not at the same time of course I just adored her She was rough hard cussed all the time drank and some cigars and could beat the crap out of any man including Ty in a fight She's the most unconventional heroine I've ever met and I didn't think I'd like her at first but she won me over The same way she won Ty and Graciela I couldn't help admiring and loving her in the endI also loved Ty He was eually tough and imperfect with his prejudice against all things Mexican including his niece Graciela He was in Mexico to do a job to take his sister in law he didn't know she was dead when he accepted his brother's reuest and his niece to their new home and that was it He didn't care for Graciela at first but he was a fair man and it didn't take long for him to realize his prejudice was unjustified If all cowboys are like him I'm moving to Texas LOLAs for Graciela what can I say The girl drove me crazy and I fully understood Jenny's frustration and impatience with her I don't care much for children in my romance books but I have to say that Graciela was perfect Not perfect in the sense that she was a little angel who could do no wrong uite the contrary She was like a real child one moment you wanted to cuddle her; the next you wanted to tell her to shut up and stop pestering you She was smart but not adult smart She spoke and acted like a 6 year old and that was refreshingI loved loved loved this book It was funny it was touching it was real Ms Osborne has pushed all my emotional buttons Jenny's transformation from loner to caring mother was aptly written Some authors would be tempted to turn Jenny into an unbelievably mushy utter feminine woman but Ms Osborne avoided that trap and kept her true till the end Ty's and Graciela's character growth was also very well portrayed and none had sudden epiphanies that turned them into someone else Excellent writing all the way Ms OsborneI realize this review has become uite long but I couldn't help it I tend to go overboard when I really like something and as you surely know by now I than liked this book Okay I'll stop now

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Ornia Though she and the six year old Graciela get off to a rocky start Jenny will do everything in her power to keep her promise even with the child's cou Loved it A great fun and at times emotional historical about a down and out woman who gets a second chance at life – and finds a perfect love that surprisingly does bring some tears at the end Saved from the firing suad in Mexico Jenny switched places with a dying woman in exchange to bring the woman’s 6 year old daughter to the father Robert in California The daughter is an heiress and according to many greedy relatives she would be better off dead so they could inherit the family fortune Jenny’s word is gold and a promise is a promise The daughter is a handful and really makes this story come alive If you love kids with personality in your romances this is a must read Unknown to Jenny Robert’s brother Ty is on a mission to help locate Robert's wife and daughter he hasn’t seen in six years As you can imagine Jenny and Ty cross paths in Mexico and the sparks start to fly as do the bullets It’s a fast paced story filled with action humor and a lot of heart The relationship between Ty and Jenny evolve into something bone deep and the heat was steaming off them I discovered this author last month with ‘Silver Spoon’ and am now glomming her backlist

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The Promise of Jenny JonesSins in hot pursuit Then she is mysteriously drawn to the handsome cowboy Ty The Promise EpubSanders and though neither know it yet their purpose is the sa Wow There are no words that haven’t been said before and I’m sure much elouently that describe the wonderful Jenny Jones and the value she puts behind her promise Honesty is the core of her fiber and she refuses to tell a lie She believes that telling a lie would be killing the only thing that’s good in her She believes her worth is in her word “If I don’t have my word I might as well be dead I’d rather die with honor than live without the only thing that makes me feel like I can face another day”This distinguishing characteristic is what brought Marguarita Barrancas Sanders to the filthy lice infested cell of Jenny Jones The very rich heiress has a proposition to make and is willing to take Jenny’s place in front of the firing suad in exchange for Jenny’s word that she will take her six year old daughter Graciela to California This is no easy task as upon Marguarita’s death Graciela will become the rich heiress and her Barrancas greedy relatives will want her deadI soon learned there is so much to Jenny Jones This woman sure knows how to take care of herself and it is very evident that her way of life was shaped by circumstances and not by choice Being on her own since age nine she is self sufficient and has worked a variety of jobs from dish washer to mule driver and animal skinner Not only can she hold her own doing men’s work she packs a mean pistol and a hardy right punch She dresses like a man fights like a man works like a man and can hold her liuor and loves her cigars And without a doubt the profanity can flow Another important thing about Jenny is that she has never wanted