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DracopediaThis collection ofdragons is loaded with sketches drawings anatomical studies detailed diagrams brief natural histories and step by step colour Pretty awesome book; loved every single one of the illustrations However it doesn't teach you to draw dragons As in if you're expecting something step 1 draw a circle related you're going to be disappointed It's catered towards digital painting but even then it's not uite useful The book mainly juat states things like make a mask photoshop term or draw a sketch then scan Just some bare vague instructions I do not recommend this book for beginners I do however recommend it for people with a lot of photoshop or digital artwork experience Since I'm one of the former I found the book to be a great reference to go to when my hands itch to draw something dragon related Pencil style of courseSo yeah I liked it I'm a a self learner is that a word so the full muscle and bone diagrams were great references Also there's little biographies and histories for each dragon type and those were a pretty entertaining read too 4 stars

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reader ☆ Dracopedia ✓ Ð [KINDLE] ❀ Dracopedia By William O'Connor – This collection of 13 dragons is loaded with sketches drawings anatomical studies detailed diagrams brief natural histories and step by step colour art demonstrations for each animal showing the proce This collection of dragons iNd an artist's reference book readers will enjoy learning all about dragons and the process of their creation Hardcover pages By William O'Conno Got this book on a whim as I love dragons I couldn't pass it up This book reminds me somewhat of the Dragonology series in that it tells us of the behaviors and environments of various dragons As an added bonus the author who is also the illustrator teaches us some tricks on how to draw like he does There's also a fold out size chart of the many dragon species All in all a pretty cool book

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Art demonstrations for each animal showing the process of making dragon images from start to finish A cross between an encyclopedia of dragons a My vested interest in creating my own kind of dragon led me to borrow this book from my not so local library While hasn't exactly provided me with anything I haven't already gleamed from other sources I love the presentation of the book and the art direction is fairly stellar It's clear however that this is a book for advanced artists as it rather shows the sketching process in the middle of the creation process once the foundation has been built Not exactly a drawback but kind've disappointing nonetheless If you're a fan of dragon mythology or artbook dedicated to dragons I'd definitely give this a look