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ButterflyPlum Coyle is on the edge of adolescence Her fourteenth birthday is approaching when her old life and her old body will fall away and she will become graceful powerful and at ease The strength of the objects she stores in a briefcase under her bed a crystal. If I would have read this book before ordering it for my library I probably would not have ordered it for our teen collection I think the style plot characterizations and tone are all wrong for YA and I would be hard pressed to find many teens who would enjoy this book The book is set in Australia and although at first this is very evident it eases up after a while Plum is about to turn 14 and lives with her parents and two older brothers Her friendships at school are very fragile as they usually tend to be in teenage years She comes off as moody temperamental dreamy and impulsive and I personally did not like her character One day she befriends her neighbor Maureen who happens to be having an affair with one of Plum's brothers but Plum doesn't know this Plum begins to idolize her taking all of her advice and even becoming jealous when her husband is home he seems to travel a lot Plum is also possessive over a box of treasures or idols and their importance is revealed during a birthday sleepover Plum has with all of her friends In the end Plum comes to terms or less with how life changes and Maureen seems to be as lonely as ever I felt like Plum and Maureen were the main characters and at times it even seemed as though Plum was a secondary character The book also had this sad tragic undertone that reminded me of the movie version of Little Children haven't read the book so I can't compare this to the book version The ending left me wondering about what Maureen actually does with her son All in all the author is great at weaving words and writing a very beautiful prose but again I don't think this is a teen book

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review Butterfly Ñ eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ [Reading] ➶ Butterfly By Sonya Hartnett – Plum Coyle is on the edge of adolescence Her fourteenth birthday is approaching when her old life and her old body will fall away and she will become graceful powerful and at ease The strength of the Plum Coyle is on thBarely knows exist And her friends her worst enemies will tease and test smelling weakness They will try to lead her on and take her down BUTTERFLY is a gripping disuieting beautifully observed coming of age novel by an acclaimed author at the top of her fo. Plum's life is one big Awkward Phase Reading this I was plunged back into my adolescence during which I wanted than anything to just be invisible so no one could witness my gawky bespectacled desperately uncomfortable existence Or no like Plum I knew the best thing would be to not care at all what people thought but that was even impossible than becoming a graceful lovely teenPlum's efforts to grasp some control over her life are strange and rather pathetic and yet are intriguing enough to grant the readers some insight into this imaginative and worthwhile person Her friends are fairly awful at least in a group but we can see why they are rather fed up with Plum who has decided that she can't just be herself with this crowd but can't figure out what to say or do instead Plum is difficult needy and desperate for insight and that last is exactly what makes her a worthy and interesting character and one to whom many readers will relateThe narration doesn't just stick to Plum but butterfly like lights occasionally upon Maureen and Plum's brothers Justin and Cydar Cydar a contemplative and moody 22 year old is a particularly poignant character; his feelings and worries about Plum whom he has loved intensely since she was born are strong and painfulPlotwise this is a typical adolescent slice of life with Mean Girl friends and betrayed trust but the breezy and uirky intensity of the narration as well as Plum's vividness raise this book above many novels for teens

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Lamb a yoyo an antiue watch a coin will make sure of it Over the next couple of weeks Plum’s life will change Her beautiful neighbor Maureen will begin to show Plum how she might fly The older brothers she adores will court catastrophe in worlds that she. This was a re read I dimly remember reading this book when I was somewhere between 12 and 14 and I could barely remember the plot but I could remember the writing Butterfly is an exploration of the breakdown of relationships and friendships as seen through the eyes of Plum an early adolescent I’d say as far as the plot goes it seems insignificant or unremarkable but the writing is so impactful I wouldn’t say it shines or sparkles but it catches the attention and hypnotises the mind into an altered state This book didn’t really make me feel uneasy but something about the vibe was off and strange I can’t work out if I’m neutral in love or in complete loathing of that feeling but I can say it’s an exact replica of how I’ve felt on a dreary Sunday afternoon when I seem so catastrophically wrong and yet also inconseuential in this worldEvery line of this book feels like it could be a uote there’s a poetic uality to each characters thoughts and actions and a solemn sobriety that comes with everyone and everything taking themselves far too seriously to be sensible But that’s sort of how we’ve all felt at pivotal moments in our lives This book just takes you and alters you slightly inside it has the power to really change how you feel without riveting you with an intense plot Anyways maybe Sonya Hartnett is an incredibly talented witch or maybe I’m just an over emotional fuck