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READER · DOC Little Girls in Pretty Boxes The Making and Breaking of Elite Gymnasts and Figure Skaters FREE ´ JOHNSCYCLINGDIARY í [Reading] ➾ Little Girls in Pretty Boxes The Making and Breaking of Elite Gymnasts and Figure Skaters AuthorRrors endured by girls at the hands of their coaches and sometimes their own families An acclaimed expose that Little Girls PDF or has already helped reform Olympic sports now u Who knew gymnastics was so horrifyingJoan Ryan’s Little Girls in Pretty Boxes is a chilling sobering look at the world of women’s gymnastics where the coaches yell and taunt at young gymnasts while their parents overlook – or exaggerate – the abuse creating a culture of destroyed confidence eating disorders an It’s an unflattering portraitRyan tells of the sad fates of several promising girls who were sucked into this world by their talent chewed up and used by ego driven coaches and once they proved too weak or useless for coaches disgarded like scraps often the worse for wearIt’s names like Julissa Gomez and Christy Henrich who resonate throughout the book All young gymnast prodigies all three were uickly brought down by it’s envrioment – Gomez broke her neck in a risky routine and was dead by 19 Henrich developed an eating disorder likely brought on by over zealous coaches and starved herself to death Ryan brings their and many other grim stories into deadly sharp focus suarely planting the blame at coachesIt’s these coaches she writes that have created and fostered an environment that’s extraordinarily detrimental to these young athletes The average age weight and size of gymnasts has plummeted Ryan says it’s gone from Womens’ gymnastics to girls’Ryan saves the worst for coaches like Bela Karolyi or Rick Newman who have pushed cruel Eastern Bloc influenced coaching methods to the forefront to create winners Their gyms often feature long harsh training sessions and verbal abuse from coaches push these young athletes past their mental and physical limits – insults about the weight of these girls is not uncommon Ryan writes of many cases of girls breaking down both mentally and physically – stress fractures and broken wrists seem almost scarily common in these gymsThis isn’t to place the blame suarely on coaches however Ryan also writes of parents blinded by the dream of an Olympian daughter who look past whatever problems their kids have and often convince their children to keep competing They refinace their houses they take second jobs and move across the country to go to these gyms where maybe a coach will mould their daughter into a winner Ryan summarizes their ambition by asking what do their parents value their daughter being healthy or winningBut it’s winning that often blinds everybody the coaches the parents and especially the athletes themselves who do everything to win regardless of the risk Ryan’s book is a sobering chilling look at what these drive to win at any cost has done to these young athletes It should be reuired reading for any parent looking to put their kid in figure skating gymnastics or the like

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From starvation diets and in Pretty PDF #8608 debilitating injuries to the brutal tactics of tyrannical gymnastics guru Bela Karolyi Little Girls in Pretty Boxes portrays the ho An eye opening account of the rigorous and often abusive training methods that elite gymnasts and ice skaters endure in hopes of claiming an elusive Olympic medal This book detailed the unavoidable eating disorders injuries and overbearing parents that skaters and gymnasts face There were anecdotes about the rise and fall of famous athletes such as Shannon Miller Kim Zmeskal and Betty Okino This book did exactly what it set out to do Expose what the world of elite gymnastics and ice skating is really like behind all the glitz and glam It was a little slow in some parts but overall I think it did an excellent job of providing the reader with an inside look into this secret societyThe book focused a lot on the militaristic coaching techniue that Bela Karolyi implemented To me it seemed flat out abusive The long term effects of intensive training can have devastating outcomes on a gymnast or ice skater both mentally and physicallyHere are some pictures of the gymnastsShannon MillerBetty OkinoKim ZmeskalDominiue MoceanuChelle StackAnd finally in memory of Julissa Gomez She left the world far too soonNovember 4 1972 – August 8 1991

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Little Girls in Pretty Boxes The Making and Breaking of Elite Gymnasts and Figure SkatersPdated to reflect the latest developments in women's gymnastics and figure skating it continues to plead for sanity safety and an end to our national obsession winning at any co I grew up with gymnastics Never competing never being anything resembling good at it but loving to cartwheel down long hallways and hold handstands in the outfield of softball games It never stopped being funI’ve never been so grateful that it wasn’t something I took seriously and tried to compete in as when I was reading Little Girls in Pretty Boxes The book is a journalistic investigation into child abuse in elite gymnastics and figure skating It was published in 1995 meaning it’s a bit out of date and focused on athletes I didn’t grow up with but it still felt like a vital readJoan Ryan interviews a wide array of former elite gymnasts figure skaters parents coaches and national organization officials trying to understand how these sports turned into a breeding ground for child abuse“Women’s” gymnastics and figure skating are the only sports where a nation’s Olympic expectations fall on young teenagers as even male Olympic gymnasts are usually college aged These are the most popular Olympic events and the ones that reuire absolute perfection providing deductions for the tiniest of errors and only giving athletes one chance to meet that goal The pressure is enormous and leads to athletes and those that are supposed to be taking care of them turning to extreme measuresThe girls have to stop puberty before hips and breasts weigh them down and make them heavier To keep that girlish figure they stop eating or throw up or swallow laxatives by the bottle encouraged or overlooked by parents and coaches just focused on glory It doesn’t matter that this can cause a lifetime of harmThe book is a deep look into the methods championed by Bela Karolyi who used emotional abuse namely fear and guilt to make girls compete despite serious injuries punish themselves for not being perfect at all times practice without food because they were constantly berated for being fat even though none reached 100 pounds and made their parents go even further down the rabbit hole than they wereThere were girls who died from anorexia and broken necks all because they were so obsessed with chasing an Olympic gold and their coaches never treated them like actual people like the actual little children they areRyan goes into the psychology of how parents go from good intentions into further hurting their children the lack of regulation that allows coaches to get away with such conduct the insane judging style especially in figure skating that allows this all to proceed and the public perception that to some makes all this worth itEven today Karolyi is considered a hero for the Olympians he has produced remembered for the proud hugs he gave athletes on TV than for the incredible abuse that has been widely known for decades nowThe book left me desperate to know how much of this is still accurate Today’s gymnasts look healthier than previous ones ever had but then the national team’s doctor just got sentenced for sexually abusing than 200 girls To top it off there were so many people in charge who knew about his conduct and chose to do absolutely nothingI could go on and on detailing the finding many of which are now pretty well known anyway so I’ll move on to the uality of the book itselfFor the most part it’s brilliantly written Ryan does a great job of weaving personal stories into a larger picture and making the book truly flow She suffers from repetitiveness at times but I’m choosing not to fault her too much for thatThe weakest part of the book was describing the KerriganHarding attack The entire section is awkwardly written like Ryan couldn’t get interviews and so instead just drew a bunch of conclusions and expanded on them without the wealth of evidence she had in previous chapters The attack itself was also referenced so many times as something that had already been described when it wasn’t detailed until uite late in the chapterMy last complaint was that this book is sold as both gymnastics and figure skating when it’s really 75 percent gymnastics I wanted just a bit depth on the figure skating But even then I learned so much from that 25 percentThose complaints are nitpicking because it really was a fantastic work that I would highly recommend across the boardReview posted here