to be a mother Heck she doesn’t even like children And now she finds herself strapped with an uncooperative prissy spoiled sassy mouth six year old who hates her and a slew of male relatives who will stop at nothing until this little one is dead As you can imagine Jenny has her hands full And in the middle of it all enters another problemone tall sexy handsome as sin cowboy Ty Sanders Graciela’s uncle from California sighsI have to say now that as the story progressed I soon realized he was perfect for Jenny in every way He very uickly stole my heart as his thoughts showed that everything about this strange woman fascinated him in a way few other women had He uickly saw through her layers and wow did he want As I traveled this journey with Jenny I soon learned that underneath and within is a strikingly beautiful woman who hides her soul pain and her vulnerability in a variety of ways Her transformation is beautiful I loved that she carries a dictionary and is always learning new words She’s smart and a survivor There’s nothing elouent or dainty in her and neither is there vanity The things she endures and the methods she chooses to fulfill the promise are amazing Emotionally this was a roller coaster ride There are so many laugh out loud moments My favorite started with the conversation between Jenny and Graciela and the “hair between the legs” uestion asked by a curious six year old who’d never seen anyone naked before It became a full blown out laugh later when this same conversation was related to her Uncle Ty in wonder and still disbelief and in the presence of a very embarrassed Jenny And of course I loved Ty’s reply The dialog between Jenny and this child and Jenny and Ty is perfectly captivating My roller coaster ride also brought me to those tender precious moments where my heart filled with their pain their sorrow until the fountain flowed The pain of losing her mother and the loneliness Graciela experiences as realization comes that she will never see her again touched me to the core Here it is brief and yet powerful And also are the glimpses surrounding the circumstances of Jenny’s life and though this author doesn’t linger it is felt And then there’s the “hankering” and the “licking all over” As they are fighting for their lives and making their way to California I experienced the riveting excitement and the perfect sizzle and sensual moments as Jenny discovers what a true kiss holds and they both discover a night of pure heaven I loved every word and every minute invested This is my 2nd book by this author and she has an amazing talent This lady can tell a story and her heroines are not soon forgotten This is a true western romance at its best Thank you to my GR friends Jill and Denise for introducing me to another author who has the magicThis is a long review for me and I’ve only skimmed the surface and not even written other facets involved in this story There are so many uotes and lines that grab you and cause you to stop and do a re read Here are just a few of my favs view spoiler Graciela still doesn’t believe that her mama’s relatives want her dead She wants Jenny to let her go back home Graciela gazed downshe whispered “Mama won’t know if you kept your promise”“I’ll know” Jenny glared “When Jenny Jones gives her word by God the thing is as good as done This doesn’t have anything to do with your mother any Here’s how it is kid After you give a promise see the person you gave it to is out of the deal It’s just you and the promise If you keep the promise then you’re somebody you did right But if you fail then you might as well stick a knife in your gut because you aren’t worth spit You’re a person with no fricking honor Now that’s how it is And that’s why your butt is going to California” one of their talks about the hankering “You’re an intimidating womanI imagine most men would back away from a challenge like you” Jenny’s reply “Most men don’t even see me Which suits me just fine”“If they don’t see you it’s because you don’t want them to That’s why you hide yourself under that shapeless poncho and wear an old hat pulled down to your earsYou talk and act like one of the boys so you don’t have to deal with being one of the girls” “If I were to kiss you” He paused dropping a lazy lingering glance to her mouth “Do you know how I’d do it”Her heart lurched and knocked against her rib cage She gripped the edge of the table and sueezed her eyes into a warning suint “I’m telling you for the last timeshut up”He kept his gaze on her mouth studying her through eyes that seemed to smolder in the depths “I’d start out slow Real slow so’s not to spook you I’d put my hands on your waist low almost on your hips Then I’d draw you up against me Let you feel what I was thinking” A smile touched his lips”I’d rub against you slow like getting the feel of you letting you get the feel of me Then I’d move my hands up your waist under that poncho right by your rib cage until I could feel the soft heat of your breasts resting on the tops of my handsI’d lean over you and put my mouth down next to yours but I wouldn’t kiss you yetI’d breathe you first I’d sip your breath and hold it inside Then I’d touch my tongue to your bottom lipI’d run my tongue around those lips tracing the shape and size And then” hide spoiler