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Er major new documentary evidence classified at the time makes for a book far sensational than the original bestseller Drawing from long suppressed archives in France England and the United States Higham has uncovered the duchess's passionate affair with a top ranking politica Was She A Gold Digger Or A Woman In Love?Did Wallis Simpson want to be ueen or was she just desperately in love with King Edward VIII? According to Charles Higham in Mrs Simpson she 'wanted to have her cake and eat it too' She liked the grand life style and the stunning presents she received as Prince Edward's mistress and she wanted to remain his mistress after he became KingThis is about the best thing about her according to this book Apart from being vulgar and common Higham writes that she was also a Fascist promiscuous and even a drug runner in China The Duke of Windsor was also sympathetic to the Nazis and even gave secret information away He even suggested that England should be bombed heavily so that the country would be inclined to want peace They were apparently an extremely nasty couple if this information is correct and Great Britain was extremely lucky that this King abdicatedThis book is full of salacious gossip and scandal but it's written in a fairly dull way I wouldn't recommend it unless you are very interested in this story

READER Wallis Secret Lives of the Duchess of Windsor

Wallis Secret Lives of the Duchess of WindsorL figure the duke's romantic involvement with a male euerry the secret radio broadcasts the couple made to Hitler and the blackmail plot in Paris that almost brought them and the British royal family to ruin This updated new edition of The Duchess of Windsor is essential readi Inherited from Mum's shelves

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PDF î BOOK Wallis Secret Lives of the Duchess of Windsor  CHARLES HIGHAM  ➮ [Read] ➪ Wallis Secret Lives of the Duchess of Windsor By Charles Higham ➺ – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Wallis the Duchess of Windsor was one of the most famous women in history the American divoWallis the Duchess of Windsor was one of the most famous women in history the American divorcee who captured the King of England Edward VIII and cost him his throne Until Charles Higham's 13 million copy bestseller much of her life was a glamorous mystery Now fifteen years lat The uestion as to whether Edward Prince of Wales would have made a good monarch for Great Britain is open to uestion for he was never crowned although he reigned as Edward VIII for a short time His love affair with the American divorcee Wallis Simpson is well documented but in this updated edition of his earlier work on Wallis Simpson author Charles Higham brings plenty of new and recently released at the time material to the fore And the abiding impression one gets is that the answer as to whether David to give him his pet name would have made a good King is a very definite 'No he would not'That may sound a little harsh looking back from today's vantage point but if only half the stories in this excellent biography are true and I am sure that from this well respected author they all will be it should perhaps be regarded as a fair assessmentWallis was an admirer of the Prince of Wales even before she met him and once she had done that admittedly at first in a passing moment she set her sights on him in a serious way This despite her being married and having affairs with other men some even while she was courting I use the word lightly David This is not to suggest that the Prince was a one woman man he certainly was not but once he had latched on to Wallis there was only one woman that he was going to marry despite his dalliances elsewhereIn fairness approaching the abdication Wallis did try to persuade him not to sacrifice the throne did she really love him one wonders with this action perhaps but with some of her later actions possibly not but she was or less committed to the act so had to continue with it but he would have none of it and he went full steam ahead with his plans to marry the woman that he loved That meant of course giving up his right to be King something that he was very willing to do and to allow his brother initially less keen than even he was at becoming monarch to take on the Kingship ueen Elizabeth the ueen Mother never forgave David for this actLove affairs blackmail possible treasonable actions and the occasional bit of shady dealings are all brought out in this most compelling expose of one of the highest profile cases of its kind in history It is a book that is difficult to put down reads like a thriller and is one which provokes food for thought in a most sensational way