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Yellow by Makoto TateTaki and Goh share just about everything their apartment in the city their job as elite drug snatchers and e. Yellow was one of the first yaoi I picked up from manga ka Makoto Tateno and it wasn't the last Her artwork is amazing and her story about two drug snatchers was fast paced fun and uber sexyTaki and Goh are partners in the snatcher business They go undercover to snatch drugs from dealers then hand the evidence over to the police It's the shady side of the law they work on and both men are good at the job There's only one little problem Taki the lithe blonde is straight His partner the dark haired Goh is gay and up until meeting Taki made it a point to never get involved with his partners Of course the growing attraction between them becomes harder and harder to deny and Tateno teases with scenes of Goh playfully yet fervently tries to seduce Taki with often comical resultsWhat I like best about Tateno's bishonen males is that while pretty and they are she doesn't stereotypically feminize them Taki and Goh are sexy and tough and there's a sense of deep connection between them since both had rather unusual childhoods I owned all four volumes but after purchasing both omnibus editions gave them to my significant other's sister and they are in excellent hands Volume One includes 12 amazing color plates character profiles and a bonus story

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characters Yellow by Makoto Tateno ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ ➫ Yellow Read ➳ Author Makoto Tateno – Taki and Goh share just about everything their apartment in the city their job as elite drug snatchers and even dinner duty But hot Goh wants to go much deeper undercT swing that way or does he If yellow is the warning color will this team finally end up in the red and in b. So if you are a soul who enjoys collecting the yaoi of yesteryear the great titles of old then this is totally what you need And it comes in a wonderful omnibus edition Which means a few special extras are hidden away inside that the original singular volumes wouldn't have I acuired this upon a recommendation from a friend because I'd hummed and hawed for eons trying to decide whether I should engage in the purchase of the series or leave it Sadly I couldn't leave it so I said goodbye to money it was a tearful farewell but a necessary one and hello to Yellow Omnibus vol1 The standard of Makoto Tateno's work both artistically and plot wise is absolutely upheld as was her tendency to bask in the radiance of those everyday heroes doing the whole daring do thing You know police officers investigators and the like I won't bore you with the blurb again since it'd be a waste of our time but I do think if you like romance mixed action and a smattering or a pool depends on your perspective of intrigue then you really should stop here and make Yellow Omnibus vol1 yours

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Ven dinner duty But hot Goh wants to go much deeper undercover with his gorgeous partner Too bad Taki doesn'. I think I've read most of this mangakas stuff and this was pretty good 35 stars I think