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review Ñ Perdita The Literary Theatrical Scandalous Life of Mary Robinson 105 ì [Reading] ➶ Perdita The Literary Theatrical Scandalous Life of Mary Robinson By Paula Byrne – This compelling and richly researched book presents a fascinating portrait of Mary RobinsonY was married at Perdita The Kindle age fifteen to Thomas Robinson whose dissipation landed the couple and their baby in debtors’ prison On her release Mary rose to become one of the London theater’s most alluring actresses famously playing Perdita in The Winter’s Tale for a rapt audience that included the Prince of Wales who fell madly in love with her Never one to pass up an opportunity she later u. The I read of 'classic' novelshistorical biographies the I realise people haven't really ever changed I can identify with a Jane Austen heroine as much as I can with any modern character and it's easy to pick out the social stereotypes that still exist today Perdita is an excellent example of this I fell in love with Mary Robinson through this book I genuinely hadn't realised such radical feminists had existed in the 1700s plus her political beliefs still chime with me today Slightly depressingly I feel that over 300 years on we're still pretty far from getting to her vision of a world of euality

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This compelling and richly researched book presents Literary Theatrical ePUB #9734 a fascinating portrait of Mary Robinson–darling of the London stage mistress to the most powerful men in England feminist thinker and bestselling author Though one of the most flamboyant free spirits of the late eighteenth century Mary led a life that was marked by reversals of fortune After being abandoned by her father Mar. Occasionally I have performed on stage When that happened the lights were so bright that I couldn't see beyond them though one can hear the rustles and exhalations of a great crowd packed into a small spaceHow much tougher must it have been in the eighteenth century when candlelight was the most powerful source of light when it was easy to watch the people in the boxes watching you This book was not only a meticulously researched account of a fascinating woman who like so many eighteenth century female writers was overlooked by male writers of history except the salacious references to her amours specifically with Prinny Mary Robinson later known as Perdita after she played in A Winter's Tale began her career on stage And what a time for the stage Famous writers and actors an enthusiastic audience and especially an enthusiastic press In fact the accounts of the morning papers' articles about performances performers and the puff pieces and responses by those same performers reminds me of the interactions between artists and audience today only instead of Twitter fests you had the caricatures printed overnight and posted in shop windows the next day and those gossipy morning papersWell Mary Robinson the sole support of a worthless husband at the ripe old age of twenty two caught the eye of the young prince who would eventually become Regent According to her she wrote up her autobiography and in true eighteenth century fashion managed to present herself as eternally young frail innocent and pursued she caught the eye of the seventeen year old prince who was stunned by her beauty and talent and who pursued her first with a secret correspondence He signed himself as Florizel According to the prince and his friends she flirted with him from the stage and pursued him via letter becoming his PerditaWhen they commenced their affair she retired from the stage and paraded around town in the latest hot car er that is carriage but she had not given up her connections to the literary world When the torrid affair cooled and she found herself partially paralyzed she started up a literary career that made her a famous name then hobnobbing with the likes of Godwin and Sheridan and supporting women in drama and writingThe book relies heavily on uotations from her letters and writings from others building a fascinating complicated picture not only of a life but a time

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Perdita The Literary Theatrical Scandalous Life of Mary RobinsonSed The Literary Theatrical PDFEPUB #235 his ardent love letters for blackmail After being struck down by paralysis apparently following a miscarriage she remade herself yet again this time as a popular writer who was also admired by the leading intellectuals of the dayFilled with triumph and despair and grand accomplishments the amazing life of “Perdita” is marvelously captured in this stunning biograph. A highly researched biography of a fascinating woman who has for many years been ignored by historyA fashion icon actress and celebrity of her day she was also a woman of letters writing poetry and novels a political radical and a feminist I was very inspired by this life though it was uite dry in places