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characters Wallis Secret Lives of the Duchess of Windsor ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ ➮ [Read] ➪ Wallis Secret Lives of the Duchess of Windsor By Charles Higham ➺ – Wallis the Duchess of Windsor was one of the most famous women in historyWallis Lives of the Duchess MOBI #233 the Duchess of Windsor was one Lives of PDF #10003 of the most Wallis Secret PDFEPUB or famous women in history the American divorcee who captured the King Secret Lives of PDF #10003 of England Edward VIII and cost him his throne Until Charles Secret Lives of the Duchess PDF or Higham's million. I am not going to review this book other than to say that it fills in a few gaps in the reading public's knowledge of Wallis Simpson Duchess of Windsor What you make of this knowledge will depend on your attitude to her and her place in English history Some biographies are sympathetic some are not but to have a real insight into her whole life one needs to read Behind Closed Doors by Hugo Vickers We have been well served by the mass of information about her early life and her glittering middle years but her life after the death of her husband was a whole different and dark story She may have been feted by European royalty by Presidents dictators politicians film stars and millionaires have enjoyed many years as one of the most soignee women in the world top ten best dressed star of every banuet reception or ball covered in jewels beyond imagining but she paid a heavy price during the last eight or ten years of her life Even at the height of her power she was plagued by bitterness and petulance at what she saw as lack of respect for herself and the Duke by the British royal family so that she always seemed less than completely happy But worse was to come as she faced life without the Duke Under the sway of her lawyer Maitre Suzanne Blum she was denied access to her closest friends kept under virtual house arrest Ill and drugged systematically robbed of her possessions alone except for a handful of servants deteriorating into dementia a tragic end to a life story which captured the world's imagination for so many years As a child at the time of the Abdication I remember the sadness at Edward's choice to give up his throne for her so I've never been partisan on her behalf No one reading of her latter years could help but feel pity for her and that hers was really a life of tragedy

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Copy bestseller much of her life was a glamorous mystery Now fifteen years later major new documentary evidence classified at the time makes for a book far sensational than the original bestseller Drawing from long suppressed archives in France England and the United States Higham has uncovered the Secret Lives of the Duchess PDF or. This might be expected to be an easy read romped through in a weekend a tale of glamour and desire scandal and jewels palaces and the people No This is a very thorough hence long book The international nature of high society was an eye opener for me The story of the affair the disruption to the Royal Family and the pressure on the government and the church of the day was not new I knew the superficial elements of the story the scandal the disapproval directed at Wallis Simpson the abdication and exile But the personalities involved came to life in this book and not to the credit of most of them The selfish greed of the one time king his obsession with royal status the calculating behaviour of Wallis in her bid for social standing and pounds sterling these provoke distaste contempt even The account provides insights often unwelcome into political life The references to international negotiations and manoeuvres demanded a greater knowledge of the build up to the second world war than I possessed The liaisons and stand offs between the war bound powers Italy Germany Russia with France and England describe a choreography that is surprising to an ordinary reader of the present day The Duke of Windsor is shown to be besotted with a woman whose sexual history would have shocked the ordinary people of the time although in the circles she freuented her liaisons which later included the US ambassador to France were tolerated The book details than one murder in their milieu; the story of an insurance fraud involving the famous jewels; and information about Wallis’s activities as a spy Since “Mrs Simpson” is issued by a major publisher I have no doubt the research is sound No firm would run the risk of a law suit Though I don’t share the sentimental view of the couple that many felt or feel I wasn’t prepared for what I read here The biography in its 2005 edition with the subtitle Secret Lives of the Duchess of Windsor will stay on my shelves for its insights into the politics and society of those times

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Wallis Secret Lives of the Duchess of WindsorDuchess's passionate affair with a top ranking political figure the duke's romantic involvement with a male euerry the secret radio broadcasts the couple made to Hitler and the blackmail plot in Paris that almost brought them and the British royal family to ruin This updated new edition of The Duchess of Windsor is essential readin. As expected a bit of a sensationalist read which was based on observing other books this author wrote but it was a deeper insight into the lives of the Windsors Fascinating how these people spent their lives finally waffling between Paris London New York and south of France in a uite aimless and wasted way Who needs 117 pieces of luggage to get across the Atlantic and who knows how many tons of expensive jewellery The pro Nazi and the Shanghai Lil bits we knew something of but it was illuminating how widespread their attitudes were in the 30s among the aristocracy I was left feeling rather sad and hoping we don't actually see their like again though I couldn't put it down Not sure how accurate it all was but finally feel it must be fairly close to the truth He was uite damaged and mad she was a power freak with a heightened libido The wanderings reminded me of royal progresses in the Renaissance of England and France and I suppose elsewhere Well goodbye to all that